Purrs for Jamison

We are here today to send our love to our friend Noodle and his family..

Such sadness in blogville as Jamison has left for the Rainbow Bridge.

Life has so many things to offer and we know it also has a lot of tragedy.

Jamison will be ever so missed by his family and we in blogville will miss our panther friend.

We laughed when he was taken to court..as kitties we were on HIS side..sorry Noodle..but kitties are pretty clever and his bloggie hijack was great..even if he was found guilty!

We lit a candle…we said a quiet prayer..we cried for another friend gone from our world..

But we know Jamison is in wonderful company with all our much loved and missed Friends..of course the hurt always stays here with the living.

Vale Jamison…look for Forrest..he loves kitties and will be by your side…

All our love to Jamisons family both furry and human..


25 thoughts on “Purrs for Jamison

  1. Poor Jamison put up an epic battle to stay after his horrible injuries but sometimes it’s just TOO much to recover from. He sure did try and his wonderful family did all they could. He’s at rest now. He’ll be in their hearts forever and ever.

    Hugs, Pam

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    1. It was truly awful…we thought we had had enough of the sadness but that year which remains nameless to me just had to keep it up until the end….another panther now to join my Merlin Simba Choko and Shaggy (panthers) and all the other precious ones we lost…


    1. Sweet Noodle…we wish we could do more..this time is so awful..we know the pain too well…we send our love and know your brother Jamison is pain free and in good loving care ..big loves Fozziemum xxx

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  2. Such a lovely tribute for Noodle’s cat-bro. Everyone in Blogville is heartbroken at yet another loss but know Forrest, Easy, Sammy, Lexi, Cole, D-Art, Olive, Seamus and all the others who passed recently will guide the newest fur-angel. RIP dear Jamison. ღ

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  3. It breaks our hearts that Jamison had to go to the Bridge. Much too soon, but we take comfort that he is whole and healthy now, running with Forrest and Moosey, and so many that have gone before, until the special day we see them again. ❤


  4. We are so very sorry for the loss of sweet Jamison. They always take a bit of our hearts with them, but they also leave us with their precious memories. We’ll be keeping his family in our thoughts and prayers.

    Molly and my Mom


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