What’s that i see?

Hi Evfurry..it’s me Forrest..

Now i want to first thank evfurry for the well wishes and the POTP i really feel it..Mum and Dad do too and they appreciate that so many people are sending such love down under to us all.

Here’s the thing i am an old pup..i have won the war against the Eastern Brown snakes twice! yes twice!

I have battled with separation anxiety for 6 years also..i am tough..but i am also getting tired.

I am 12 years old and it seems i am not going to get to be a teenager after all..

No driving cars ..no drinking..no rabble rousing..

Mum and Dad had the visit with me today and Dr Mark and the peeps spoke for a long time..so long that i milked it for all the liver treats i could!

The xrays show my discs on my neck are really squished..and even with acupuncture they will never be the same.I risk eventual neurological problems which will be awful.

They are hurting me and with pain killers and yesterdays acupuncture i was still yelping in pain and finding it hard to lift my head and turn right..this is what makes Mum and Dad cry..

My xrays showed i have an enlarged heart and next to it a big lymph node..Mum says i have the heart of a lion.

I also have some bone issues at my sacrum which is why i have a bit of trouble sitting.

Ok so here is the thing..to have a surgery is no option ..it is a pretty brutal surgery …the acupuncture would mean sedation every time i had it and it would be a daily thing for a week with no change to the long term outcome.

Mum and Dad do not want to ever find me collapsed or see me in pain and have that as their last memory or more importantly MY last memory.

So for the next week i am having my BARKIT LIST i am going to be spoiled rotten and have as much fun as i can..i am on very strong pain meds so i am fine.

I started tonight by having roast chicken dinner WITH skin and boy was it so good!

I have of course had the farts but Mum says i can fart as much as i want.

Next Wednesday Mum and Dad will have Dr Mark come to MY house..yep he can come here now ..and i will say goodbye at home with Doc Marbles Cleo Pickles Dinnermintz Mum and Dad by my side..the weekend all my human brothers and sisters are coming up and they are all bringing BANNED treats!

Please do not be sad i have had such a super happy life of adventure..i have and always will be loved and cherished..i am in no pain..it is just Mum and Dad who are hurting.

Today was hard..they have cried and cried..tomorrow they will too..but i have made them promise to be brave..because i need them to be strong for me.

I can see something ahead of me..i do not know what but i am sure when i get there it will be pretty darn good..

I will be back later to tell you more of what i do on my BARKIT list..we can do this together..

Paw pats Forrest..

*pee ess Mum might take a time to respond..she is pretty leaky eyed most times…





48 thoughts on “What’s that i see?

  1. Oh my friend. We all type this here from the Hotel Thompson with tears. You are our friend. We may never have met but there is a anipal bond that can never be taken from us. You come first and I think it’s beautiful the way you are doing this. We are always here for you ❤ XOXO – Bacon

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  2. You have the best pawrents ever because they are not going to allow “big suffering” to visit. I love you Forrest and I am just leaking myself. My senior dogs are looking at me like “what’s wrong with her?” ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. We are leaky eyed now too. It is so sad but we know your Mum and Dad are doing what is best for you. What a wonderful week you are going to have of being spoiled and loved. Our hearts are with you and your family and we will be thinking of you all. xxxxoooo


  4. Oh Forrest my down under sweet friend……leaky eyes will be the “norm” for all of us you know even though you’re having the time of your long and lovely life with your BARKIT List until next Wednesday…..we love that your Mum and Dad are giving you everything in their hearts and souls and on your wish list (!) for this send off. We admire them for being brave enough to do this FOR you (not TO you)…Living on our own terms and leaving on our own terms is what we all want including yours truly. You keep taking your happy pills dear boy – keep smiling – keep loving every minute……just like we love you and always will.

    Big Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam


  5. Oh my goodness.Forrest. You are so brave. I am supposed to be strong for you but I am so sad. BUT I am also so happy you get to have the best week of your life. We’re going to keep praying for you and I hope you feel all of the love we are sending. *ear licks* Noodle, Macy, Molly, Franklin, and Mom


  6. Forrest buddy…. it is hard to face that hard reality…. an our tears are running while reading your post…. I know your furmily will decide what’s the best for you … they love you so much and they don’t want to see you in pains all the time…. hugs to you and kisses … and maybe a miracle will happen….

