Wags and Waves for Forrest

We would like to thank Aunty Sharon and Miss Pam for putting on this wonderful and most thoughtful Wags and Waves for Forrest Day..Aunty Sharon has donated to a local shelter in Forrest’s name which is a most worthy and wonderful tribute….Sammy has his blogaversary today and as a lovely and very generous gesture he is having a commentathon..we cannot say how deeply we have been moved by everyones love kind words and support and as we learn a new way of normal here we thank you all..you are family..and we are humbled to have you in our lives..



Mum organised a special thing with the family for Forrest’s Barkit list..it was hard but the human kids all agreed it was a great idea..there were tears and laughs and fun..and memories made that will be treasured forever..and as it happens Forrest does have his waggy tail or as Mum and Dad used to call it his Tail of Mass Destruction!

Please enjoy our little tribute..and pop over and visit the many blogs who are so lovingly joining in..



What’s that i see?

Hi Evfurry..it’s me Forrest..

Now i want to first thank evfurry for the well wishes and the POTP i really feel it..Mum and Dad do too and they appreciate that so many people are sending such love down under to us all.

Here’s the thing i am an old pup..i have won the war against the Eastern Brown snakes twice! yes twice!

I have battled with separation anxiety for 6 years also..i am tough..but i am also getting tired.

I am 12 years old and it seems i am not going to get to be a teenager after all..

No driving cars ..no drinking..no rabble rousing..

Mum and Dad had the visit with me today and Dr Mark and the peeps spoke for a long time..so long that i milked it for all the liver treats i could!

The xrays show my discs on my neck are really squished..and even with acupuncture they will never be the same.I risk eventual neurological problems which will be awful.

They are hurting me and with pain killers and yesterdays acupuncture i was still yelping in pain and finding it hard to lift my head and turn right..this is what makes Mum and Dad cry..

My xrays showed i have an enlarged heart and next to it a big lymph node..Mum says i have the heart of a lion.

I also have some bone issues at my sacrum which is why i have a bit of trouble sitting.

Ok so here is the thing..to have a surgery is no option ..it is a pretty brutal surgery …the acupuncture would mean sedation every time i had it and it would be a daily thing for a week with no change to the long term outcome.

Mum and Dad do not want to ever find me collapsed or see me in pain and have that as their last memory or more importantly MY last memory.

So for the next week i am having my BARKIT LIST i am going to be spoiled rotten and have as much fun as i can..i am on very strong pain meds so i am fine.

I started tonight by having roast chicken dinner WITH skin and boy was it so good!

I have of course had the farts but Mum says i can fart as much as i want.

Next Wednesday Mum and Dad will have Dr Mark come to MY house..yep he can come here now ..and i will say goodbye at home with Doc Marbles Cleo Pickles Dinnermintz Mum and Dad by my side..the weekend all my human brothers and sisters are coming up and they are all bringing BANNED treats!

Please do not be sad i have had such a super happy life of adventure..i have and always will be loved and cherished..i am in no pain..it is just Mum and Dad who are hurting.

Today was hard..they have cried and cried..tomorrow they will too..but i have made them promise to be brave..because i need them to be strong for me.

I can see something ahead of me..i do not know what but i am sure when i get there it will be pretty darn good..

I will be back later to tell you more of what i do on my BARKIT list..we can do this together..

Paw pats Forrest..

*pee ess Mum might take a time to respond..she is pretty leaky eyed most times…




Well that was Easter..

Hi evfurry..guess what happened at our place!! you will never believe it but it is all true!!


Would i lie to you ?

Ok so This Easter Bunny dude was arriving..and we were all getting pretty excited ..you know..treats etc..

Yep..excited alright

Yep..even Forrest was pretty excited..BOL..you can tell..anywho..

We are all sitting in the loungeroom when we hear a noise in the flue of the heater..

Now it has been 87 bazillion degrees here and so of course we have not had a fire going.

Well we got excited we were sure it was Easter Bunny..but oh no ..Granny says come on Grandad get that baffle plate off and let’s investigate..

Now next thing you know we have a BIRD! yes not Easter Bunny but a bird flew out from our heater and was flying around our loungeroom!

So of course the girls were beside themselves!!  Poor Granny was trying to get the bird into her study but the girls followed..leaping and lunging..Granny eventually got the girls OUT

of her study and closed the door, the Welcome Swallow was sitting on a picture on her wall BOL..she opened the door and out it flew!

Can you imagine thinking phew safe from the flue and to fly into a room with two dogs and four cats BOL BOL BOL..stupid birdie!

So this is where they are hanging out!


Bird central

And you know what..it happened again!!!  a few days later..

