Black is beautiful


Hello Evfurry

Today i would like to chat to you about a very important project.

As you may all know Black cats are usually surrounded by crazy myths..and this causes them to be amongst the last to be adopted at shelters worldwide.

Now i am not into crazy myths..i mean really we live in a modern world don’t we!


See stereotypes are this picture Grannie was doing a shoot for Halloween..did you know Black cats are in a lot of superstitions..such as witchcraft familials to witches helping them with their witchy brews!


I prefer to help with French cooking..not quite as crazy as a bubbling pot of goodness knows what!

I had to take to the study and think hard about why Black cats are seen in such a bad light..


And for the life of me i could find no GOOD reason for the reputation..despite my fervent study!

So i whispered in Grannies ear..and she said..go look Cleo..go find out what makes Black Cats so mysterious to many people..


So i myself..on a journey ..i started with my nip here one myth is you see what i am doing..yes i am enjoying Coriander..or as my USA friends would call it Cilantro..


Just as i love Nip i also love this proof that not all we think we know is fact..


My nip looks so pretty in this pink pot..but would it stand out as much of i were not backdropping it with my luscious Black Furs?


I headed out to my bush..i am an inside girl in Summer but Winter i can enjoy my you see as a Black cat i do not blend in..i am not part of the scenery..i AM a standout..myth busted..Black Cats are boring in i look plain?


As you can see a break in travels is important..i can meditate and get focus gold eyes look so pretty against the gold and green grass..i am wondering why anyone would find us bad luck…


Oh that is right ..mumbo  jumbo..i do not need a crystal ball to see that people have some really silly ideas about Black cats!




As i wandered around i thought of all those Black Cats who just  because of their fur color stay in rescue shelters..doomed..all because they are passed if people not look into their eyes and see a sweet animal..see those eyes..they do not see your color as a problem..


Deeper i went in the bush..where i looked so hard to find why Black Cats are in such trouble..


I found myself getting sad..i am lucky..i have a loving family have always had Black them i am beautiful..i have a sense of fun and adventure..


I can be the most playful of girls..


I make gardening a fun thing..i can chase away bugs with the best of them…


And i surprise my family all the time..i am far from a boring cat!


I have dreams..just like any cat…my dreams are no less real because of my fur color..


I can always be counted on for a cuddle…so it can’t be that Black Cats are not affectionate!


I mean have you ever seen a more beautiful thing than a Black Cat in a comfy bed?


I was close to the end of my search..still no answers..i have pondered long and hard and still i do not know why Black Cats have a bad rap..


I needed to know how i could help change attitudes..a hard thing when i cannot understand why people think the way they do to start off with!


If i can help people see how beautiful i am..maybe that will help..maybe a leap of faith is needed..


Maybe if i can see from a higher perspective…i may get some answers..


I can see..i can see that there is a has become a lot clearer from up here..




Time to dry those tears..time to stop crying for the Black cats in shelters..time for action!


This road is a long one..we are going to have to all try and do our bit stop the silly myths and superstiti
ons that keep Black Cats in shelters..there is no point trying to do it alone…


One person who is trying to help is Layla from Cat Wisdom 101..she has started a KICKSTARTER to get an Anthology of 22 real black cats and their stories published..she has taken her idea and her experience and with dedication and love and a lot of great support from Black cats themselves is going to make this a reality!



We have pledged..proudly and i feel much better knowing that as a Black Cat i can help this great initiative and spread the word..

I may be one cat..but i am  Black Cat…my name is Cleo..i matter and i wish you would all support Miss Layla by sharing or quest to find answers may have failed but i found a solution..we need to all be made more aware of the plight of homeless Black Cats..

So please click on Miss Laylas name here and be transported safely to her post on what YOU can do to help..

It has been my honor to try and help in some small way..

Paw pats Cleo

*We have pledged on behalf of our much missed Black kitties : Shaggy, Choko, Simba and Merlin …


Meeting the Funnyfarmers

Hi evfurry..well when Grannie abandoned us and left us with no care in the world went to Georgia she had a lovely catch up with a special blog friend.

The funny thing was this friend had no idea it was Grannie who was Miss June  Bacons Mum had been emailing back and forth to this blog friend and Grannie had to let this blog friend know it was ok that Miss June was not a weirdo and that she was a good friend without letting on that Grannie was the one accompanying Miss June on the about secret squirrel (another story we shall get to later!)