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    1. Easy my friend please do not cry..that Mum here is at it so much she looks like a drunk! i wish a miracle would happen but it just will not..Mum says she remembers when the pooch before us Eich was sick and had to make that trip..Mums last memory was of her beloved boy growling in pain at her and she was scared..he was a rottweiler and a big boy..her last memory was being scared and of him being in pain..so her and Dad said no..this has to be happy and painfree and fun..the farts my friend are great..finally no more stupid sensible diet and the fun part s it is all secret because Doc has a very strict diet..so i get little bits of food secretly handed to me..boy this week will be a blast! please do not be sad..i have had a super fun life life..roos and bunnies and all sorts of stuff..big bear hugs Forrest xxxxx


  7. Oh, dear, we are crying with your mom. It sounds like you are about to have a fun time filled with family and special treats for the next few days. Enjoy it as much as you can because it’ will all be because you are greatly loved.


  8. Dear Forrest, behind the tears, there is a big-big warmth in my heart. Your peeps are just wonderful – as you are! Enjoy the time you are given in the physical world together. But the love between you and your family is unending.


  9. dood….this ree minds uz oh de Irish wake; yes, that bee R ancesstree….

    at a reel for sure wake, peepulz eat, drink & tell funnee storeez & share happee memoreez and help sell a brate de life & times ~~~~~~~~ they haza “send off” to de next life in heaven; wear we all hope ta bee…..

    we hope thiz next week iz spent with happee times, laffs, smiles N ya get ta due EVEREE THING YA WANT…while we iz tryin R damndest knot ta cry heer; coz we noe thatz knot what ewe ore mum ore dad wantz……itz hard…

    eat burd N pizza N donutz and fart all over everee one & everee thing…..eat banned treetz & drink sum beer….

    we send de biggest hugs we can ta yur familee & ewe two dood……♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    1. My friends i have been so busy entertaining the family and enjoying the BANNED foodables..Cheeseburgers roasted chicken coffee sips..roo poo..oh my the roo poo is great..and now Mums garden looks like a gopher went crazy BOL…i am tired so off to beddies..i have some big ad entures coming and i must be ready..Loves always and furrever Forrest xxxxx


  10. Sweet Forrest we tired but there is no way that we can’t be sad at hearing this news. One thing that does not make us sad though is that you are going to have a super, wonderful week and get to say goodbye at home with all of your loving family. We are keeping all of you close to our heart, in our thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs Maggie, Chancy and Pooh.


    1. Aww Wally Ernie and Zoe thankyou! i am pretty chilled about the whole thing..my neck is not sore which has made me happy and i will get all i can from this Barkit list..i send my sloppy kisses to you Loves Forrest xx


  11. Oh Fozzie …… have the best week you possibly can mate. You’re one lucky pup, you know. Your Mum and Dad are the best. Tell ’em from me that magnum’s are the best things in the world. Harri and Lucy got one just before our Vet, Peter, came to our house to put them at peace. They’d NEVER been allowed one before. I’m going to have one one day too but hopefully not for a long time, aye?? I get some of that chicken skin from time to time. OMD!! that’s good stuff, aye? AND stuffing!! That’s good too but I don’t get that unless I sneak it. Mum and I send our love and hugs to you all. xxxxx


    1. Charlie mate g’day! yes i have seen the peeps scarfing those magnums..for me i think fresh salmon…it makes my eyes bug out..i love the stuff..so i will make sure that is in my barkit list Lives Forrest xx


  12. Guess it didn’t. I don’t know if we can type it again with the tears. Yep, we got a great big sad Forrest. We’ve all come to love you and your handsome self. We’ve been thinking about you all day long. I hope you enjoy the royal treatment, you so deserve it. We send you all our love and lots of gentle hugs for you and for your Mom and Dad.


    1. Brian and family thankyou..dang those tears..Mum has been leaking like a tap and Dad is not much better..but i am in no pain and happy and will have a great week of being treated like the wonderful boy i am…will make sure i go in style my friend..loves Forrest xx


  13. I am so sorry for your Mom, I know this is a hard choice. I think the idea of a bark list is wonderful, I hope you get to do everything you want. I am praying for you and your family. XO and love.


