Come Fly With Me Sammy


Today we have been invited by our dear friends Easy  and Madi to show a bit of our world to Sammy..

And so how do we show Sammy our world and thank him for the fun Tuesday Teasers that got us every time!

We decided that in order to truly capture how Sammy means THE WORLD to us we would take him in our hot air balloon over the beautiful town of Cairns up Far North Queensland..


Off early we go much awaits..


Oh Sammy look at the beauty up here..the smell of fresh air and the gentle breeze blowing us..



The clouds are so soft the fluffiest bed you could ever lay in my friend..


Oh Sammy…have you ever seen such color..such warmth and power..can you feel that sun as it wakes up Sammy…it’s the most perfect sunpuddle a kitty could ask for..


Sammy my friend

Sammy my Gingerbread Man are a light cloud in a stormy world ..A bright ray of sun in a dark day and a breath of fresh air in a jaded time..

Safe Travels..

Love Fozziemum Fozziedad Doc Marbles Pickles Cleo Dinnermintz Jock Felix and Oscar…



51 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me Sammy

  1. Such a BEAUTIFUL country you are in and what a way to see it – from high up above in a beautiful balloon. You can see for miles and miles. All the way to the moon and back (!). Thank you for taking me up up and away on a day in which I will make a long journey around the world and more…………….thank you for EVERYTHING.

    Love always, Sammy

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    1. was my pleasure to guide you through the clouds..and i know that you could see for miles and miles..kitties like those high spots to spy on stuff..enjoy your journey my friend ..go with the breeze…and we will love you ALWAYS my Gingerbread Man….xxxxxx


  2. Hey Bev and family….OMCs what a beautiful beautiful places…the skies are A M A Z I N G
    Did you and Sam have some MACnCHEZ for lunch?
    We are so glad you joined us…
    Madi your bfff and mom

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    1. Hi Madi and Miss Cecilia! It is very pretty..i sneaked maybe a bit of macn..cheeze..don’t tell mum..i am on a stupid special diety thingy…getting old sucks…miss you both but stuff keeps going to custard here..BOL…thankyou for letting us join this special hop for our dear friend Sammy..loves Doc and Grannie..xxxx


      1. Aunty Bev yur a wunderfull Lady…..trulee…all wayss doin good werkss an beein so kind!!! An mee knows how hard fingss been fur you…
        Mee iss sendin you purrayerss of strength an lotss of POTP fur Doc an ❤ LUV ❤ to both of youss!!!
        ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxx

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      2. Awww Siddhartha what a lovely thing to say…yes times are a bit rough seems rough for so many…thankyou for the POTP for Doc..he sure can use them…much love and kisses Aunty Bev xxx

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  3. When I got to your blog post in my inbox….I had to stop and go out and have a cig (yes, I am still smoking…for now)………..because I KNEW your post was going to have me crying again. It DID. But…in a beautiful way. This was just beautiful. The photos, exquisite. I am certain that Sammy loved this. xoxoxo

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    1. Oh Caren…my attempt at giving up the ciggies ended when we lost Forrest…thankyou my sweet..i hope Sammy is floating in the felt like paradise to me at the time..i am sure he feels it too…xxx Love Bev


  4. What a beautiful trip for Sammy. When we first started reading these posts on Friday, we did not know Sammy was going to be leaving us that day. We miss him already, and our hearts hurt for his parents.

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  5. What a beautiful final tour for sweet Sammy, dear friends. We know he surely loved it, and is smiling and purring at the memory at the Bridge. Big hugs and love to you.


  6. What a beautiful journey for our fur-iend Sammy. As always your photos bring a sense of beauty and peace. Especially well done this week where life as we know it has been rocked to its core and tears have been our constant companion of late. Ear rubs for sweet Doc and virtual hugs to you, Bev. ღ


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