Treats For Lexi

Hi everyone

Today is Treats for Lexi day..

We all miss Lexi and remember how much she loved her treats!

We all love treats they make us woof or purr or baa or even sqwark..

I don’t get many treats now..i have a pretty boring diet..i guess my health has been the reason..

But i am happy that Grannie gives me the tasty bits of her toast in the morning..sometimes with Apricot Jam sometimes Peanut Butter..

So those are my fave treats now!

We know Lexi would be so happy we can enjoy whatever treats come our way! 

We send our love and woofs and purrs to Lexi’s family as always all our bloggie friends are terribly missed when they leave..

Loves Doc xxx

*Fozziemum..please forgive my absence as we deal with Doc’s health at this time.*


Rainbow Bridge Rememberance Day

For all the precious furry family we have lost we remember them all today.

We remember those that have been gone far too long and those we have just lost.

For us here that was Forrest..4 months on and we all still are trying to learn a new normal.

Mum says the breath they give your life is so precious..

When they leave the sorrow takes your breath with them..

Let’s all remember the love we were blessed to have.

In memory of them all…xx

Forget me not Friday

Hi evfurry..i hope you have not forgotten me..i have kind of taken up all Grannies time lately..

See i had my op and all went fine but a week ago Grannie found another lump in my back we went to Dr Mark as it doubled in a few days..

*Insert Grannie losing her tiny mind..again..

So i had another operation..i had this alien blob removed..

Yeah that's gross alright
Yeah that’s gross alright

So a big talk was had with Dr Mark and Grannie and Grandad..these things are popping up and going to keep popping up..long and short of it no more operations for me..i am too old to keep going under anaesthetic and it won’t change or stop i am going to just get on with being Doc..

I met Nurse Beths orphan lambie again..she is twice the size she was a month ago when i had my last operation..

Cute isn't she
Cute isn’t she

So i had my op..this time stitches..look happy don’t i?


At least i got a smiley face bandage..



I recovered well and Grannie and Grandad had me out for a few hours each day they were working..i had my tent..

Yep best place to be i think
Yep best place to be i think

So i hung out while they chopped dragged and burnt that rotten hedge wattle..which is not what Grannie calls it..she say’s it’s a b*^***d ..what do you think?

Looks nasty ..cos it is!
Looks nasty ..cos it is!

So after a few days post op i get red..really red and swollen..really swollen..


*thanks for giving me SOME dignity Grannie!

So back to Dr Mark..i am now on Antibiotics and pain meds..Grannie and Grandad are wearing a track to the vets..sheesh..and Monday i get my stitches out..between all these stitches and staples i look like a patchwork quilt..

So i have been on light duties..gentle walks..lot’s of rest and afternoon tea with Grannie and Grandad while they burn off..

Burn baby burn
Burn baby burn
Nice cuddles and views
Nice cuddles and views

Of course i forgot to mention i was issued with a cone of shame..due to Grannie losing her mind with worry she decided to jazz it up for me..really…really..

That's what i think!
That’s what i think!

So i am going to go rest up and sulk now..i am not red or swollen or sore anymore but have felt iffy today and been chewing i  going to catch up with you all soon..Grannie and Grandad are going out for dinner tonight..they say they need a break..and maybe i will forgive them for abandoning me..maybe..

Paw pats Doc xx


Where on earth Wednesday

Hi Evfurry

I know i have been MIA lately and between helping Grannie and Grandad with the yard work and trying not to set off metal detectors with my stapled up self i have been relaxing and getting healthy.

I want to share today a place Grannie and Grandad visited when they abandoned me and the kitties and forgot we existed they were in Georgia..

Bacon wrote about it on his bloggie.just click his name and pop over and have a peeky!

So the peeps all headed to a restaurant for Grandads birthday..see he had his birthday two days before Angel Forrest left us so did not much celebrate here at home.

Bacon’s Mum and Dad decided to take Grannie and Grandad to this cool restaurant called ‘Fogo De Chao’

Well my oh my ..foodables aplenty at this sooner do you plonk your self down than the food starts coming…and coming and coming!

The salad bar was a huge hit with Grannie…she was loaded for for bear and ready to go!

This salad bar is sure packed with goodies!
This salad bar is sure packed with goodies!


The meals were spectacular ..

The meat comes out on skewers and is served right at the table..and when you are full you have a little card you turn to the red side..and when you want some more it flips to the green side..

The restaurant caters to all peeps..meat eaters and non meat eaters..which is super..

Salad anyone
Salad anyone


The delicious cheese rolls they serve are what us Aussies know as Choux puffs 🙂 and they were scrumptious Grannie said ..

The staff were super nice..always ready with a smile and more foodables BOL….

Grannie loves her sweets and opted for the Creme Brulee…yumm!

Oh wonder Grannie needs to go on a diet
Oh wonder Grannie needs to go on a diet


Grandad had a birthday desert and it came with candles BOL…

Grandad's Birthday desert
Grandad’s Birthday desert


Miss June"s chocolate cake
Miss June”s chocolate cake


Miss June and Mr Jim shared their dessert..not like Grannie who shares no dessert with ANYONE …BOL

Miss June and Grannie shared this idea what it was but it was pretty delish and super strong Grannie said..

