Black is beautiful


Hello Evfurry

Today i would like to chat to you about a very important project.

As you may all know Black cats are usually surrounded by crazy myths..and this causes them to be amongst the last to be adopted at shelters worldwide.

Now i am not into crazy myths..i mean really we live in a modern world don’t we!


See stereotypes are this picture Grannie was doing a shoot for Halloween..did you know Black cats are in a lot of superstitions..such as witchcraft familials to witches helping them with their witchy brews!


I prefer to help with French cooking..not quite as crazy as a bubbling pot of goodness knows what!

I had to take to the study and think hard about why Black cats are seen in such a bad light..


And for the life of me i could find no GOOD reason for the reputation..despite my fervent study!

So i whispered in Grannies ear..and she said..go look Cleo..go find out what makes Black Cats so mysterious to many people..


So i myself..on a journey ..i started with my nip here one myth is you see what i am doing..yes i am enjoying Coriander..or as my USA friends would call it Cilantro..


Just as i love Nip i also love this proof that not all we think we know is fact..


My nip looks so pretty in this pink pot..but would it stand out as much of i were not backdropping it with my luscious Black Furs?


I headed out to my bush..i am an inside girl in Summer but Winter i can enjoy my you see as a Black cat i do not blend in..i am not part of the scenery..i AM a standout..myth busted..Black Cats are boring in i look plain?


As you can see a break in travels is important..i can meditate and get focus gold eyes look so pretty against the gold and green grass..i am wondering why anyone would find us bad luck…


Oh that is right ..mumbo  jumbo..i do not need a crystal ball to see that people have some really silly ideas about Black cats!




As i wandered around i thought of all those Black Cats who just  because of their fur color stay in rescue shelters..doomed..all because they are passed if people not look into their eyes and see a sweet animal..see those eyes..they do not see your color as a problem..


Deeper i went in the bush..where i looked so hard to find why Black Cats are in such trouble..


I found myself getting sad..i am lucky..i have a loving family have always had Black them i am beautiful..i have a sense of fun and adventure..


I can be the most playful of girls..


I make gardening a fun thing..i can chase away bugs with the best of them…


And i surprise my family all the time..i am far from a boring cat!


I have dreams..just like any cat…my dreams are no less real because of my fur color..


I can always be counted on for a cuddle…so it can’t be that Black Cats are not affectionate!


I mean have you ever seen a more beautiful thing than a Black Cat in a comfy bed?


I was close to the end of my search..still no answers..i have pondered long and hard and still i do not know why Black Cats have a bad rap..


I needed to know how i could help change attitudes..a hard thing when i cannot understand why people think the way they do to start off with!


If i can help people see how beautiful i am..maybe that will help..maybe a leap of faith is needed..


Maybe if i can see from a higher perspective…i may get some answers..


I can see..i can see that there is a has become a lot clearer from up here..




Time to dry those tears..time to stop crying for the Black cats in shelters..time for action!


This road is a long one..we are going to have to all try and do our bit stop the silly myths and superstiti
ons that keep Black Cats in shelters..there is no point trying to do it alone…


One person who is trying to help is Layla from Cat Wisdom 101..she has started a KICKSTARTER to get an Anthology of 22 real black cats and their stories published..she has taken her idea and her experience and with dedication and love and a lot of great support from Black cats themselves is going to make this a reality!



We have pledged..proudly and i feel much better knowing that as a Black Cat i can help this great initiative and spread the word..

I may be one cat..but i am  Black Cat…my name is Cleo..i matter and i wish you would all support Miss Layla by sharing or quest to find answers may have failed but i found a solution..we need to all be made more aware of the plight of homeless Black Cats..

So please click on Miss Laylas name here and be transported safely to her post on what YOU can do to help..

It has been my honor to try and help in some small way..

Paw pats Cleo

*We have pledged on behalf of our much missed Black kitties : Shaggy, Choko, Simba and Merlin …


39 thoughts on “Black is beautiful

  1. Oh what a wonderful post – fabulous photos of you beautiful Cleo, and a tale of the plight of the gorgeous, misunderstood black panther kitties of the world………………which is a perfect lead in to Miss Layla’s wonderful project to do a black kitty anthology in honor of black kitties. We hope she raises the money needed to put this book out in the world where it belongs. We know it will be special…….Miss Layla is special so her book will be. Speaking of special – you are too!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    1. Why purrs and thankyou Sammy ! Miss Layla will do really well…i have a feeling…i just know Black kitties deserve better..and if my glorious modest self can help then i am all in! Thankyou for your lovely compliment..Gingerbread boys are pretty darn special too ! Loves and paw pats Cleo xxx

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    1. Easy i agree…i have always been a little bit of goodluck! I mean look at how good the garden flowers with me helping 🙂 bonsai house panthers are pretty cool 🙂 Loves and paw pats Cleo xxx


  2. We have fostered many black cats at our house and have been very lucky they have all found pawtastic furever homes. Those “mini panthers” are beautiful .The photos are beautiful and such a wonderful undertaking.
    Scout Charles

