Read me a story



Today with thanks to Bacon and Aunty Sharon from Gentle Stitches we are going to be read a story .

Grannie has donated all her kids books to charity last year..she has kept a few very special ones for herself..ones that mean something ..either about time with her kids or a special story that she just loves..she felt that giving the books to charity that maybe other kiddies would be happy to read and learn and have fun..which is what reading is about…. are me and have to listen to Grannies tinny voice as she blabs on and on ..i mean can’t a guy catch a break!

The story is called ‘The digging-est Dog and was written by Al Perkins and illustrated by Eric Gurney..

Please pull up a sledgehammer and knock yourself will be less painful than Grannie babbling on…BOL…

Please enjoy Cleo in a coma and Pickles trying to save me…Dinnermintz puts in a cameo cleaning her butt in the hallway..oh’s showtime 🙂

Paw pats Doc xxx





23 thoughts on “Read me a story

  1. maybe that Mr. Perkins made a mistake and the name is The digging-est DOC? I must laugh as Dinny came to look if you are ok …. cats probably are not interested to hear about Sammy Brown and hole digging. I agree with you for the petshops and the little bipeds…. GREAT story we should always remember!!!

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    1. BOL i was diggin today..near the tap outside on the concrete..think it was a mousie..ctas could not care less for diggin apart from litter trays..which i must confess to kind of liking too is a great story..even if i had to lie in my emergency panic room bed ..that bed is now in grannies study as i am happy to sleep on her bed again long as she shut’s her piehole with the stories ……just sayin 🙂 paw pats Doc xx


  2. Brilliant story time – Doc was concentrating on listening (or was he snoring?) – just kidding – it was a sweet little story and I enjoyed hearing it – AT LEAST as much as your crew did. Doc looks adorable in his sweatshirt all tucked into his bed. You can come and read stories to me and Sam any old time! 🙂

    Love, Pam (and Sam)


  3. What a grate story Doc an Dinnermintz!!!! Well ackshully mee went to sleepss butt l
    LadyMum lissened inntentlee to Aunty Bev…..
    Reelly Aunty it WAS a good story, mew mew mew!!!!!
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx


  4. Sweet Doc are you sure you were not enjoying that story? We think you were and was trying and trying to stay awake to hear it all, but your mom’s nice voice just lulled you right to sleep. We stayed away and loved the story. Hugs and nose kisses

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