This one is rocket fuel
This one is rocket fuel

The peeps had such a lovely time..laughing and chatting…before they had lunch they all popped into a Music shop..Grandad had a play on a guitar and bought himself some new strings..apparently they were a lot cheaper than here BOL..

What a great way to celebrate Grandads Birthday..he even got a pressie too! which Grannie has to take a pic of..seems she has 48 hour ideas and 24 hour days BOL..

The happy campers
The happy campers

Oh and that is NOT grannies bra..BOL..she did not realise how bad her crop top looked ..what a fashionista hey!

So i will leave you you some more pics i found on grannies sd card..amazing what you find…

Look out..keep Grannie from the bar!
Look out..keep Grannie from the bar!

Think Grannie may have been drinking too much..see her reflection in the glass…BOL ..what a pro hey?

Wall art
Wall art

The whole atmosphere is very warm and inviting Grannie said..funny I was NOT invited..anywho…..



And as i leave Grannie ..and the intrepid travellers wish me well..tomorrow i get my staples out..i have healed well and have about 40 of these rotters so i plan on putting my best wriggle may be a game of chase the terrier round the vets!

Grannie and Grandad will be wishing they were on holidays again after this fun i am sure …but hey i am strong and i have no plans on being an easy target BOL..

Loves and paw pats Doc xxx

Pee Ess..i will be doing my Shop around the world tomorrow and catching up after i have been attacked by the vet..sorry again for the up and down visits..


Going Bats on Thankful Thursday

Hi evfurry

We are proud to join Pepi Smart Dog’s  blog hop today


As you may know i had a bit of surgery on Monday..well yesterday Grannie and Grandad had to go into town and rather than leave me to my own devices and risk me getting into some serious staple removing they took me along for the drive.

Well after Grandad went in to Officeworks and left Grannie and i parked in a rather unfortunate position…

Excuse me is this supposed to be a joke!
Excuse me is this supposed to be a joke!

We headed to Bendigo Botanical gardens..i have not been there before and i went in to investigate the they sound like monkeys and sure do make a lot of noise..but i was so thankful to get out and have a walk..

Well to be fair they are not REALLY bats but Flying Foxes..Grannie did a lovely story on them here  if you would like to learn more 🙂

After the Gardens we had a brief stroll around town and then headed home..



The most Thankful thing happened later that afternoon though..Dr Mark rang from Vets All Natural and told Grannie that the lump from my groin that he removed was a Squamous Cell that does not sound like something to be thankful for but the lab said Dr Mark did a great job and got clean margins!

So i get my staples out next Thursday and just keep on getting better.

These can come back in old pups Dr Mark said..but for now i am fine and Grannie and Grandad are going to be checking me all the more and making sure this Summer (which while it is now a polar blast is hard to imagine) that i am covered up good..we will be getting good shirts that are sunsafe and sunscreen galore..please peeps check your sunbathing pups this summer for signs of nasty things..sores that do not heal etc..and keep your fur kids safe from skin cancers..

So as you see i have a lot to be thankful for today..

Please click here to see other posts from Thankful Thursday as WP does not have that linky thing ..grrrr

Paw Pats Doc xx

And then it turned to custard

Hi Evfurry

Well our weekend was pretty hectic..i had a lot of work to do helping Grannie and Grandad burn off..see we have a small time when we can do this and then we have restrictions..

There is a lot of dead scrub that needs to be checked and then burnt..and of course with Rhiannons wedding coming up it’s all action stations..

So off i help..well..this is the first time since Angel Forrest that we have done this and usually he is my right paw the pressure was on..

It started out great..i had my jumper and my Weatherbeeta on and away we went…

Well the smoke! i could not get away from it…

Yikes that smoke
Yikes that smoke


So because i was off leash!..yep first time out here…(Grannie and Grandad checked for roos and such first) i decided to keep trying to wander back to the house..

Grannie popped me on her chair..and said “stay there you poor wonderful sweetheart  sook ”

Yep..Happy as a clam
Yep..Happy as a clam


Well these burn off days are pretty full involves so much hard work that Grannie was worried about me..and i kept hopping down and wandering off..well trying too but the old gal is pretty darn quick and i heard her saying “I had four kids and never lost have no chance Doc”


So pain in the butt dogs   necessity being the Grannie of invention she got her Mc Gyver pants on..she took her chair and tipped it upside down..she put a hessian blankie inside and then covered the chair with my travel blankie so the smoke could not get in the sides..and voila a PUP TENT..

Yep ok this should be alright
Yep ok this should be alright

Grannie is not a bad egg after all i suppose..and i went in dug a nest in the ground dragged that hessian mat and stayed put..all day ..

Nup nobody home
Nup nobody home

Excuse the paw you may know this blankie i shared with Angel Forrest on our last trip up to the mountain and we got all muddy and laid on it in the car..i keep dragging it out on the porch so Grannie says it can stay dirty! Bonus huh!

