Thankful Thursday

Hi evfurry

I am so thankful that i feel better today.

It has been a rough time and with Dr Mark and my family  helping me i am feeling better.

I am taking small steps to being even better..

Grannie is on her phone doing this so can’t pop the badge for Brians bloggie hop here..but we say thankyou for forgiving her putziness in advance..

Paw pats Doc



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Going Bats on Thankful Thursday

Hi evfurry

We are proud to join Pepi Smart Dog’s  blog hop today


As you may know i had a bit of surgery on Monday..well yesterday Grannie and Grandad had to go into town and rather than leave me to my own devices and risk me getting into some serious staple removing they took me along for the drive.

Well after Grandad went in to Officeworks and left Grannie and i parked in a rather unfortunate position…

Excuse me is this supposed to be a joke!
Excuse me is this supposed to be a joke!

We headed to Bendigo Botanical gardens..i have not been there before and i went in to investigate the they sound like monkeys and sure do make a lot of noise..but i was so thankful to get out and have a walk..

Well to be fair they are not REALLY bats but Flying Foxes..Grannie did a lovely story on them here  if you would like to learn more 🙂

After the Gardens we had a brief stroll around town and then headed home..



The most Thankful thing happened later that afternoon though..Dr Mark rang from Vets All Natural and told Grannie that the lump from my groin that he removed was a Squamous Cell that does not sound like something to be thankful for but the lab said Dr Mark did a great job and got clean margins!

So i get my staples out next Thursday and just keep on getting better.

These can come back in old pups Dr Mark said..but for now i am fine and Grannie and Grandad are going to be checking me all the more and making sure this Summer (which while it is now a polar blast is hard to imagine) that i am covered up good..we will be getting good shirts that are sunsafe and sunscreen galore..please peeps check your sunbathing pups this summer for signs of nasty things..sores that do not heal etc..and keep your fur kids safe from skin cancers..

So as you see i have a lot to be thankful for today..

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Paw Pats Doc xx

Read me a story



Today with thanks to Bacon and Aunty Sharon from Gentle Stitches we are going to be read a story .

Grannie has donated all her kids books to charity last year..she has kept a few very special ones for herself..ones that mean something ..either about time with her kids or a special story that she just loves..she felt that giving the books to charity that maybe other kiddies would be happy to read and learn and have fun..which is what reading is about…. are me and have to listen to Grannies tinny voice as she blabs on and on ..i mean can’t a guy catch a break!

The story is called ‘The digging-est Dog and was written by Al Perkins and illustrated by Eric Gurney..

Please pull up a sledgehammer and knock yourself will be less painful than Grannie babbling on…BOL…

Please enjoy Cleo in a coma and Pickles trying to save me…Dinnermintz puts in a cameo cleaning her butt in the hallway..oh’s showtime 🙂

Paw pats Doc xxx




Upside Down

Hi’s me Doc..

20160521_085752.jpg you may know by now this sad picture of me was taken enroute to Doggy Jail..yes that’s right!

The girls and i were all palmed off to boarding so the peeps could take a trip..well i was not so impressed..

Now the trip was to the USA..upside down from us..or is that right way up?



Grannie and Grandad had booked and planned the trip in January..and after the sad news with Forrest they were ready to cancel..they are not so stupid they had insurance so it would have been ok..but after chats with the vet and the boarding  jail staff it was decided (without my consultation) that maybe a distraction and some doggy companionship would help me.

So Grannie asked the jailers if they would arrange some playdates for remember Forrest and i loved each other..but not so much cared for other this was a real trial!

Well despite my pouty face (and shhh do not tell grannie) i had a ball! i was paired up with 2 Jack Russells and we ruled that yard! we played chase after tennis balls and had a great time..until i got my hydrobath! yes insert unimpressed bath face here..apparently the staffs at jail thought my face was priceless..really???

I had such fun with these pups that they even called us a Posse! yikes!

This time was good for me to get my happy back…despite the fact that when Grannie and Grandad FINALLY came to collect us all i came out wearing my pink jail pj’s…ugh!!

So we are all settled back’s colder than cold and we are all glad to have our own beds and routines back.

I will share the pictures from Grannies camera that i sneaked a look at..seems they had a great time visiting the US ..and of course Bacon’s Mum and Dad.. it was such a secret they all kept wasn’t it!

Bacon has posted about some of it here and we have ours ready to go for tomorrow!

First we want to say a huge thankyou to evfurry for their love and sweetness after Forrest left for the bridge..Grannie got home to another round of cards and gifts from sweet and lovely friends..we have a lovely little spot with all Forrest’s precious cards letters and gifts and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts..



