Fly day Friday

Hi evfurry…it is humid tonight…Granny has opened the studiffce door and has the fly screen door letting breeze in..but the curtain was open..and so like moths to a computer they came..


Granny is not happy with me..i have been jumping on her computer screen and chasing a moth behind her monitor and over her printer..she is getting cranky..something about turning around and having to move me all the time..something about her back is already like a pretzel and blah blah blah..

And so she has closed the curtain and is trying to catch the moth…but he had other plans..seems he is in the printer hiding..

I will wait..i am after all a panther……

Paw pats Cleo

La de da...
La de da…



Come out you stupid moth..
Come out you stupid moth..

47 thoughts on “Fly day Friday

  1. Cleo, you look just like Jamison! I thought you were him for a second. I had to go run and check under the covers to make sure he was still here. Anywho, my new sister, Macy, is a moth chaser. Actually she’s so obsessed with them that Mom calls her Mothra sometimes. *ear licks* Noodle

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    1. Easy she sure is ungrateful…and i see her wriggling in her chair..i KNOW she needs to go to the you know what and when she does i will make my move…snackie time coming up MOL MOL πŸ™‚


  2. hahaha Cleo! I think that moth knows better than to come out. You do look like a printer technician though, and a very gorgeous one at that. Better not let Granny sees it. She might put you to work. LOL!


  3. Yous go girl, ketch dat moff. We had a few wound here lately and meez been on da proel. sis Lexi kuldn’t care less ’bout ’em, but me fur sure will get every last one of ’em. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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    1. Now you are talking know Doc is supposed to be a terrier..and he caught a mousey once..he spat it out..MOL..i caught ine once and dropped it and Forrest ate it MOL..The tabbies o trout towne helped me take him to court MOL ..:)


  4. **whispurrss** Cleo yur breath takin….mee mee-you…
    Did you ever get thee tasty moth? Wee had a big brown moth inn here last month an hee was high up on thee wall abovethee bedroom window…..
    mee waited an napped an waited an napped an waited an hee fluttered down an mee had thee most deelishuss snack…..
    Mee gotted ‘stink eye’ thee enxt morning mee can tell you Cleo…it was werth it!
    *lickss lipss* Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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    1. *Siddhartha Henry …i did not..i think it is still trapped..MOL..but Forrest has been chasing one outside..i will wait…and thankyou *blushin..i am just a you know that is enough MOL..paw pats Cleo xxx

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      1. Mee-you that moth iss still hidin out??? Bet you can outwait it Cleo πŸ˜‰
        Wee panfurss are BERRY purrsistent!!!
        Yur welcome fur thee compleemint… are a berry purrty gurl….
        **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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