Hi evfurry..boy we know friends in the US and France have had some pretty awful rain….and we hope evfurry is safe and dry..we have been hit with the opposite!

It’s 1.30am and still 25C! so Granny is going to have a cruddy nights sleep between that and her camel humps on her back BOL…

Tomorrow i go to the VET again..i get another mange shot….ewwww and a check to see how i am going.


It’s not funny Pickles..

We will be watching the weather with extreme fire danger warnings with heat and wind…boy we never get a Spring here!!

Last week we had this…


Super cold...
Super cold…


Now we have 38C…what the ??

But the girls are enjoying those sunpuddles in the morning.they line up near the front doors….BOL ..

Sunshine at last..
Sunshine at last..

Marbles is usually first in line…she sits and tries to block it from the others…BOL..

Ahhh sunpuddle i love you..
Ahhh sunpuddle i love you..

Cleo just grabs any patch..

At last..some sun!
At last..some sun!

And Dinnermintz loves under the table near the light from the doors…

Us Pooches have other ideas..Forrest likes to go get some rolling done…Granny says he goes to a salon and asks for the Brindle…BOL BOL…



What roll in!
What roll in!


I like to gnaw on a bone in the sun…



But i am now not having these chuck bones anymore..Dr Bruce said to get ribs or exoskeletal bones as it is better for my teeth..and i also have a new diet in case my itchy is from allergy..i am really enjoying my new BARF diet..

I have this mix ..

Smells so good Granny gets all drooly too BOL..
Smells so good Granny gets all drooly too BOL..

It is mixed with water and added to fresh meat which we always have anyway…that’s Dr Bruce in the picture..we will remember him from the butt squeezing and nail trimming!!!

So i have no kibble anymore…and this mix will help my pan-crease to activate the bones properly..Granny said i have been a lot less itchy!

So i am off to’s hot and Granny said enough of the computer as her camel back is sore BOL..

We wish Easy’s Mama all the best for her op tomorrow..which it already is  here now ?? and send our POTP her way!

Paw pats Doc xx


25 thoughts on “Meltday

  1. I hope for good news from the vet and I hope the shot-torture is over soon. The weather is totally crazy, we had 16 victims of the flood last weekend :o( Probably someone set the oven on full-power in Oz and furgot to turn it down? Like my momma and then we have John Carpenters Fog ins the kitchen :o(


  2. Here’s to a very good vet report. Dang it is already way too hot down under!
    Thank you for telling us about Easy’s mom surgery
    Hugs madi your bfff


  3. Hope the report is GOOD from Mr. Vet! Seems you flew right from winter into summer huh? Well we RARELY have a “real” Fall and who knows what we’ll have next since we are seeing the sun today after 87 years of rain (slight exaggeration!). Anyway, take care you all – and let us know how Granny does with HER doctor appointment too OK??

    Love, Sammy


  4. Loving the photos of your fur babies in the sunpuddles.

    Hope all goes well at the vets.

    Also hope your temps ease and there are no fires for anyone.

    The girls and I are sending positive healing thoughts and hope your back is improving. Hugs Sue, Polly & Honey


  5. Hi Doc, thanks for the news round-up!! Can’t believe the weather around the world. From one extreme to the other!! We’ve gone from cool sun to cool rain MOL. Hope all goes ok at the vet and that Granny stops having the hump soon!! Cut her some slack! The Staff says it’s no laughing matter being an accident prone aged biped with Quasimodo syndrome! MOL xxxx


  6. dood…best fishes two ewe at de place oh eeeeeeeeeeeeevil; N sorree bout de noe kibble deel, though frank lee when ya menshuned ya waz eatin meat like hams & burgerz & steaks & hot dogs & pork roast…we wuz like….dood !!!! AWESUM 🙂



  7. Good greef yur weathe riss all over thee place Pickless!!! To bee so cool to so-o hot iss sort of scary! Our weather has been anyfing but nice! Either too cold or too rainy or too windy (an mee meenss a NORTH wind)…
    Wee furinalllee had Sun here today (Katurday) an mee iss stayin out as long as mee can!!!! LadyMum says mee iss a bit daft butt mee knowss it will bee a l-o-n-g Winter 😉
    You all look so comfy inn yur sun puddles an Doc an Fozzie yur lookin fine also!
    Wishin you more Sun an less *HOT*!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXxXxXx

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    1. Siddhartha we hope your winter is not as long as ours..and then spring..just sprummer..what a hot..and humid..and a storm with lots of rain..weird alright..and you are not daft..just adventurous 🙂 MOL paw pats Pickles xx

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Sprummer mew mew mew that iss a funny seeson Pickless!!! LadyMum told mee about Swinter what wee have had here butt mee was not yet born…..sounds berry cold an white 😉
    Mee DOESS LUV a good adventure!
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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