Solo flight

Hi’s me Doc..

I am flying solo here now..i am the only one in the house without a friend of the same species since Angel Forrest has left..i am doing ok..i have good days and some days i get down in the dumps.

Grannie and Grandad have been making sure i get out and do different things..keeping me on my toes..the girls have been giving me lot’s of headbonks and i think they are really helping me.

I am eating well and i am on Tryptophan Rescue Remedy..just to stop me getting to down..we all need a little help sometimes..

I have made a Panic Room in Grannie and Grandad’s walk in wardrobe..Grannie bought me a little bed for in there since i was determined to sleep that is my night spot now.

The other day i was really down..and at bedtime i was on Grannie and Grandad’s bed..normally i jump off and head to my Panic Room..but i didn’t this night..i stayed and snuggled all night and when i woke up i felt much better.

It will take time and we all miss’s just  that some days i has a big sad.



Paw pats and love Doc xx


25 thoughts on “Solo flight

  1. Doc I’m the only dog in my crib too… and I will be your friend and you can be my friend so we can be together via tell-o-pawthy. The walk in wardrobe is my bomb shelter too, it is a good place to take a break for some minutes and to find back that inner paw-lance… I know that some days are eggs-tra hard… there is a toy or a noise or a special situation where you miss your BFF like crazy… it maybe hurts furever, but after a while we can feel more love than pain in our hearts…

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  2. Oh dear Doc I know you has a big sad…..and you will have it for a long time – BUT soon there will be more fun than sad…’s the way we heal – all of us even hoomans! You have a LOT of love in your house from everyone and that helps more than we can say right? I know Forrest would want you to try and be happy that he’s at peace…..and has an eye on all of you every minute of the day and night.

    Love and Comfort Hugs, Sammy


  3. doc….we iz sorree buddy….but we understand; we troo lee due…animalz grieve just az much az peepulz due….and yea, yur gonna haz good dayz & sad dayz…and itz gonna take a wee while…but we promize… good dayz will start coming mor N mor….N one day….ewe will thinkz bout forrest….and bark …HAPPEE ~~ sending biscuit bowlz & lovez ♥♥♥


  4. I hope that I can be your fur-friend, too…I have a good dog on the inside. You have lots of love in your house, and in the magic box of the interwebz , shining down on you right now – and we’ll sit with you when you have your big sads.

    *wags politely with head on paws*


  5. Poor Doc. We know it is hard, pal, and we are so, so sorry that you’re flying solo right now. We are glad you’re all taking good care of each other, and that the love is so abundant. Big hugs and much love from all of us to all of you.


  6. We love you, Doc, and feel your sad. Keep sticking close to Grannie and Grandad and it will help you all to feel a bit better, even though the sadness will never go away completely.


  7. I think & hope it will get easier after a bit, though your post made me cry again. 🙂
    It feels weird having only one dog here too. We starting thinking about finding Duke a new friend. We’ll never be able to replace Maggie, but there’s an empty space where another dog could be.


  8. PepiSmartDog: Awwwww, we were so sorry for you and your family that Forrest had made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I was there to meet him! I don’t know if you know this, but I am a Rainbow Bridge Ambassador and I meet pals when they arrive and drive them in my to their Welcome Banquet, in my pram/stroller. Forrest had a wonderful welcome banquet, filled with all his favorite foods. Being OTRB, we can eat anything and do everything! No jumping on weight scales for us. We will all take god care of Forrest and introduce him to all our clubs and fun stuff. The day you find yourself unexpectedly standing on the Rainbow Bridge, Forrest will be there to meet you. You will be a forever family again…not just yet. ((((((((HUGS)))))) XXX
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. We always appreciate you joining us. Love your posts. Hope to see you this week too. *waves paw* :=o)


  9. Doc…you have been having a very difficult time. Time will help you heal so enjoy your sisters and your grandparents. They are having a tough time too. Together you all will find your way.

    Shoko and kali


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