Au Revoir Mon Ami

I am sorry evfurry for our lack of blogging.

More about that later..what we are here for now is to extend our sympathy and love to Easy’s pawrents.

If ever a pup seemed invincible it was our mate..our friend..our comedian Easy.

This news is so terribly hard to understand.

A young pup with so much life in him.

Adored by his Mum and Dad..and all of us here in Blogville.

We send our deepest sympathy and love to Miss Katty and Mr Mark..

Words have not yet been invented that describe this loss of a loved family member.

The toll lately of loss has been too much.

Grannie describes it like this..

Grief is like being in the breakers at the hits and takes your breath away..

You just catch your breath and you are hit again..

Seemingly relentless in pounding you into submission..

Then one day you find yourself in a calm big waves..small ones..they push you but you can stand it have gone through the maelstrom and can tread water..

 I am off now my friends..i am a tired old pup and i have a visit to plan for Sammy

To my friend Easy Rider i bid you Au Revoir Mon Ami..

The world became a lot less colorful yesterday but the Rainbow Bridge has now a silvermistygrey hue that it lacked before..

Love always 

Doc Marbles Pickles Cleo Dinnermintz Jock Felix Oscar Fozziemum and Fozziedad xxx


51 thoughts on “Au Revoir Mon Ami

  1. So sad, so very sad. We will all miss “our” Easy – such a sweet, loving soul – he left us too soon. But I am thankful for having had the opportunity to know and love him. Thank you, Bev, for putting what we are feeling into words.

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  2. What a beautiful post. Your description of grief is perfect. Now I’m crying again. There has been too much loss lately, too much pain, it’s just too much……and so difficult to understand why and to accept.

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    1. Oh Jan i am bawling again too..we all know that sense of isolated matter who we are surrounded by or the loving words shared it’s a beastly lonely night of the soul…xxx


  3. Mee-you Doc an thee ‘Down Under’Gang an Aunty Bev wee are still inn shock here inn Canada!!! How could Easy beegone??? Wee just not want to believe it!!!
    So many have left this year an wee feel efurryone’ss lossess an sadness. Aunty Bev iss a wise woman an LadyMum sayss shee feelss like shee iss bein buffeted by relentless wavess of sadness….At leest wee all have each other rite???
    An mee has not had a chance to sort out a pic fur tomorrow…mee better get on that all so….
    All mee ❤ LUV ❤ an ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum

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    1. Siddhartha Henry indeed the year has been cruel…Easy is going to be so very missed and most especially by his loving Mum and Dad..what can we say…it is just the way that the universe is working…but it has to stop 😦 much love to you and your LadyMum Doc xxx

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      1. Doc an Aunty Bev now Unccle Sammy iss gone all so!!! LadyMum got so uppyset shee threw uppy when shee read thee Farewell bloggie…….mee can not even go fur a walk; mee just wants to sleep an dreem of Forrest an Easy an Unccle Sammy an Jade (mee doggie) an Lady Marilyn an all thee otherss who have left fur Pure Land this year…..
        LadyMum sayss if you have thee cheep fone plan you can call anytime because shee knowss how sad you are all so…..
        This 2017 better bee better!!!!!! 😉
        ***nose rubsss*** to all there, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxx


    1. Oh Pix thankyou….so dumbfounded by this loss.this year has seen so much and it is really an awful time for many..i will miss that crazy guy but i know he is in excellent to make sure his Mum and Dad are alright 😦 xxx


    1. Guys i has been an awful year..i do hope Wally’s pancreatitis is getting’s horrible..Doc has had it 3 times and it’s a mean darn thing 😦 loves Fozziemum xx


    1. I have been awol as you know things are nuts here..but Easy and Sammy really put me also over the edge..too much…i will pop over to read your must rest..things are nuts for you too…think we are all a little nuts this year…xxxx


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