Howloween horror

Hi Evfurry

Yes we have been MIA…we have so much happening our heads are spinning..almost like a Chucky Doll..

We hope to be back on blogging soon..we have a wedding to survive first..

I would like to thank folks for the well wishes on my recent hospital stay at the vets..i am on my way back to being my old self..i cannot say the same for grannie..

Bacon and Easy have invited us to show our..

And because grannie is a master at the ‘don’t look i’m hideous’ is a taste of WHY we have been absent..Bol..

As you can see grannie is no oil painting in the morning..particularly lately..

She is a trooper though i must admit..then again she has a little help you know in coping with her morning befores Bol..

Now once she has taken all her miracle cures i then step in..

Got to be something to fix that horror morning head!

Aha! face compost..that will fix everything..

So some slapping on of compost and tada..

Oh and thankyou to the ‘beauty face’ thingy on her phone that seems to make her ole face softer..

Thing is everyone can do a glam selfie..but what is really beautiful is what is inside…

As for me..well i am always looking good…Bol..

Thankyou for visiting us and we look forward to being back soon..

Much love Doc..


24 thoughts on “Howloween horror

  1. Dear, sweet, beautiful Bev……….you truly ARE beautiful on the inside AND outside even in your BEFORE pix because it’s a perfect shot of the lady we love – it doesn’t matter what’s happening on the outside (and it tends to get a bit Halloweenish as we get older!!!!!!), it’s that love shining through it all and you’ve got that like no other. I hope you know you started my day off with a HUGE giggle…….Sammy and I love you no matter WHAT you might look like…………you’re just a beautiful soul………..period.

    Love and Halloween Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam


    1. Awwww i blushing under all that compost Hahaha thankyoj my sweet is the inside that matters…thankfully because the outside can get a touch frayed BAAAAAA 🙂 So glad you got a smile…smiles are very attractive!..and i love you and Sammy just as you are too..perfect in every way Happy Halloween sweet ones xxxLove Bev and Doc of course 😆


  2. that is great… guess what? you look a little like Miss Fisher in your after photo… that face compost is great… we should sell it on eBay… then Doc can add a fat bling necklace to his hoodie within 24 hrs. :O) Happy Howl-o-ween!

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    1. Hahaha…i may be Miss Fisher..have you seen us both in the same room….aha! I agree facial compost would help Docs bank balance! I am off in the morning shopping for a wedding outfit and compost with Rhiannon..who knows what i find! Happy Howl-o-weim 🙂 xxx


  3. What a fun post we really enjoyed it and Doc you and your mom both are lookin’ mighty good. We are not blogging right now either but we have been thinking about you and checked in on you this morning. Mumsy says she needs some of that face compost. lol Happy Halloween to all of you and love, hugs and nose kisses to all with fur and all without fur.


  4. You hit it straight on the nail sweet friend. Beauty is inside and outside. And let me tell you dear heart, you have both. A heart of gold as full as the rainbow. We all love you from the Hotel Thompson and thank you for participating today. We know how you are living on one partially hanging nerve these days. ❤️ XOXO – Bacon


  5. WOO HOO Doc!! Oh it iss so-o good to reed a bloggie post frum you!!!! An you look so wise an clevurr inn yur glassesss!!! An yur sweater iss kewl all so!
    An poor deer Aunty Bev….shee has been thru thee Mill an back a few timess an to us shee iss so beeuteefull….all wayss…..
    Pleeze know mee has been sendin POTP to both of you fur weeks an purray all will bee well now…..
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~ an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum


  6. guys…..yur mom iz a gorgeouz gal no matter de time oh day, day oh de yeer, ore seezon!!!!! hope thiz message findz everee one happee healthee & fulla sass ~~~~~~ we mizz ewe but we all sew noe stuffz soooooper crazed rite now………♥♥♥♥♥


  7. heheeh…we love the before pic…you au natural. We like to see this. It’s reality and somewhat like me when I got up and start my day. The after you is gorgeous but not as real as before. We loves ya no matter what you look like.



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