    1. Miss Ellen and kitties thankyou..yes Mum and Dad had a big think and really it was decided i need to be happy and that was that..my barkit list has some great stuff and the family coming up from the city is great..loves Forrest xxx


    1. Finley thankyou so much..i will have a great week..do all the things i am wanting to do..and the food will be wonderful..none of that sensible dog diet stuff! block your nose my friend..loves Forrest xxxx


  14. You have great parents because they don’t want you to be in big pain for long. We got leaky eyes because we have to say goodbye, and because we’re laughing too as we know you’re going to fart like a volcano for one whole week ! Have the best week with your brofurs, sisfurs, Mom, and Dad, and enjoy it, buddy. We send you and your family tons of love. Purrs


  15. forrest…dood….we came bak bye two day coz we wanted ta share sum banned…grazz…N sum lee gullz grazz… then we will eat foodz we iz knot spozed ta have like cookeez & candee & piez & cakes…more hugs two ewe & mum & dad ♥♥♥


  16. Mee-you Forrest yur thee bravest doggie mee has known inn mee short life! An yur still beein so-o brave as wee all fall apart ’round you! LadyMum’ss eyess keep leekin here all so. Shee sayss yur her HERO! An shee sayss do all yur fingss on yur BARKIT List! An mee agreess.
    An goin to Pure Land at home iss speshell an will bee bittersweet. An yes yur Hu’manss will cry (a lot) butt inn time an with thee sue-port of all of us here fingss will bee easier….
    An Forrest you will bee abull to look down frum Pure Land an watch efurryone.
    Fankss fur beein such a kewl doggie an teechin mee how to bee a grown up; mee still has a lot to leern butt yur guidance has been wunderfull…..
    *****paw patsss***** Siddhartha Henry an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum


  17. We know you don’t want us to be sad, Forrest, but we can’t help crying. We love you, dear sweet boy, and we will miss you so very much. We know you will be all better when you go to the Bridge, and you can hang out with our sweet Moosey there until the day when we and your family see you again, one fine day. Sending you all so much love.


  18. hello forrest its dennis the vizsla dog hay me and saya send yoo lots of tail wags to have the best week ever until nekst wensday!!! i am shoor my brother tucker wil be prepayring sumthing ekstra speshul at his everlasting rainbo bridj buffay!!! ok bye


  19. Forrest, you have a brand new friend this week (me). You are well-named. You are strong and brave like the trees in the forest. OMD, I just saw I am on the Posts You Like. I will post one this week in Your Honor, my brave friend.


  20. Lordy me Forrest, you are a brave dude! I love the idea of a Barkit List and you are very fortunate to have one. What a life you have had….winning the war with the brown snakes twice…..you sure showed those boogers. I want you to know we are thinking of you and your family. I have heard life is pretty tough for those left behind when we move onto the next life. Don’t worry Forrest, all of us here in Blogville will make sure your mom is ok and in time will relax and quit fretting. You need to enjoy your Barkit List my friend. Power of the paw to you and yours.

    Shoko, Kali and mom


  21. We are dropping back by to let you all know that you are still in our thoughts and prayers. Comforting hugs all around. Love and nose kisses, Maggie, Chancy and Pooh


  22. We just heard the sad news, Fozziemum and we tried to comment on the POTP bloggie and your other bloggie, but there was an error. We hope this one doesn’t give an error when we post it because we want you to know that you are in our thoughts and in our purrayers. And you too, sweet furriend, Forrest. Our heart aches for you and we whished we could take away the pain that you all must feel right now. Taking decisions is never easy 😦 Soft Pawkisses to comfort you ❤ ❤ ❤


  23. Oh Forrest, you are one tough mother******. I just knows that your peeps are gonna gives you the bestest week they can, full of all the liver treaties, cakes, IScreams, margaritas ☺, you can eats!
    You have had the bestest homes EVER, and I just knows that you will have a huge pawty over the Bridge when you gets there! Ma’s eyes are all leaky for your Moms and family. I just knows that they are gonna miss you terribly, butts knowing you are no longer hurting, will help some.
    I am sendin’ all of you tons and tons of AireZens and lots of {{{{hugs}}}}. I am thinkin’ of all of you….
    Ruby ♥

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    1. Ruby dolll thankyou..i had the best week and the most love..i ate roo poo cat nuggets i did stuff i should not have..bliss..and i got my wings in the sunshine and on the green grass..Mums eyes have not really stopped leaking here..she has moved to the teatowel..tissues not big enough..thankyou for being my friend Ruby and all the love and kind words….paw pats a d loves Forrest xxxx


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