And now how to shame Mum..MOL..

Hi evfurry and welcome to the blog hop hosted by our friend Bacon.. and his fabulous Blast from the past…

Well Bacon asked us to all show a picture of our peeps from when they were in school…now hold on to your waters as this is a classic..

When Mum was in her first year of high school, which made her 13 going on middle aged for smarts and such..teen queen of drama…you know..

part of the curriculum was Mum preferred Home Economics because she got to eat and stuff her mad teenage hormone infused self .. but sewing classes were a must..see the school Mum went to was an all boys school..up until the year Mum started..imagine they went co-ed that poor mum and like three other girls were in a school full of boys..i digress..which may prove more interesting ..but anywho..the grand finale to the years sewing festivities was a fashion parade..yes the 70’s the year when fashion took a nose dive..well in Mum’s case anyway.

So Mum had made a pair of wait for it..flairs..oh yes those flairs..oddly lacking any of said claim to Mum had made these dark green gaberdine flairs which for the show she paired with a Miller shirt..another 70’s icon..with the silver thread running through..anyone ancient enough to remember that MOL …and of course the platform shoes..which made her ten feet tall considering she was not short now with  age shrivel..

And her friend Debbie had made a lovely skirt which she paired with a velour top..

Now as hilarious as this is look at the sinister dude in the front row..either he was stealing their ideas for Vogue or he had ill thoughts..either way he looked about as thrilled to be there as i am getting the thermometer at the V.E.T. ..

And by the way if you think Mum has the Suzi Q hair you are right..and while you laugh fit to bust a gizzard ..check out the width of those flairs..makes mums thighs look like she is a Romania wrestler..MOL MOL…

So have a super day..and btw Mum is on the right..and yet she is so wrong MOL..

Paw pats Dinnerminzt xxxx



30 thoughts on “And now how to shame Mum..MOL..

      1. I had a white one with a tartan print… and I used the ole bike from my uncle with the bleeding old leather saddle… boy that was an ugly brown print on my butt :o( it egg-sactly looked like… well ya know… the whole dance afternoon (piglet -race) was ruined :o(

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  1. MOL MOL MOL piglet race MOL the Mum has put her back out LOL at that here ..oh yes i can imagine the stain of shame..Mum had a satin pair of flairs she wore ice skating…or in her case skidding on a school outing..thought she was “all that” fell split the flairs from waistband at the back to bottom of the zip at the blowout in front of her high school friends..not at all critically humiliating MOL MOL..


  2. Squeals with piggy delight! I love this. And you kept a picture highlighting the day. Totally awesome! XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. That guy in the front though – shivers – perve – snorts!


  3. Wow, we so wish we had known about this hop so we could embarrass the hell out of our mom. She did the entire Home Ec thing and was in several of these High School fashion shows. It was the 60s and the clothes were pretty boring (’cause the girls were not allowed to wear pants and dresses had to come to the bottom of the knee), but we are certain we could find some other embarrassing photos of her. Tell your mum that our mom’s thighs (then and now) are the size of blimps. She blames her Dutch heritage. Thanks for sharing. We are quite certain she would be saying, “TMI,” if she knew what we were writing. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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    1. MOL…well poor Mums are a great target for these hops MOL…they happen once a month and always a chance to get them good MOL..the sixties for mum meant pant suits 😉 and shorty pjs 🙂 maybe thighs were in MOL….paw pats and loves Dinnermintz xxx


  4. Bev this is just too funny and boy did it bring back memories of my first sewing class in Home Ec.
    Luckily I was accustomed to a sewing machine albeit the old fashioned Singer pedal Model T that my grandma had….so anyway the machines in Home ec were electric. Our teacher gave all of us sheets of paper with all kinds of curves, circles, rectangles, squares and the words stop, start, reverse scattered about the pages. These were to get everyone used to using an electric an adjusting controlling the speed. We had to follow the lines and any written directions. By the time I finished with my sheets it looked like I had been on a shooting range participating in target practice.
    My first project was a apron. I’m proud to say after 4 years of Home Ec I turned in to a decent seamstress even won a prize for a garment. It was a box pleated skirt kind of electric blue and a matching top with electric blue and bright yellow (like macNcheee) insets
    Hugs Cecilia

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    1. Hahahaahahah well my sweet i re,eber those shooting gallery paper patterns too well! pleats are a real good effort for sure 🙂 i ended up only a few years ago taking a sewing course i could make the pups coats..made a skirt made some gorgoeus santa sacks for my niece nephew and grandson 🙂 and then ran out of time ..oh my macncheese always with the macncheese 🙂 Loves and hugs Bev xxx


  5. MOL Oh Dinnermintz yous mommy be so purretty. But yous wight, those “flairs’ do nuffin’ to show hers off. MOL Mommy had sum of those too. She sez fankfully not much in da way of evidence exists. MOL We do fink it’s cool dat yous mommy “had” to take sewin’ in school. And weez bet she was glad ’bout a school full of boys back then. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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  6. Oh wow!!!! Nice one Dinnermintz! We are laughing fit to bust here! Well I am! The Staff is just looking in the distance as is she’s remembering long ago days! I think next time I will join her in the blog hop without telling. The earth will probably shift on its axis but, whatever! There is a pic somewhere of her in bright orange denim type flares and a green and white flowery top that made her look like carrot on speed! I feel quite unwell! MOL

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    1. MOL NOL Austin now we are laughing..sounds like your Mum might have given Katie Carrot form Mr Potato head toys a run for her money 🙂 yes dob Mum in..i do not know what the next blast form the past is..i must find out from Bacon..but hilarity always ensues MOL….i myself feel a tad squeamish 🙂 paw pats Dinnermintz xx xxx


  7. Bev….we called them bell bottoms here and the wider the bell, the “cooler” you were ….and the pants HAD to be hip huggers…I did not sew; that’s a comment that will turn into a story; but my grandma did…weezer; her nick name, had a pattern and she took tissue paper and added to the belled bottom; corduroy they were and I kid you not; each bottom was three feet wide. so I’ve got on 6 PLUS feet of fabric for PANTS and I’m really not sure how they stayed on, or how I walked in them….

    yep…bell bottoms, fish net stockings, “go go boots” peace choker collars……fake leather fringed vests; platform shoes, mini skirts, peasant blouses, CPO jackets, tie dye and flower power shirts…….

    ya gotta love our~~~~ fashion statements~~~ back then !! ♥♥♥

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    1. Hahaha oh my those were the days indeed..and yes i have no idea how much material was faves i made were a dark electric blue satin..holey dooley what a sight ;0..i had a fringed bag to..and yes tie dye..and flower power fishnets..good grief..i do not even want to go into my disco phase ala Olivia Newton John….hahahha 🙂 loves Bev xx ❤ ❤


  8. My goodness but those are super “flare-ey) flares indeed! My Mom wore those too AND with high platform shoes which made her ridiculously tall as she is 5’7” anyway! We do think your Mum looks quite stylish though…..and that guy in the front seat was probably thinking “VA VA VOOM” !

    Love, Sammy

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    1. MOL MOL..Sammy.. Mum was 5’7 too (until she shrunk ) and so looked like a behemouth MOL..and yes we think that Man was very suspect MOL…i mean Mum was a kid..ewwwwww MOL..loves Dinnermintz xx


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