Sweaty Saturday

Mum has market tomorrow..we are trying to help her get ready..but the heat is yuck again!

More fires this time in Western Australia and a lot more land, anipals and possibly human casualties..we are sick of summer and her meanness!

We have been so hot we have not done anything really at all..especially not on our bloggie..but Mum has done even less on HERS!

Mum has promised after Market tomorrow she will get us BACK ON TRACK..and we sure hope she does..we have some really exciting news and also all our thankyous from CHRISTMAS! yes that long ago…sheesh..

We have been trying to have a peek at your bloggies when we can..Mum’s mobile is a real pill for blogging..go figure..

We do know we lost some beautiful anipals over the time we have been off..we sent our love and hugs and know not everfurry had a good Christmas 😦

We did mention on our TCC bloggie our resolution for the year and we have already taken some steps to helping out some anipals in need..of course we sent our Koala mittens off but we need to make some Roo pouches..the injured keep on coming 😦

So we are off to bed..early start and Mum needs to get some rest..apparently MOL..paw pats Pickles..

I leave you with our hot and sweaty Saturday snaps..this is how we roll in Summer..xx

The longer i make myself the cooler i am
The longer i make myself the cooler i am


I finished all these mitten Mum next project please!
I finished all these mittens Mum next project please!


I am too old for this heat ..did you say that cooling guy was coming out Monday....
I am too old for this heat ..did you say that cooling guy was coming out Monday….


Really Mum..it's too hot!
Really Mum..it’s too hot!


Do i look like i want to cuddle..sheesh
Do i look like i want to cuddle..sheesh


What is with this dang heat!!!
What is with this dang heat!!!

39 thoughts on “Sweaty Saturday

  1. Sorry it’s been such a brutal summer so far…..we’re here in our flannels and fleeces with a fire in the fireplace and NOT in the countryside like you have to deal with down under. Hoping for minimal loss of property and NO lives for humans OR animals but we know that’s almost impossible there. Still we can hope. Hope market day goes well !!! We send lots of love……….and extra energy too!

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam

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    1. Sammy and Pam thankyou..yes it has been an awful summer..old timers here never seeing dams so low and dry..fires still burning..most likely for months so thick and dense the bush is 😦 sadly more homes an entire town now wiped out..2 deaths..and immeasurable wildlife..i seem to cry at the news every day..but we are safe and intend to stay that way! Market was hot..very quiet due to heat and school holidays but i did much better than i thought i would..go figure 🙂 the love and extra energy really helps..and the 3rd guy to do a quote for cooling comes tomorrow..woo hoo..then we will get the one we want and may get some relief..36c Inside is no fun! Loves Fozziemum and Pickles..who is now about 6 feet long stretched on the tiles 🙂 xxxx


  2. >I think the Beach Boys were drunken as they invented their song Endless Summer. I hope the heat takes a break and the fires go down…. thanks for your help for the wildlife of oz… I cross my paws for all. Hugs to you Forrest, wish you could stay with me for the summer in oz… or for aestivation :o)

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  3. Hugs my dear sweet friends! I know it’s been so very hot. I wish we could send you some rain – the good stuff that has southern love all rolled up in it. Good luck at the market tomorrow – wish we could be there to keep you company. XOXO – Bacon

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    1. Miss Ellen and kitties thankyou…we prefer to layer up rather than strip down too! And if you want to help..then give ALL your loving thoughts to Stinky ok! She is uppermost in our thoughts also..POTP and love to you all Pickles xxx


    1. Marty sweetie helloooooo..thankyou we hope it cools too but 4 drops of rain ain’t cutting the mustard as Mum keeps waffling on about Mol….sending our loves to you all we miss chatting! Loves Pickles xxxx


    1. Zorro and Pixie thank you..we are so behind..Mum is too sweaty to type as well ..ick! The fires are awful..the temps are rising and we spend another few days on alert..we may need to come stay with you Mol…Mum does what she can and we always help her sew..our furs are very nice to add to the mittens she says..Loves Pickles xxx


    1. Thanks sweeties..we have another heatwave arriving (well it never really left) our cars are packed and we are ready..the 3rd aircon man comes tomorrow for us to get a quote..then hopefully Mum and Dad will get some installed..phew! There are still fires..too sad..this time in Western Australia..we purr they go away real soon! Loves and paw pats sweeties..Pickles xxxx


  4. hello fozziemum its dennis the vizsla dog hay the last fyoo yeers he wuz with us my brother tucker cudnt tolerayt the heet eether and mama and dada ended up replaysing the old air kondishuner yoonit heer with a noo wun wot wuz mutch more eefishent and now evry summer wen it gits too hot they always say they hav to tern on tuckers air kondishuner!!! i hope yoo git sum kooler tempratchers soon!!! ok bye

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    1. Hahaha…great to hear Tuckers air is working great Dennis! We have had 2 quotes and number 3 quote tomorrow..it’s tooooo hot and as soon as we have that one we will be getting a nice big refrigerated ducted aircon…and we will lie in the loungeroom and bask in the cool! the pups here have cooling mats but i bet they will ditch them as soon as tbe aircon is done..even if Doc will bark his nut off at the poor installers who are doing him a favour baaaaaaa…stay warm Dennis..hard to even type that but i know it’s cold over there! Loves Melting puddle AKA Fozziemum xxc


  5. Mee-you Pickless mee an LadyMum are meltin just lookin at yur fotoss’!!! Wee are so-o sorry thee heet there iss so high an fires….you must bee carefull.
    Wee wood go to peecess if sumfing happened to any of youss;……
    Aunty Bev yur blondey hair iss purrty!
    Wee send youss’ lotss of ❤ LUV ❤ an wee wood luv to send you sum of our Snow wee had today! 😉
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxx an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum

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    1. Mol..thanks Purrince Siddhartha sweetie..we think Mums blonde is hiding grey MOL..and yes we are melting..cars are packed and we are watching weather..ughhs..loves to you in the chilly bin there ! Pickles xxx

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  6. I remember our drought years very well and went into drought again in late summer this year. Of course we had a ton of rain in December and still are dealing with flooding. I wish Mother Nature would find a happy medium. I worried about the drought every day so I know how sad it can make you. I am happy you are going to get some cool air… I couldn’t live without our AC. You are going to ALL feel so much better!


  7. We get the cold, you get the hot. Does not seem right what we got… MOL
    Hey we stopped by to wish Dinnermintz a Happy 9th Birthday! Purrs from us all so have a day full of noms, nip and good lovin!
    Timmy and Family

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    1. Timmy thankyou and your wonderful family for my birthday wishes..MUM fORGOT!!! can you believe it..brain must have melted MOL…i am taking advantage of her mistake and milking it for all it is worth…yes i think we need to share our heat and cold and all have perfect weather!! thankyou sweeties Loves Dinnermintz xxx


  8. guys…..yur mom toll uz bout de crazed heet….we iz sorree & if we could package de airz we haz & send em two ewe we wood…itz waz 4 thiz mornin….then…ewe could send uz sum heet…. N it wood be a win win kinda like spring…..fall for everee one….stay safe; coz we noe how vizshuz heet iz ta furz & peepulz a like……sendin hugs & lovez !~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

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  9. Mee-you Pickless has thee heeteased off any??? Wee had 4 dayss an nitess of snow….today it sorta fluttered sum an tomorrow RAIN??? An then a flashy freeze….mee goin to tell….aks…beg Ladymum to stay home with mee 😉
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~


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