Meanwhile Easter Bunny  had no chance of getting in to the house as we are all on alert now..barking meowing..you know ..

How am i going to get inside now? 

He  even  had to watch out because this dude was circling outside! and he had Easter Bunny in his sights as well!

Why hello there Easter Bunny!

So you know what happened? bet you will never guess!

Easter Bunny sent a ring in that’s right he was a no show and instead he sent the tooth fairy?? WTD …yep and so for Easter Pickles and Marbles got toofies pulled out!

Well Happy Easter indeed..sheesh..don’t believe me?

Seriously Cleo…this tooth fairy sucks! you can have those bunny ears i am not happy!

Poor Pickles..she got 2 toofies out…

Why Easter Bunny ??? 

And poor Marbles got one big one out and had stitches and all! and her paw all swelled up!

So there you go..Easter Bunny could not face US or face the Little Eagle and so he just went underground and sent that horrid Tooth fairy..you could not make this stuff up folks BOL..

So we hope you had a super Easter as i am sure EB must have visited some of you!

Oh and April Fools


Paw pats Doc 🙂



Having a heatwave..an illogical heatwave

Yikes! sorry guys this heat has us all melting..we have been so hot that Mum has packed the computer ready to leave and so blogging just is not happening!

The last few days have been awful..Mum has been sick and we have all been hiding..us kitties go UTB almost as if we know that we are to be whisked away in the PTU at any moment!

The heat has been odd for this time of year..not this hot so early and a few fires have really caused peeps and pets and livestocks some awful grief..we have had temps of 45c which is about 113f with low humidity and strong winds..a recipe for ugly ..big time!

Now we want to say thankyou for the lovely ecards..and snail mails..we will do a big presentation soon for now we have to keep things to a minimum as Mum and Dad keep an eye on the weather.

Today has been much cooler..and so they have been able to do some things..lot’s to catch up on!

On Saturday (which was hellish hot ) Mum and Dad had the family Christmas dinner with Rhiannon and her boyfriend as hosts..it was a nasty day..Mum had made a lovely Prawn and basil pesto pasta salad and a Vanilla and raspberry white chocolate cheesecake with grilled fresh peaches to take for lunch..Mum also froze two big blocks of chicken stock into giant icecubes…so when they left home in the morning the blinds were drawn,us kitties were inside with loads of ice in our water cups and the pups had their new cool mats in the laundry with a giant bowl of water with ice and a big bowl with the frozen icecube..outside they had lots of water bowls in the shade and their big iceblock of stock as well..and they have shelter and the pool so could come and go in and out as they please.

This did not stop Mum worrying about us..as Mum and Dad headed out they approached the Calder Park Mac D’s and could already see smoke..it was hot and windy and Mum was not happy..it was a fire in a town called Epping…Mum and Dad can  get alerts on their phones about such things..it was fast moving and 5 hectares at the time and not moving towards our home.

A sight nobody wants to see when the temps are rising and the wind blowing!

The Epping fire which was lit on purpose..
The Epping fire which was lit on purpose..

As they approached Rhiannons the smoke was getting closer..

The view from closer in to Melbourne
The view from closer in to Melbourne


Mum and Dad got to Rhiannons and she had made a lovely table for Christmas lunch…and the aircon was much enjoyed by poor Mum and Dad ..must get them onto installing one for us!!

Lovely table set up  for Christmas
Lovely table set up for Christmas


A big lunch loads of fun lot’s of laughs and all the time Mum and Dad’s alerts going off..sheesh..they decided to leave at around 3.30pm knowing they had a longish trip back and that the day was expecting to get worse…really??? worse…yikes…

Now i know Mum and Dad got home safe..and we were safe..the house was icky but we were all sleeping and cool..there was a storm as they headed home and the temp dropped from 40c to 27c in less than three minutes! then passed and got hot again..crazy ..Christmas here is not at all a winter wonderland..it’s an illogical heat..

The worst thing was..and you are not going to believe this but they came back not smelling like prawns..or cheesecake..or delicious coleslaws and breads and other goodies..no they came back smelling like traitors!

You see while we were suffering here in the heat and the ick they were meeting the new Sherriff in town..yep the new Sherriff..he is our NEPHEW! WHAT THE CAT!

Yes Rhiannon and her partner Michael have adopted a rescue kitty..his Mum was killed on the road (ugh) and he was being fostered by a friend and now has been adopted by them and is our Nephew!

He is a tortie boy! wow…ok so we may be impressed..but still he was ALL OVER my Mum because i smelled him..and he was all over our DAD too! ..i tell you..so that is our latest news from Down Under where the heat is turned up!

