Thiz Blogz iz all aboutz uz…we got so much goingz on and the purrsonal ass/istantz keepz puttingz all randomz non animalz stuffs on her blogz so we have uprisered her and gotz one dedicated to uz!

Who are weez…MOL and BOL and little bOL ( baa outz loud) we are fozziemumz employerz..

Marbles alpha fe-lionz  Pickles secon-in-chargez  Dinnermintz…AKA Meow-tse tongue and Cleo..brash and unrulyz

We iz joined by Doc..tail wagger and Murdulator hunter,  Forrest T.S. Green…face lickerz ….and I spoze we haz to includez the sheeps

Jock…head buttingz bossy boot, Oscar…..woolly buttz and Felix…..shorthorned  sookyz sheep.

Popz in an we will always have a bowl of nipz and a stinky dog treatz and some hayz for you allz.


5 thoughts on “About

    1. Woo hoo Noosa 🙂 do love your neck of he woods!! sorry about the late reply WP threw you in a can of Spam!! hahaha lovely to meet you too..seems nearly all bloggies apart from a couple are from OS 🙂 we are from the good old goldfields of Vic…we have you on ur reader now so look forward to chatting with you Lyn and Charlie of course 😉 hugs Bev


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