So off they all headed..Grannie and Grandad and Miss June and Mr Jim..grannie had some gifts and was looking forward to meeting this special blog friend..

And do you know what is was Miss Jan from the Funny Farmers! that’s right .. wow what a great visit they had !

See when Grannie was plotting this awful secret trip without any care for us whatsoever 

holiday..she realised that Miss June was really not that far from the Funny farmers and so chatted with Miss June and said “what do you think?”

Miss June always ready for adventure said ” let’s do it!”

They arrived at Miss Jans and picked her up and off they went to lunch..they talked blogs and meeting people from blogs and of course anipals!

Always about anipals..they talked about loss as all the peeps had lost anipals pretty much within a year so all knew how much it hurt!

Then when lunch was finished Grannie wanted to meet the fur kids at Miss Jans and take some pics..

Miss Jan had a lovely gift for them all and so gifts were exchanged..of course we all got and the fur kids at Miss Jans..i guess the peeps deserve to be spoiled now and then BOL!

Miss June Miss Jan and Grannie
Miss June Miss Jan and Grannie



Pretty sure there are more peeps outside
Pretty sure there are more peeps outside


Really Lady..who are you?
Really Lady..who are you?


OK i guess you can pull the flashy beast out!
OK i guess you can pull the flashy beast out!


Jan are you sure you did not bring a doggy bag home???
Jan are you sure you did not bring a doggy bag home???


Hi lady!
Hi lady!


This my good side?
This my good side?


Oh ok..if you MUST take a picture!
Oh ok..if you MUST take a picture!





Grannie and her new friends!
Grannie and her new friends!


Come on Marcus i was here first!
Come on Marcus i was here first!


How about a little treat hey Fozziemum..just between you and me i won't say anything ;)
How about a little treat hey Fozziemum..just between you and me i won’t say anything wink wink …


Why have the other kits left me to face the flashy beast and this weird woman!
Why have the other kits left me to face the flashy beast and this weird woman!




Oh i AM a HAM :)
Oh i AM a HAM 🙂


Hahahah i know..Marcus is a ham!
Hahahah i know..Marcus is a ham!


This is my sultry side Fozziemum
This is my sultry side Fozziemum



So happy to meet ya Miss Fozziemum
So happy to meet ya Miss Fozziemum



So we are super jealous that Grannie and Grandad had such a special visit and we hope you pop over to Bacon’s to read about his Mum and Dads visit with Grannie and Grandad and Miss Jan and the Funny Farmers Grannie said she never thought she could be so lucky as to meet not one but two blog friends in the US of A..and she hopes to be able to do it again one day..

Have a super weekend and we will be here saturday..Grannie and Grandad are out for dinner tonight..another clear case of animal neglect and sadness needing some time out together..

Paw pats Doc and big thanks to Miss Jan..Marcus ,Micah ,Merci,Buddy,Rusty,Perci,Taylor and Cyndi for putting up with Grannie BOL …



Read me a story



Today with thanks to Bacon and Aunty Sharon from Gentle Stitches we are going to be read a story .

Grannie has donated all her kids books to charity last year..she has kept a few very special ones for herself..ones that mean something ..either about time with her kids or a special story that she just loves..she felt that giving the books to charity that maybe other kiddies would be happy to read and learn and have fun..which is what reading is about…. are me and have to listen to Grannies tinny voice as she blabs on and on ..i mean can’t a guy catch a break!

The story is called ‘The digging-est Dog and was written by Al Perkins and illustrated by Eric Gurney..

Please pull up a sledgehammer and knock yourself will be less painful than Grannie babbling on…BOL…

Please enjoy Cleo in a coma and Pickles trying to save me…Dinnermintz puts in a cameo cleaning her butt in the hallway..oh’s showtime 🙂

Paw pats Doc xxx




Time to head to Easy’s Chaos pawty!

Wow Easy has put together a super Chaos pawty..and if anyone knows Chaos it’s Easy..

Pop over and have a blast while the peeps do the household chores..i have set a bar up that i think serves the bestest Rough end of a pineapples you ever had!