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  3. These photos of Cleo are gorgeous- she needs her own calendar. I love black cats, we have 3 beauties and will always miss Spooky who was the coolest of them all. I pledged on this project- I am very excited about it. XO

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    1. Ellen thankyou so much for the lovely compliments..i know you miss Spooky..we miss our black beauties too..they are cool cats house panthers…very sleek and sweet..bravo for also pledging it is exciting indeed! Hugs Bev and Cleo 😉 xxxx


  4. Reblogged this on Theincensewoman and commented:
    This is a good thing. A cat is a cat. Black cats are not evil. It is only a human thought. Animals only know love. They are beautiful. Beautiful pictures here to see. Theincensewoman


  5. therz R GORGEOUS gal pal !!!!

    cleo…ewe canna see it coz de land iz two far a way frum yurz but we iz givin ewe a STANDIN OVATIONZ…..
    heer in de land o trout…..this post rocks….total lee total lee TOTAL LEE ….and mumz fotoz….stunning….due knot ask
    us ta pix a favo rite….we could knot due it….if R cuzin SAM waz heer, him wood bee walkin this trail with ewe….sauce
    two …. tho him weared sox… catz DUE rock, they all wayz haz & they all wayz will….we sendz loves ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    1. Awww dudes i am blushing now! I bet Sam and Sauce would walk with me and enjoy the land..sox are cool..still even black and white kitties have trouble..peeps need to see we are gorgeous..thankyou for the lovely compliments my sweet friends..loves and paw pats Cleo xxx💖💖💖💖💖


  6. Well you know we think you’re just outright gawjus. It makes us really mad what some ignorant peeps think ’bout black kitties, and we try to educate as many as pawssible. Great posty and we luvved your fotos.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  7. Awesome story with stunning photos!
    In the Middle Ages priests tried to kill all the black cats in Europe. That is why it is very difficult to find a black cat without a white spot. The reason to this massacre was that black cats were working together with witches.

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    1. Thankyou my friend..yes and when all the cats were killed then the plague killed the humans…so they were not very smart back we are ‘modern’ we should know better 🙂 paw pats and love Cleo xxx

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  8. Education is the answer. I like cats. Full stop. Black cats are indeed beautiful. Gosh, those photos and the story are spectacular! I have got to have another peek this arvo on my laptop. You are very special dear Bev and a force of good. ❤️

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    1. Aww Sharon thankyou so much! Indeed all cats are beautiful..i feel for the myths that leave black cats and dogs in shelters longer..this project is really wonderful..big hugs and love to you my special friend 🙂 💖💖


  9. That was a most wonderful post! Black kitties are so beautiful and it’s just luck of the draw that none live inside here, although Sister Precious is mostly black. We also have 3 ferals that are black, and they are stunning!

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    1. Sister Precious is a or not 🙂 i just know this project is a beaut! And it will represent those gorgeous ferals of yours Brian…thankyou for the lovely compliment..paw pats Cleo xxx


    1. Oh Miss Caren..Cody and Dakota THANKYOU!! We think that with all us bloggies doing posts this will really help Miss Layla with a great project! Thankyou for the lovely compliment too 🙂 loves And paw pats Cleo xxxxxxxx


  10. Great job busting all of those myths, Cleo! Of course, you’re preaching to the choir here. We cannot understand this stigma black cats have either. To us, our Samantha is just another beautiful cat, we never had even thought about her being black when we decided to bring her home with us. I absolutely love the way her green eyes stand out in photos, and your photos and eyes are so wonderful too.

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    1. Miss Jan thankyou so much..yes same here we always fell in love like you did with Samantha without thought to eyes gold eyes they pop in black cats..thankyou so much Miss Jan for the lovely compliment 🙂 xxx Cleo


  11. Had a black cat at my office warehouse when I was working. He was the sweetest cat and would get up on my desk and sleep when I worked late. When he wanted attention he would walk across my papers until I paid attention to him. Nothing scary about him.

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    1. That is right..nothing scary about them at all..unless you have not fed them the right food MOL..seriously black is beautiful..but then peeps still have silly ideas..paw pats Cleo xx


  12. Black cats are bad luck? Never would believe it and still won’t. Peeps can put me down for being Siamese…like I can help what I am. Black cats are fine. Some are crabby, some are a riot. Just like with peeps….some are crabby and some are a riot. Looks are deceiving. Don’t miss out cause you judged the book by the cover.


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    1. Shoko you are spot on! but then peeps still judge other peeps by color..a crazy old world..i guess teaching peeps to open their hearts is a hard job…but we can try..Paw pats Cleo xx


  13. What a beautiful post! Thank you, Cleo and Bev, for sharing about why black cats are awesome and wonderful and perfect. We love our housepanthers, Gracie and Zoe, and they bring us happiness, love and good fortune every moment of every day. Hugs to you.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Gracie and Zoe sure do make for some house panther style at you house guys! indeed Black is beautiful and very much perfect! go team black kitty MOL..paw pats Cleo and loves Bev xx


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