an announcement for a tribute day

Wow we are so honored that Aunty Sharon and Miss Pam and Sammy are doing this event for Forrest..please come join in..wag and wave guys!! Loves Doc xxx


My friend Bev probably won’t like me saying this because she isn’t one to talk about her charitable works but I will say it anyway. Bev and her husband Phil have worked tirelessly to help animals for many years often using money from their own pockets. This includes wild native Australian animals, domestic pet animals and farm animals. When Bev’s dog Forrest was called to cross the Rainbow Bridge last week I knew a tribute was in order. Bev lives in country Victoria and I in city Victoria, Australia.
I talked about it to Pam and Sammy from the blog one spoiled cat and they made my idea a reality. May 10th is the day – and it will officially be “Wag or Wave for Forrest Day” all across the blogosphere. That’s right – all of us who want to pawticipate can post a photo of us either wagging a tail or a…

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35 thoughts on “an announcement for a tribute day

    1. Bol…we are getting ready here..we know it will make us smile..we have something special Mum worked was hard but it is wonderful..we hope to share it if she can stop blubbering while she works on it 🙂 xxx


      1. I know my friends. I can only imagine how you feel. I haven’t worked on mine yet… I will but I have to get myself together. Water seems to leak everywhere when I try 😦 XOXO – Bacon

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  1. doc…..we saved forrest’ badge & R gonna put it on R side bar….all sew…we haz a trix up R non wearin sleeves we R doin for him…..we iz knot tech savvy sew yur mum mite end up seein it in her e mails on twooz day….we got R plan, now all we knead iz…. de noe how !!! ♥♥♥♥♥

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    1. BOL..dudes you rock! we have the tech savvy Mum here who can’t see crud through tears that are giving her a conjunct-ee-vitis..ewww..we will be so honored that you are rockin up for the day 🙂 Loves and paw pats Doc xx ❤


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