Upside Down

Hi’s me Doc..

20160521_085752.jpg you may know by now this sad picture of me was taken enroute to Doggy Jail..yes that’s right!

The girls and i were all palmed off to boarding so the peeps could take a trip..well i was not so impressed..

Now the trip was to the USA..upside down from us..or is that right way up?



Grannie and Grandad had booked and planned the trip in January..and after the sad news with Forrest they were ready to cancel..they are not so stupid they had insurance so it would have been ok..but after chats with the vet and the boarding  jail staff it was decided (without my consultation) that maybe a distraction and some doggy companionship would help me.

So Grannie asked the jailers if they would arrange some playdates for remember Forrest and i loved each other..but not so much cared for other this was a real trial!

Well despite my pouty face (and shhh do not tell grannie) i had a ball! i was paired up with 2 Jack Russells and we ruled that yard! we played chase after tennis balls and had a great time..until i got my hydrobath! yes insert unimpressed bath face here..apparently the staffs at jail thought my face was priceless..really???

I had such fun with these pups that they even called us a Posse! yikes!

This time was good for me to get my happy back…despite the fact that when Grannie and Grandad FINALLY came to collect us all i came out wearing my pink jail pj’s…ugh!!

So we are all settled back’s colder than cold and we are all glad to have our own beds and routines back.

I will share the pictures from Grannies camera that i sneaked a look at..seems they had a great time visiting the US ..and of course Bacon’s Mum and Dad.. it was such a secret they all kept wasn’t it!

Bacon has posted about some of it here and we have ours ready to go for tomorrow!

First we want to say a huge thankyou to evfurry for their love and sweetness after Forrest left for the bridge..Grannie got home to another round of cards and gifts from sweet and lovely friends..we have a lovely little spot with all Forrest’s precious cards letters and gifts and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts..



Thankyou Miss Jo and gang at Sandspring Chesapeakes  Bacon and family  John and Benji Miss Sue,Polly and Honey  Miss Monika and Sam  Miss Sherri-Ellen and Purrince Siddhartha  Noodles family  and Easy and family

And for the continued emails and chats facebarks and ecards we say thanks..

So i am off to bed..i have a lot to do as with my money i made at jail in the yard as a  standover  stand up kind of guy i bought a little bar! and i am going to help Easy out with his Chaos all about it here i will be serving up Grandads own invention the Rough end of a pineapple..that will get you happy real quick..and for anyone who is in need of a lift home afterwards  Angel Forrest will be driving the Pawlice Van ( he got to drive it in his barkit list week and did a pretty fair job BOL)

So it’s good to be home and will look forward to sharing our Grannies pictures  along with Bacon’s posts 🙂

Paw pats Doc..

Pee Ess due to Grannie being AWOL and Jet lagged ( she says she feels like she had to flap her arms all the way home she is that pooped) we are again..DRUMROLL PLEASE…

BEHIND…..BOL…color me surprised!


43 thoughts on “Upside Down

  1. I’m so happy that your pawrents visited the hotel thompson, they where so much in need for good moments and some smiles… even when you had to do that time in Jail, buddy, that’s ok, a lot of famous people did their time and Elvis even became famous with writing jailhouse rock :o)

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    1. He did too Easy…and the cash i made in the yard is that nice little bar BOL 🙂 Grannie and Grandad got to even cuddle Houdini and Hemi was all over Grannie!


  2. Your Mum and Dad needed a break and YOU needed a break……so it was a win/win even though you might not have been all that happy about it at the start! So happy you had some fun Doc – you could get some fun with dogs your size AND your Mum and Dad had some wacky fun with everyone at the Hotel Thompson which they also needed. The time change/weather change/LONG FLIGHT really does take a toll but they will be back to whatever passes for normal (hahaha) soon. So happy now things are as they should be…….I know Forrest was happy you all took a break.

    Love and Hugs, Sammy and Mom

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    1. Miss Pam and Sammy truth be told i had a blast and was glad to see Grannie off having was a nice break for us all and they said they even talked to YOU! Things may get back to typical..normal does not live here sadly Bol..Loves Doc xx

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    1. Oh Savvy thanks..that’s ok they plan on going again believe it or not..for even longer! and then she WILL catch up in the furs she said as they plan on doing a nice long trip! grannie kept the trip a secret ..even from me apparently BOL..paw pats and loves Doc xxx


  3. Mew mew mew Doc wee fell behind because wee were labeled SPAM an could not commint fur over a week on ANY bloggiess!!! Mee was not a happy kittyboy! LadyMum was freekin mee can tell you…
    Anywho wee are back online an mee iss tryin to visit all mee good furendss! Wee are happy that yur GranPawentss went on the trip an that you enjoyed thee ”doggie vaca”! Just what you needed mee furend!
    An thee speshell spot fur Forrest with cards an cadullss an fotoss iss beeuteefull….and wee can see our card there all so 😉
    So glad it made thee trip!

    Sendin you ***paw patsss*** an ❤ LUV ❤
    Siddhartha Henry xxxx an LadyMum

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    1. Hey Siddhartha Henry hello! yes i had a good time on doggie jail…well i did really and it was nice because i had a big sad..well we all did..but grannie got to cuddle Houdini and stuff and i got yard time with two Jack Russells..what ??? and a hydrobath??? what..sorry bout the happens to us sometimes..and it can be super annoying…like the constant changes to WP..and thankyou so much for the made it safe and even survived in the mailbox while we were gone and did not get eaten by the mailbox snail….it sits proudly with the lovely things to remember Forrest 🙂 Loves Doc xxx


  4. Hi Doc, this was really a beautiful post, everything little by little is in order. I an happy to hear that you are feeling better after sorrow days and your grandparents made a long trip successfully.
    Wishing you all the best,
    a cat in faraway Finland.

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    we iz out til monday; sew heerz two a longnose lancetfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

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    1. Hi dudes great to be back! the food was great because grannie made all my meals up special..since i have EPI lot’s of fresh veggies and meat and rice..and my special treats with Tryptophans to keep me happy 🙂 Loves Doc xxx


  6. We are so glad you had such a grand time in doggy jail, Doc. ::whispers: don’t worry, we won’t tell grannie::

    And we’re glad your pawrents had such a nice time here in the States. Sometimes, being upside down can be good for the soul, eh?

    Hugs and love!

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  7. We are delighted that you found a posse while your grandparents abandoned you. Ours abandoned us to go to the same spot but we couldn’t do anything but hang around the house. I’m also glad your grandparents are home again so you and the girls can relax in your own pad.




    1. Thankyou Miss Jo..the peeps had a blast..and really so did i ..but the guilt stuff works a treat..see get that treat BOL..Forrest ahs been so lucky to be loved by many peeps including your sweet self! we feel so very lucky….friends are the best…the best..paw pats Doc xxx


  8. We are so glad that your Grannie and Granddad got to have their vacation…we know it had to be good for them to have a little break from all the sadness. It was even better to hear that you had so much fun and made some new pals! Things will be different without your Forrest, but you all have each other to get you through the low times.


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