Well i thought when the two day weekend burnfest was over i was in the clear..but no..then it turned to custard

Seems i had an appointment at the vets see i have a lot of warts..but some have been bleeding..quite a few actually..and i have a lump near my boy bits that had to come out for tests..i also needed my toothies done as my breath smelled like bin juice…nice huh?

So off i went..i met a lamb that Nurse Beth is caring for who is an orphan..and then off i went Nurse Beth carrying me and the lamb following..

Now do not be shocked i look like FrankenDoc..Dr mark had to staple me as he did not want to keep me under too long because of my age..i had a lump removed also from near my toothies were great! just a clean no extractions..but i look messed nails were done and i had a nasty butt gland thing happening too..i know the details are super!

So i have about 40 odd staples..i am on antibiotics and Loxicom and also some Tramadol if i am in pain…you kidding..if?? i have been a real brave boy..and now i am just waiting for the lab tests to come back and then in 10-14 days get my staples out…i also have lost weight again..ugh..Grannie is going to lose her mind she says 🙂

Grannie says i look like i went crazy in the staple section of Officeworks..

So ..calm ya farm ladies and try not to swoon 🙂 paw pats Doc xxx













Dinnermintz always is a great nurse
Dinnermintz always is a great nurse

Black is beautiful


Hello Evfurry

Today i would like to chat to you about a very important project.

As you may all know Black cats are usually surrounded by crazy myths..and this causes them to be amongst the last to be adopted at shelters worldwide.

Now i am not into crazy myths..i mean really we live in a modern world don’t we!


See stereotypes are this picture Grannie was doing a shoot for Halloween..did you know Black cats are in a lot of superstitions..such as witchcraft familials to witches helping them with their witchy brews!


I prefer to help with French cooking..not quite as crazy as a bubbling pot of goodness knows what!

I had to take to the study and think hard about why Black cats are seen in such a bad light..


And for the life of me i could find no GOOD reason for the reputation..despite my fervent study!

So i whispered in Grannies ear..and she said..go look Cleo..go find out what makes Black Cats so mysterious to many people..


So i myself..on a journey ..i started with my nip here one myth is you see what i am doing..yes i am enjoying Coriander..or as my USA friends would call it Cilantro..


Just as i love Nip i also love this proof that not all we think we know is fact..


My nip looks so pretty in this pink pot..but would it stand out as much of i were not backdropping it with my luscious Black Furs?


I headed out to my bush..i am an inside girl in Summer but Winter i can enjoy my you see as a Black cat i do not blend in..i am not part of the scenery..i AM a standout..myth busted..Black Cats are boring in i look plain?


As you can see a break in travels is important..i can meditate and get focus gold eyes look so pretty against the gold and green grass..i am wondering why anyone would find us bad luck…


Oh that is right ..mumbo  jumbo..i do not need a crystal ball to see that people have some really silly ideas about Black cats!




As i wandered around i thought of all those Black Cats who just  because of their fur color stay in rescue shelters..doomed..all because they are passed if people not look into their eyes and see a sweet animal..see those eyes..they do not see your color as a problem..


Deeper i went in the bush..where i looked so hard to find why Black Cats are in such trouble..


I found myself getting sad..i am lucky..i have a loving family have always had Black them i am beautiful..i have a sense of fun and adventure..


I can be the most playful of girls..


I make gardening a fun thing..i can chase away bugs with the best of them…


And i surprise my family all the time..i am far from a boring cat!


I have dreams..just like any cat…my dreams are no less real because of my fur color..


I can always be counted on for a cuddle…so it can’t be that Black Cats are not affectionate!


I mean have you ever seen a more beautiful thing than a Black Cat in a comfy bed?


I was close to the end of my search..still no answers..i have pondered long and hard and still i do not know why Black Cats have a bad rap..


I needed to know how i could help change attitudes..a hard thing when i cannot understand why people think the way they do to start off with!


If i can help people see how beautiful i am..maybe that will help..maybe a leap of faith is needed..


Maybe if i can see from a higher perspective…i may get some answers..


I can see..i can see that there is a has become a lot clearer from up here..




Time to dry those tears..time to stop crying for the Black cats in shelters..time for action!


This road is a long one..we are going to have to all try and do our bit stop the silly myths and superstiti
ons that keep Black Cats in shelters..there is no point trying to do it alone…


One person who is trying to help is Layla from Cat Wisdom 101..she has started a KICKSTARTER to get an Anthology of 22 real black cats and their stories published..she has taken her idea and her experience and with dedication and love and a lot of great support from Black cats themselves is going to make this a reality!



We have pledged..proudly and i feel much better knowing that as a Black Cat i can help this great initiative and spread the word..

I may be one cat..but i am  Black Cat…my name is Cleo..i matter and i wish you would all support Miss Layla by sharing or quest to find answers may have failed but i found a solution..we need to all be made more aware of the plight of homeless Black Cats..

So please click on Miss Laylas name here and be transported safely to her post on what YOU can do to help..

It has been my honor to try and help in some small way..

Paw pats Cleo

*We have pledged on behalf of our much missed Black kitties : Shaggy, Choko, Simba and Merlin …