Purrs for Jamison

We are here today to send our love to our friend Noodle and his family..

Such sadness in blogville as Jamison has left for the Rainbow Bridge.

Life has so many things to offer and we know it also has a lot of tragedy.

Jamison will be ever so missed by his family and we in blogville will miss our panther friend.

We laughed when he was taken to court..as kitties we were on HIS side..sorry Noodle..but kitties are pretty clever and his bloggie hijack was great..even if he was found guilty!

We lit a candle…we said a quiet prayer..we cried for another friend gone from our world..

But we know Jamison is in wonderful company with all our much loved and missed Friends..of course the hurt always stays here with the living.

Vale Jamison…look for Forrest..he loves kitties and will be by your side…

All our love to Jamisons family both furry and human..


Lighting a candle for Easy

Today we are here to honor our dear friend Easy as he comes home to his loving Mama and Dad.

Such sadness came into his crib when he was suddenly and unfairly called to the bridge.

Easy has joined so many anipals who left their pawrents this year including our beloved Forrest.

Easy’s Dad and Mum rang us here when we lost Forrest and their kindness and compassion for all in blogville is well known.

For us Easy was so many things..

A clown and funster who made our hearts lift even when we felt down.

Easy and that face that you could not help but love..blue eyes..silvermistygrey furs and always a mouth full of deaded stuffies.

The love Easy and his pawrents shared was obvious..real..and based always on the best way to enjoy life together.

Giveittotheweimaraner became a warning that the postman had been.

DIY projects no matter how fraught with peril were always snoopervised by a lanky handsome pup.

Our favourite bloggie memory was the time Easy lifted a leg and left a peemail on the judges table..Grannie just about split a gut!

There was never a time Easy did not make us smile or think deeply about things of importance.

We know that day when your precious ones come home is hard..so hard..it can feel like a loss all over again..

We are glad our friend is home..he has a little brother Da Phenny..who like Easy will be loved cherished and fit so well into his new home.

We hope that the days that are dark as in the ass of a salamander soon brighten..we know now our Easy is back in his crib that the family can heal.

We miss you Easy..we love you and we light a candle for you and all those who join you in a place we cannot yet reach.

Love Doc Fozziemum Fozziedad Marbles Cleo Pickles Dinnermintz Felix Oscar Jock and Angel Forrest…xxx

A Christmas card for you

Hi evfurry

Well Santa is on his way and soon we will see who has been naughty..or nice.

While most folks look forward to a white Christmas we are having a heatwave.

Our Christmas wish is that all creatures have a full tummy a comfy bed and a loving family..

We thank you all for your friendship , love, support and compassion during what has been a trying year.

We hope to be up and blogging more often as we miss you all.

I am feeling great! I am eating and happy and glad to be here for my 14th Christmas.

We thankyou for the beautiful cards and gifts (which we are not allowed to open until Christmas morning) 

And will share them here in a slideshow after the big day.

This is our card to you..

Much love and paw pats Doc Marbles Pickles Cleo Dinnermintz Felix Oscar Jock and Angel Forrest xxxx

Come Fly With Me Sammy


Today we have been invited by our dear friends Easy  and Madi to show a bit of our world to Sammy..

And so how do we show Sammy our world and thank him for the fun Tuesday Teasers that got us every time!

We decided that in order to truly capture how Sammy means THE WORLD to us we would take him in our hot air balloon over the beautiful town of Cairns up Far North Queensland..


Off early we go Sammy..so much awaits..


Oh Sammy look at the beauty up here..the smell of fresh air and the gentle breeze blowing us..



The clouds are so soft Sammy..like the fluffiest bed you could ever lay in my friend..


Oh Sammy…have you ever seen such color..such warmth and power..can you feel that sun as it wakes up Sammy…it’s the most perfect sunpuddle a kitty could ask for..


Sammy my friend

Sammy my Gingerbread Man

Thankyou..you are a light cloud in a stormy world ..A bright ray of sun in a dark day and a breath of fresh air in a jaded time..

Safe Travels..

Love Fozziemum Fozziedad Doc Marbles Pickles Cleo Dinnermintz Jock Felix and Oscar…


Au Revoir Mon Ami

I am sorry evfurry for our lack of blogging.

More about that later..what we are here for now is to extend our sympathy and love to Easy’s pawrents.http://easyblog.wordpress.com

If ever a pup seemed invincible it was our mate..our friend..our comedian Easy.

This news is so terribly hard to understand.

A young pup with so much life in him.

Adored by his Mum and Dad..and all of us here in Blogville.

We send our deepest sympathy and love to Miss Katty and Mr Mark..

Words have not yet been invented that describe this loss of a loved family member.

The toll lately of loss has been too much.

Grannie describes it like this..

Grief is like being in the breakers at the shoreline..it hits and takes your breath away..

You just catch your breath and you are hit again..

Seemingly relentless in pounding you into submission..

Then one day you find yourself in a calm ocean..no big waves..small ones..they push you but you can stand it now..you have gone through the maelstrom and can tread water..

 I am off now my friends..i am a tired old pup and i have a visit to plan for Sammy http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com

To my friend Easy Rider i bid you Au Revoir Mon Ami..

The world became a lot less colorful yesterday but the Rainbow Bridge has now a silvermistygrey hue that it lacked before..

Love always 

Doc Marbles Pickles Cleo Dinnermintz Jock Felix Oscar Fozziemum and Fozziedad xxx

Howloween horror

Hi Evfurry

Yes we have been MIA…we have so much happening our heads are spinning..almost like a Chucky Doll..

We hope to be back on blogging soon..we have a wedding to survive first..

I would like to thank folks for the well wishes on my recent hospital stay at the vets..i am on my way back to being my old self..i cannot say the same for grannie..

Bacon and Easy have invited us to show our..

And because grannie is a master at the ‘don’t look i’m hideous’ selfie..here is a taste of WHY we have been absent..Bol..

As you can see grannie is no oil painting in the morning..particularly lately..

She is a trooper though i must admit..then again she has a little help you know in coping with her morning befores Bol..

Now once she has taken all her miracle cures i then step in..

Got to be something to fix that horror morning head!

Aha! face compost..that will fix everything..

So some slapping on of compost and tada..

Oh and thankyou to the ‘beauty face’ thingy on her phone that seems to make her ole face softer..

Thing is everyone can do a glam selfie..but what is really beautiful is what is inside…

As for me..well i am always looking good…Bol..

Thankyou for visiting us and we look forward to being back soon..

Much love Doc..