Time to head to Easy’s Chaos pawty!

Wow Easy has put together a super Chaos pawty..and if anyone knows Chaos it’s Easy..

Pop over and have a blast while the peeps do the household chores..i have set a bar up that i think serves the bestest Rough end of a pineapples you ever had!





And Angel Forrest has been kind enough to offer his services in grandads old pawlice van..looks like Houdini ,Sammy and Benji are already taking advantage of the service BOL..



So pop over to the Chaos pawty and indulge your wildest dreams of foodable and fun..i am packing Grannie up for Market tomorrow..so while she is there i am going to be serving up all the anipals who want a drink..and of course Ruby will be serving up her fantastic Margaritas! so go have fun guys and gals..




39 thoughts on “Time to head to Easy’s Chaos pawty!

    1. Oh Ewwwwww that is not goodluck Easy! I had a great time at the pawty and it was wonderful to pop in and do a good deed..that’s what angels do 😉 Always here Angel Forrest xxx


  1. Angel Forrest it’s great to see you AND may I say you have introduced a bunch of us to that “rough end of a pineapple” drink and I’ll NEVER be the same now. Who knew?! Easy’s pawty is a ton of fun and definitely our CHAOS gang is giving the B.A.R. bunch a run for their money! Sending you lots of hugs from this side of the Rainbow my friend.

    Love, Sammy

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    1. Sammy it was great to pop in and help ya’ll out on the van..see i even picked up a drawl in the South with Mum and Dad BOL..Dad makes those Rough end of the pineapples at Christmas time…i just KNOW i will be watching when he makes them 🙂 Always here Angel Forrest xxx

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  2. hello fozziemum its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that shoor wuz sum krazy stuf going on at that party!!! i kant beleev evrywun got arrested its a gud thing i wuznt their sinse i just reesently eskaypd frum prizzin myself for the umpteenth time!!! ha ha ok bye

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    1. Hey Dennis..it’s Doc here..i think you would have maybe got into some trouble at the chaos pawty..bummer you did not come..we would have had a blast ! BOL..paw pats Doc xxx


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