Lighting a candle for Easy

Today we are here to honor our dear friend Easy as he comes home to his loving Mama and Dad.

Such sadness came into his crib when he was suddenly and unfairly called to the bridge.

Easy has joined so many anipals who left their pawrents this year including our beloved Forrest.

Easy’s Dad and Mum rang us here when we lost Forrest and their kindness and compassion for all in blogville is well known.

For us Easy was so many things..

A clown and funster who made our hearts lift even when we felt down.

Easy and that face that you could not help but eyes..silvermistygrey furs and always a mouth full of deaded stuffies.

The love Easy and his pawrents shared was obvious..real..and based always on the best way to enjoy life together.

Giveittotheweimaraner became a warning that the postman had been.

DIY projects no matter how fraught with peril were always snoopervised by a lanky handsome pup.

Our favourite bloggie memory was the time Easy lifted a leg and left a peemail on the judges table..Grannie just about split a gut!

There was never a time Easy did not make us smile or think deeply about things of importance.

We know that day when your precious ones come home is can feel like a loss all over again..

We are glad our friend is home..he has a little brother Da Phenny..who like Easy will be loved cherished and fit so well into his new home.

We hope that the days that are dark as in the ass of a salamander soon brighten..we know now our Easy is back in his crib that the family can heal.

We miss you Easy..we love you and we light a candle for you and all those who join you in a place we cannot yet reach.

Love Doc Fozziemum Fozziedad Marbles Cleo Pickles Dinnermintz Felix Oscar Jock and Angel Forrest…xxx


51 thoughts on “Lighting a candle for Easy

  1. What a beautiful post full of fun and most poignant memories of the silver misty grey guy we all loved so much – and still do! We always knew when we read an “Easy post” that we’d have a smile on our face……until the day came when he tragically left for the Bridge. All of us who loved him will carry his memory in our hearts forever and we will carry on with loving his family AND the new little guy who certainly will bring some new mischief in the house, Da Phenny. The memories will live on and on………

    Hugs, Pam (and Angel Sam)

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    1. Indeed Angel Sam and Miss Pam..we carry Easy along with all the precious fur angels in our hearts in a place we all Grannie forgot to add my tribute picture..i will get her to edit this..silly grannie…too much sun..much love Doc xx

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  2. Bev……..oh my goodness what a lovely tribute to Easy and the love he had for his staff and all his friends. When we look back over this last year we get a catch in our hearts thinking of all the loss.

    Pawprints on our hearts and in our minds guide us. We know Easy and all his friends OTRB are smiling on us today.
    Love Madi and Mom

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  3. What a lovely tribute to Easy, who was the personification of love and friendship to so many around the world. We are glad he is back home, and send gentle purrs and much love to his family and friends.

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  4. A lovely and loving tribute from one special friend to another special friend. The ‘Ranch’ has shed more than a few tears for Easy, Sammy, Forrest, Eko and all the other pets who left us this year. We will always miss them and they will be safe in our hearts. ღ


    1. It is ok my friend a lot of folk missed included until i saw it on another bloggie..i think blogville is so big now some things are missed…a good thing in a way it means our community is large..more folk to share love…much love Doc and Fozziemum xxx


    1. Laura and sweet trout towners..he was the most wonderful pup indeed..his blog has kept us in stitches for a long fact i think he was a doggie version of your kitty blog! Always fun and with a new little pup to carry on the mischief..his pawrents are slowly mending broken hearts..much loves to you all ..Bev xxx 💖💖💖


  5. Mee-you Doc an Aunty Bev that was thee sweetest most luvley tribute to EASY!!!
    LadyMum started cryin an mee got sumfing inn mee eyess all so…..
    Did you know EASY was thee one who showed mee about bloggin an all wayss had kind werdss fur mee??? Hee was mee Mentur….an mee furend…..
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx
    Pee S: Aunty Bev yur fone call made LadyMum 🙂 frum ear to ear!!! Fank you ❤

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      1. Mee-you Aunty Bev yur so-o rite about this year….since mee been alive it seemss a lot of sad an bad stuff has happened an not just to mee or LadyMum! Efurryone wee know has been touched by ‘sad’ or ‘bad’ an mee feelss sad fur efurryone!
        An you made LadyMum’ss birthday HAPPY an shee iss still mee-yowin about thee call to mee…..mew mew mew…..
        **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  6. What a wonderful tribute to our dear furrend Eeasy. Mes sure he an Fozzie is getting into doggie mischief across the bridge. Mes is missing them both.
    Sending yous many many kisses
    Your Nellie Bellie

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    1. Nellie Bellie sweetie…thankyou..we all miss Easy so much..none more than his Mum and Dad..and i just know he and Fozzie and all the other precious friends are raising a riot over the bridge….much loves and kisses Fozziemum and Doc xxx


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