And Angel Forrest has been kind enough to offer his services in grandads old pawlice van..looks like Houdini ,Sammy and Benji are already taking advantage of the service BOL..



So pop over to the Chaos pawty and indulge your wildest dreams of foodable and fun..i am packing Grannie up for Market while she is there i am going to be serving up all the anipals who want a drink..and of course Ruby will be serving up her fantastic Margaritas! so go have fun guys and gals..



Upside Down

Hi’s me Doc..

20160521_085752.jpg you may know by now this sad picture of me was taken enroute to Doggy Jail..yes that’s right!

The girls and i were all palmed off to boarding so the peeps could take a trip..well i was not so impressed..

Now the trip was to the USA..upside down from us..or is that right way up?



Grannie and Grandad had booked and planned the trip in January..and after the sad news with Forrest they were ready to cancel..they are not so stupid they had insurance so it would have been ok..but after chats with the vet and the boarding  jail staff it was decided (without my consultation) that maybe a distraction and some doggy companionship would help me.

So Grannie asked the jailers if they would arrange some playdates for remember Forrest and i loved each other..but not so much cared for other this was a real trial!

Well despite my pouty face (and shhh do not tell grannie) i had a ball! i was paired up with 2 Jack Russells and we ruled that yard! we played chase after tennis balls and had a great time..until i got my hydrobath! yes insert unimpressed bath face here..apparently the staffs at jail thought my face was priceless..really???

I had such fun with these pups that they even called us a Posse! yikes!

This time was good for me to get my happy back…despite the fact that when Grannie and Grandad FINALLY came to collect us all i came out wearing my pink jail pj’s…ugh!!

So we are all settled back’s colder than cold and we are all glad to have our own beds and routines back.

I will share the pictures from Grannies camera that i sneaked a look at..seems they had a great time visiting the US ..and of course Bacon’s Mum and Dad.. it was such a secret they all kept wasn’t it!

Bacon has posted about some of it here and we have ours ready to go for tomorrow!

First we want to say a huge thankyou to evfurry for their love and sweetness after Forrest left for the bridge..Grannie got home to another round of cards and gifts from sweet and lovely friends..we have a lovely little spot with all Forrest’s precious cards letters and gifts and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts..



Thankyou Miss Jo and gang at Sandspring Chesapeakes  Bacon and family  John and Benji Miss Sue,Polly and Honey  Miss Monika and Sam  Miss Sherri-Ellen and Purrince Siddhartha  Noodles family  and Easy and family

And for the continued emails and chats facebarks and ecards we say thanks..

So i am off to bed..i have a lot to do as with my money i made at jail in the yard as a  standover  stand up kind of guy i bought a little bar! and i am going to help Easy out with his Chaos all about it here i will be serving up Grandads own invention the Rough end of a pineapple..that will get you happy real quick..and for anyone who is in need of a lift home afterwards  Angel Forrest will be driving the Pawlice Van ( he got to drive it in his barkit list week and did a pretty fair job BOL)

So it’s good to be home and will look forward to sharing our Grannies pictures  along with Bacon’s posts 🙂

Paw pats Doc..

Pee Ess due to Grannie being AWOL and Jet lagged ( she says she feels like she had to flap her arms all the way home she is that pooped) we are again..DRUMROLL PLEASE…

BEHIND…..BOL…color me surprised!

Dressing up for Whitley

Hi evfurry today the pretty Dory  has asked up to share our dressing up in order to tribute sweet Whitley..oh boy..Whitley ran to the bridge so soon after Forrest and we are sure they are drinking fine cocktails and pool swimmin as we speak!

Now we don’t mind getting dressed up..not one bit for a friend..




Angel Forrest
Angel Forrest


Sheep stylin with Jock
Sheep stylin with Jock


Really i don't mind for Whitley but..seriously..never again..
Really i don’t mind for Whitley but..seriously..never again..
Oscar went for the flowers in the mouth ..kind of dressing up ..
Oscar went for the flowers in the mouth ..kind of dressing up ..


Snazzy satin boardshortz BOL
Snazzy satin boardshortz BOL

Well we tried our best to get all the furries here but some just will not cooperate BOL…

Thanks Dory for letting us show our love to Angel Whitley’s family and we hope evfurry has fun dressing up get me out of these shorts…yikes!!

Paw pats Doc