Thankyou Miss Jo and gang at Sandspring Chesapeakes  Bacon and family  John and Benji Miss Sue,Polly and Honey  Miss Monika and Sam  Miss Sherri-Ellen and Purrince Siddhartha  Noodles family  and Easy and family

And for the continued emails and chats facebarks and ecards we say thanks..

So i am off to bed..i have a lot to do as with my money i made at jail in the yard as a  standover  stand up kind of guy i bought a little bar! and i am going to help Easy out with his Chaos all about it here i will be serving up Grandads own invention the Rough end of a pineapple..that will get you happy real quick..and for anyone who is in need of a lift home afterwards  Angel Forrest will be driving the Pawlice Van ( he got to drive it in his barkit list week and did a pretty fair job BOL)

So it’s good to be home and will look forward to sharing our Grannies pictures  along with Bacon’s posts 🙂

Paw pats Doc..

Pee Ess due to Grannie being AWOL and Jet lagged ( she says she feels like she had to flap her arms all the way home she is that pooped) we are again..DRUMROLL PLEASE…

BEHIND…..BOL…color me surprised!

Yeppers we are still here..just sayin

Well evfurry no thanks to the Staff we are still here!

The Summer had us all in a whirl..too much heat..not enough cool!

So much has happened and we are very sorry to have been away so long.

Not to mention if you sent the Mumster a peemail most likely Windows 10 ate it and spat it out in a parallel universe!

We have been ok..we seem to have spent more time at the vets than anywhere else!

I however am getting better..and will fill you in on my health stuffs later..for now we just popped in to say g’day..and catch up on the blog world..

Forrest and i and the girls have missed you all, Pickles and Marbles have dentals next week so the senior pet parade to the vet still continues..

Sheesh..this getting old stuff is pretty full on!

Chat soon guys Paw pats and Loves Doc DSC_8182_boobooDSC_8214_doc_couch

Sweaty Saturday

Mum has market tomorrow..we are trying to help her get ready..but the heat is yuck again!

More fires this time in Western Australia and a lot more land, anipals and possibly human casualties..we are sick of summer and her meanness!

We have been so hot we have not done anything really at all..especially not on our bloggie..but Mum has done even less on HERS!

Mum has promised after Market tomorrow she will get us BACK ON TRACK..and we sure hope she does..we have some really exciting news and also all our thankyous from CHRISTMAS! yes that long ago…sheesh..

We have been trying to have a peek at your bloggies when we can..Mum’s mobile is a real pill for blogging..go figure..

We do know we lost some beautiful anipals over the time we have been off..we sent our love and hugs and know not everfurry had a good Christmas 😦

We did mention on our TCC bloggie our resolution for the year and we have already taken some steps to helping out some anipals in need..of course we sent our Koala mittens off but we need to make some Roo pouches..the injured keep on coming 😦

So we are off to bed..early start and Mum needs to get some rest..apparently MOL..paw pats Pickles..

I leave you with our hot and sweaty Saturday snaps..this is how we roll in Summer..xx

The longer i make myself the cooler i am
The longer i make myself the cooler i am


I finished all these mitten Mum next project please!
I finished all these mittens Mum next project please!


I am too old for this heat ..did you say that cooling guy was coming out Monday....
I am too old for this heat ..did you say that cooling guy was coming out Monday….


Really's too hot!
Really’s too hot!


Do i look like i want to cuddle..sheesh
Do i look like i want to cuddle..sheesh


What is with this dang heat!!!
What is with this dang heat!!!

Singing Sunday Selfie

Hi evfurry today we are joining The Cat on my Heads Sunday Selfie..yes we have been slack..blame it on Mum..or the heat from Hades that makes a girls furs just frizz!

We also want to send our POTP to Fiona as she needs some purrs right about now..


Purrs and Prayers for FIONA



Today we want to show this little Yellow Plumed Honeyeater.(.SORRY TABBIES ‘O’ TROUT TOWNE)..but he found his way into our guttering during the storm we had..another little critter that needed rescue as so many do at the we thought he would like to share his selfie.

Dad got him down carefully he had been singing up a storm…literally and then Mum checked him out and he looked they popped him in an old kitty PTU ..poor guy..and popped some of the sheepies wool in to keep him warm and some of the succulents they like to get nectar from..Mum held one to him and his tiny little tongue came out so fast and he had a sip.

They left the lid open on the PTU and had him in a sheltered safe place…and when they came to check on him later he had flown the coop!

So a happy ending for this sweet little guy..they are always in Mums garden and they love to sing and play together..makes for great bird TV! and we are happy he was ok so we can watch him another day 🙂

Say hello to the little guy 🙂

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