Our Forrest got his angel wings on a sunny day…
Mum and Dad bought his a
ngel dust home yesterday..
Through the dark clouds as they drove up our driveway the sun shone brightly through..
Forrest was home..they could almost hear his barking as he always did when we got to the driveway..
Mum kind of embarrased herself at the vets..she did not handle it well.
You see she knows he is gone..but to see that beautiful bag..to know that Forrest was in there..well..
Eden Hills Pet Cremations treated our Forrest with such respect..
His angel dust box is beautiful..
What Mum and Dad did not know was that he would come home with a beautiful memorial candle and a certificate with a lovely poem on the back…
His box was wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a pretty bag..
He is called the ‘late Forrest Green’..
Not dog..not pet..but Forrest..
Thankyou all..we have been overwhelmed by the love and support..
We look forward to the Wags and Waves tribute and feel so honored..
Mum can’t get the linky up on her phone right now as she is blubbering…again..but we will pop it up tomorrow..
Love and Paw Pats Dinnermintz xxx


41 thoughts on “Home

  1. My momma wasn’t able to open the box as the urns came back to us… it was like having “this” moment again… but that is ok, sometimes our heart and our feelings aren’t controllable when too much love is involved. I’m so glad that you got this card with the poem and this candle, that was nice and the people there sure know how we feel that moment and how hard it is to carry on…. hugs to you all….

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    1. I agree..real becomes real..and thoughts go wild in Mums heads..these people did a lovely thing for us..and Forrest is now home..knowing he was cared for with respect…oh dear off Mum goes again..
      Better send her to bed..she is running out of teatowels my friend xxxx


  2. We are happy your beloved Forrest has returned home. What a beautiful memorial display you have set up for him. We know he will be in your hearts always and you will be comforted by all your wonderful memories. You are in our thoughts and prayers. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  3. What lovely, caring, thoughtful people Eden Hills are…..and the candle and certificate – just wonderful. He’s home…..your “family” is back together……you can rest now. Sending you big hugs……and love.

    Pam and Sam

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    1. That is so right…Forrest is in goof company here with our other angels..we miss him badly but having him home is very comforting…thankyou sweeties and hugs to you too! Fozziemum and family xxx


    1. We are so glad he is home too sweeties…and soon your Whitley will be home with you which is where she should be..we are all together in our grief and love of our sweet babies xxxx Dinnermintz xx


  4. We’re glad that Forrest is back home with you, sweet friends. How wonderful that he was treated with so much care and respect by the people at Eden Hills. We had a similar experience when our Moosey came home. We cried then, and we weep for you now, too. Hugs, purrs and love to you

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    1. Sweeties thankyou so very much for your love and support..we all know how this affects us and to have that support is so precious..we know Forrest will find Moosey and they can chat about their peeps together..much love Bev xxx


  5. Well Mom thinks this is about the most wonderful remembrance she has ever read about…..
    The candle and angel dust are absolutely the best. We just love the term angel dust!!
    For sure mom and I are ready for Wags and Waves to Forrest on Tuesday.
    Loving hugs Madi your bfff and Mom

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    1. Madi and Miss Cecilia thankyou so very much..we are so lucky to have Forrest home and to have such wonderful love from you …it is always so very much appreciated..Paw pats and loves Dinnermintz and Fozziemum xxx


    1. Thankyou Jo..yes Angel dust is a lovely way to see our boy now..and you support and love has helped us through a very tough time..loves Bev and family xxx


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