Rainbow Bridge Rememberance Day

For all the precious furry family we have lost we remember them all today.

We remember those that have been gone far too long and those we have just lost.

For us here that was Forrest..4 months on and we all still are trying to learn a new normal.

Mum says the breath they give your life is so precious..

When they leave the sorrow takes your breath with them..

Let’s all remember the love we were blessed to have.

In memory of them all…xx


34 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge Rememberance Day

  1. Forrest’s wise and wonderful face is a perfect “emblem of remembrance” for you certainly but also for all of us who loved him and miss him……..I love this “set aside day” for those who are gone but we know that they are ALWAYS and forever deep in that soft spot in our hearts and souls and we remember then every single day until we breathe our last…………….sending you hugs today and always Bev.

    Love, Pam (and Sam)

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    1. Pam they are as much a part of us as a strand of dna..and a day set aside for us to all come together with wonderful memories is tribute to them all..love to you and Sam from us here xxxx Bev


  2. I lost my long time friend/family member in Feb. 2010,he was the most amazing dog I could have had. When I’d cry he’d come find me, when I was playing the piano he would come sit near the pedals by my feet. His name is Buddy, an bischon frise, he was 12 almost 13. Aug 12,1999(same birthday as my grandma) was his birthday. My sisters and I picked him out of a litter and all the pups had different color collars to tell them apart. My Buddy had a green collar,they called him Mr. Green. Sadly, he died of intestinal issues. I was in the room when he died, never will I do that again, worst moment of my life. I miss him,he was the guard dog. I miss you Buddy! RIP 2-27-10

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    1. Buddy must surely be so very badly missed…indeed those moments they leave are the most awful and heartwrenching…i send my love and hugs to you as you remember Buddy on this day…as every day..xx


  3. Always a day late and a dollar short my friend. Our hearts go out to all of the wonderful babies we have lost this year. Hogs and snout kisses sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon


  4. My mom still hazn’t found that “new normal”. I hope since she found out that she NEEDZ tue git more weight-bearin’exercize then that will mean more walkiez fer me. May-b that will help her find that new normal. An’just like Piglove – my mom seemz tue b alwayz late at helpin’me tue git around Blogville tue leave commentz. BUTT, yesterday wuz such a speshal day – all of our angelz r missed so much. Mom lovez that pikchure of Forrest – she sez he had a look’bout him of understandin’an’like sayin'”It’z gonna b ok – I know”.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor


    1. Lady Shasta..i encourage your Mum to walk..i have found it so helpful..to go see life continuing even in the smallest of things..we will learn to have a new normal..but we will always keep Forrest with us on the journey..yes he was understanding..it was not until after he got his wings i really saw in this picture he was ready…much love my sweet pup to you and Mum xxxx Fozziemum


  5. It’s so hard finding the new normal when they go to the Bridge, isn’t it? Moosey passed away in December, and we’re still not really over the pain and loss. Hugs and love to you, dear friends.

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  6. Wee can not believe 4 months has all ready passed Aunty Bev!!!
    Wee send ❤ LUV ❤ an purrayerss to you an Mistur Phil an thee 4 leggedss fur you to find sum peece soon. Wee KNOW how much Forrest meant to all of youss'!!!
    Wee miss him all so….
    An LadyMum confessed to mee shee iss still missin Nylablue more than shee thott shee wood….
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henryxxxx an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum


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