Treats For Lexi

Hi everyone

Today is Treats for Lexi day..

We all miss Lexi and remember how much she loved her treats!

We all love treats they make us woof or purr or baa or even sqwark..

I don’t get many treats now..i have a pretty boring diet..i guess my health has been the reason..

But i am happy that Grannie gives me the tasty bits of her toast in the morning..sometimes with Apricot Jam sometimes Peanut Butter..

So those are my fave treats now!

We know Lexi would be so happy we can enjoy whatever treats come our way! 

We send our love and woofs and purrs to Lexi’s family as always all our bloggie friends are terribly missed when they leave..

Loves Doc xxx

*Fozziemum..please forgive my absence as we deal with Doc’s health at this time.*


23 thoughts on “Treats For Lexi

  1. My huMom is serious about my treats. I can’t complain, I get plenty but I would like that toast she eats. I can smell the warm jam and it makes my mouth water. Sometimes, when I work it, I get a small piece but I have to really work it.

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia


  2. Hurrah fur toast an jam there Doc…..lookss yummy!! Lexi wood bee droolin fur sure!! An fankss fur putting thee badge uppy because LadyMum furgot it an so wee go fix that on our bloggie now!!!
    What wood wee do with out you???
    Feel better soon mee sweet furend! An Aunty Bev mee sendin a bucket of POTP to you all so!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~


  3. Hi everyone. HaHaHa. My dogs LOVE that tiny toast corner at any time of the day. I love vegemite toast and tea for supper. I am sorry Doc has heart failure. Jack has it too but in very early stages and he isnt sick. He is just getting slower and I am really glad I got the dog stroller because we can all still do our daily walk around Merri Creek while Jack sits up like Lord of the Pastures. I wonder if this heart failure thing is a Jack Russel Terrier thing? Or perhaps they are just very old boys. I love Jack and having him in our lives so much. I am sorry about Lexi. What a talented and special dog. 😀

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    1. Bless Jacks cottons 🙂 Doc would hate a stroller lol..i think terriers are prone to this and of course they are pups that live longer so the risks increase..Doc has so many issues poor guy..the lumps keep appearing ..he has EPI and his heart..his heart is very’s sort of twisted..he has spondylosis in the chest area and fibrosis in his lungs..he is on 2 heart meds and apart from being tired some days and the occasional unsteadiness on his legs he is not doing too badly..we know we are on the final lap though and it kills us lot’s of time here just snuggling and taking gentle strolls..oh and toast corners 🙂 big hugs to you and of course sweet Jack xxxx

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  4. Doc, we love you and are sorry your health is not good right now. We are sending big purrs your way, and for Grannie and Grandpa, too, as they work to keep you feeling as good as possible. Hugs to you all, sweet pals.


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