Here are some pics of the kitty..yes squee away…we expect it…*sigh*

His name is Sherriff and already he has the family in love…

Paw pats Dinnermintz xxx

*And again sorry if we come and go but when the computer is packed then we can’t do much…such is summer down under 😦


Look at him on Dad's shoulder..like he owns him!
Look at him on Dad’s shoulder..like he owns him!


He is kinda cute though i guess!
He is kinda cute though i guess!





Butter would not melt in Sherriff's mouth
Butter would not melt in Sherriff’s mouth


Stalking my Mum!
Stalking my Mum!


Negotiating the chairs..not helping at all!
Negotiating the chairs..not helping at all!


Playing peek aboo..he will be a indoor kitty ..just as well he is very curious!
Playing peek a boo..he will be a indoor kitty ..just as well he is very curious!


Cuddling with Uncle Chris..i bet his two kitties Sasha and Kapper will be unimpressed as well MOL
Cuddling with Uncle Chris..i bet his two kitties Sasha and Kapper will be unimpressed as well MOL


Does he look naughty? you betcha!
Does he look naughty? you betcha!


Even the Sherriff needs a nap when the Christmas lunch is done..where better than the super house Rhiannon and Michael made for him
Even the Sherriff needs a nap when the Christmas lunch is done..where better than the super house Rhiannon and Michael made for him

Sunday Selfie Panther style

Today we are joining The Cat on my Heads Sunday Selfies


Since Mum had a frazzled week ending with the great Mac cheese disaster of 2015  Cleo decided to channel her inner panther calm…

First channel your inner panther...
First channel your inner panther…

Then create a happy zone….

And calm yourself
And calm yourself

Have a peaceful Sunday evfurry…Mum has an early start tomorrow as our human sister flies overseas for 8 months..Mum is a mess..we are helping her to channel her inner panther MOL…

Please stop by and see all the other wonderful selfies..we will get to as many as we can tonight and then through the week…

Just whappy paw the sidebar badge to be transported..

Loves and paw pats Cleo..


Sunday selfies from the past

Hi evfurry..we survived the intruders…just..those little humans are a weird lot..always fidgeting and moving in weird random ways MOL..

So we just had no energy to do selfies..our frazzled selves need a rest MOL..

But we are still happy to join the Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My head kitties ..just whoosh on to the sidebar and be whiskered away to visit all the selfies..


Today we were trying to get Mums files sorted AGAIN..and came across a picture we thought we would share for Sunday selfies..

The stars are our much missed Brothers Simba and Merlin McTavish

Both are over the rainbow bridge but still very much part of our hearts..Simba was a big tough guy with a big heart and gentle side..he always was so patient with foster kittens..and if they pushed their luck with he he would just gently place a paw on their furry little heads and say stop!

Simba was sadly shot and killed ..Simba is the reason Mum and Dad sold their house and moved three hours away..to a place with space and safety for all of us..


Merlin Mc Tavish was Mums heart kitty..as a waif bought to the door with a huge worm burden and many nasty abscesses..she said i will take him..they were inseparable..

Merlin loved everyone..but if strange shoes were around he would leap over them and avoid them at all costs MOL..he slept with Mum and would rest his head under her chin..if she moved he moved..until his head was under her chin.

Merlin was badly beaten in our yard..the cat was feral and Mum trapped it and took it to the shelter it had to be PTS as it was sick and also quite crazy..poor kitty…but he also gave our Merlin Feline AIDS..

Merlin finally had to be helped to the bridge a week before xmas of the same year Mum and Dad lost Simba in the September..it was a very sad time.

So our selfies today are remembering our kitty brothers..



Simba was a funny guy..MOL..


Merlin enjoying a sun puddle..
Merlin enjoying a sun puddle..


Simbas feet close by..they were best mates..

Merlin giving Mum the stare down selfie...MOL..
Merlin giving Mum the stare down selfie…MOL..


Merlin at the back..Simba at the front..
Merlin at the back..Simba at the front..

This picture was taken when Merlin  was starting to show his illness..his brown summer suit furs as Mum called them not so shiny..but Simba was right there with him..snuggling up..

We are proud to share our brothers selfies today..


Remember to visit the TCC   as we have a super event on today as well…this event is super fun!







Intruder alert intruder alert…incoming….

We have intruders tonight  and they will be here  forever and ever and ever  

until Saturday night…..our human Brother and his wife and the grandie..this can only mean one thing…

Sharpen our wits!
Sharpen our wits!
Hit the nip!
Hit the nip!
Prepare to flee UTB
Prepare to flee UTB
Get drunk
Get drunk
Dig a hole to China
Dig a hole to China

It’s ok we don’t REALLY mind..catch up soon folks..TCC  has a special event this weekend  and we do not plan on missing it!