Hello evfurry…can we please ask for some POTP ..Mum and Dad are really needing all the good thoughts they can get..i am watching out for Forrest…i love him so much..these next few days are just too much for Mum and Dad…
Thankyou all so much..
Loves Dinnermintz and Forrest..



74 thoughts on “Family

    1. Sweeties thankyou…we so appreciate your loving words and support on the loss of our precious boy…he will always be in our hearts..its the physical loss we are left to learn to live with…much love and gratitude..Fozziemum and family xxx


  1. We are also here to let you know how sorry we are that you lost your beloved Forrest to the RB. We will keep you in our deepest thoughts and send our biggest purrs to all of you.

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    1. Marty and family thankyou so much..we are a bit messed up but keeping our lives as normal as we can…the fur kids depend on us..we miss our boy..and it hurts…but we knew the day would is like that..bittersweet…much love and thanks…Fozziemum and family xxx


    1. Molly and lovely Mum..thankyou so helps to feel the love being sent our way..we are learning to live a different way steps..we have all the other fur kids to keep us going…loves Fozziemum and family xxx


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