Where on earth Wednesday

Hi Evfurry

I know i have been MIA lately and between helping Grannie and Grandad with the yard work and trying not to set off metal detectors with my stapled up self i have been relaxing and getting healthy.

I want to share today a place Grannie and Grandad visited when they abandoned me and the kitties and forgot we existed they were in Georgia..

Bacon wrote about it on his bloggie.just click his name and pop over and have a peeky!

So the peeps all headed to a restaurant for Grandads birthday..see he had his birthday two days before Angel Forrest left us so did not much celebrate here at home.

Bacon’s Mum and Dad decided to take Grannie and Grandad to this cool restaurant called ‘Fogo De Chao’

Well my oh my ..foodables aplenty at this place..no sooner do you plonk your self down than the food starts coming…and coming and coming!

The salad bar was a huge hit with Grannie…she was loaded for for bear and ready to go!

This salad bar is sure packed with goodies!
This salad bar is sure packed with goodies!


The meals were spectacular ..

The meat comes out on skewers and is served right at the table..and when you are full you have a little card you turn to the red side..and when you want some more it flips to the green side..

The restaurant caters to all peeps..meat eaters and non meat eaters..which is super..

Salad anyone
Salad anyone


The delicious cheese rolls they serve are what us Aussies know as Choux puffs 🙂 and they were scrumptious ..so Grannie said ..

The staff were super nice..always ready with a smile and more foodables BOL….

Grannie loves her sweets and opted for the Creme Brulee…yumm!

Oh my..no wonder Grannie needs to go on a diet
Oh my..no wonder Grannie needs to go on a diet


Grandad had a birthday desert and it came with candles BOL…

Grandad's Birthday desert
Grandad’s Birthday desert


Miss June"s chocolate cake
Miss June”s chocolate cake


Miss June and Mr Jim shared their dessert..not like Grannie who shares no dessert with ANYONE …BOL

Miss June and Grannie shared this drink..no idea what it was but it was pretty delish and super strong Grannie said..

This one is rocket fuel
This one is rocket fuel

The peeps had such a lovely time..laughing and chatting…before they had lunch they all popped into a Music shop..Grandad had a play on a guitar and bought himself some new strings..apparently they were a lot cheaper than here BOL..

What a great way to celebrate Grandads Birthday..he even got a pressie too! which Grannie has to take a pic of..seems she has 48 hour ideas and 24 hour days BOL..

The happy campers
The happy campers

Oh and that is NOT grannies bra..BOL..she did not realise how bad her crop top looked ..what a fashionista hey!

So i will leave you you some more pics i found on grannies sd card..amazing what you find…

Look out..keep Grannie from the bar!
Look out..keep Grannie from the bar!

Think Grannie may have been drinking too much..see her reflection in the glass…BOL ..what a pro hey?

Wall art
Wall art

The whole atmosphere is very warm and inviting Grannie said..funny I was NOT invited..anywho…..



And as i leave Grannie ..and the intrepid travellers wish me well..tomorrow i get my staples out..i have healed well and have about 40 of these rotters so i plan on putting my best wriggle on..it may be a game of chase the terrier round the vets!

Grannie and Grandad will be wishing they were on holidays again after this fun i am sure …but hey i am strong and i have no plans on being an easy target BOL..

Loves and paw pats Doc xxx

Pee Ess..i will be doing my Shop around the world tomorrow and catching up after i have been attacked by the vet..sorry again for the up and down visits..



23 thoughts on “Where on earth Wednesday

    1. The salads were yummy Easy..Grannie has not told me what was in it..but i think when she said she could not drink anymore..even when sharing ..that it must be the rough end of dynamite BOL…:)


  1. You keep them on their toes Doc! I am very glad those bumps are gone because they can’t do any harm when they are gone butt can cause a lot of trouble if not gone. I LOVE the look of the restaurant. My favourite meal is a 3 course meal and that restaurant had it. Salad Bar, Wine and Dessert! LOL. Dad deserved a spoil for his birthday. ❤


  2. Oh my sweet friend – this place was amazing…so says my mom/dad. Mom/dad go there for every special occasion they can think of – rolls piggy eyes. It’s almost embarrassing that the staff know them. That drink – I looked it up for you and this is what’s in it – Fogo® Caipirinha – Silver Cachaça, fresh limes and cane sugar. It is VERY powerful – VERY. Of course mom does say that it takes all your cares away – I guess that’s a great thing. Awesome pictures my friend as always! XOXO – Bacon


  3. Wow, what a fantastic place that must have been to eat. That salad bar looked amazing and the food sounded delicious. We are so happy that they all had such a nice time together. We are sorry though sweet Doc that you did not get to go and enjoy some of that good food and visiting Hotel Thompson. We are jumping up and down happy for you getting your staples out. Chancy and Pooh are doing the dancing Mumsy is too old, stiff and sore but she is rooting for you. Hugs and nose kisses


  4. doc….dood…best oh fishes two ewe at de ewe noe wear place, N sure & enuff grannee & gran dad
    hada AWESUM time….but….letz hope they never findz…. YUR….. SD card… ta see what went on at de houz while they
    were gone…..we all had de best time ever…..thanx again for de inn vite “down under ” buddy !!! ♥♥♥ 🙂 😉


  5. We thought that restaurant was pawsome when Bacon’s Mom and Dad blogged about it – WOWZERS is the right word……….it’s a beautiful place inside and the salad bar and desserts look grand – no doubt everything the Grannie peeps had was DELIGHTFUL. As for you dear Doc – good luck with the staple removal…..just be patient and before you know it you’ll be unstapled and ready to rock again……just take it easy……….OK?

    Love, Sammy


  6. That restaurant sure does look wonderful. We’re glad Granny and Grandad enjoyed it so much, together with Bacon’s Mum and Dad. 🙂

    Good luck at the vet tomorrow, Doc. We know it will go well, but purrs and prayers coming your way, anyway!



  7. We checked Facebook to make sure all went well with your staple removal. It looks like there might have been some drama but you are still in one piece! We’re so glad you are all healed up, buddy.
    We are also glad Grandad got to have a proper birthday celebration with friends, it looks like such a good time (and now I’m hungry but have nothing that looks so good in my house). Creme Brulee is my favorite!!


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