Putting the Paw down

Hi evfurry..well i am putting my paw down..Granny has been behind with visiting for Pirate day and selfies and evfurrything..

But she has broken her butt..well she says she has..literally..she has bad sciatica at the moment and it means she is on a lean like a pirate ship and is crooked like a horseshoe..

What a sight to behold..so of course her gallavanting around in the car has not helped..DUH you think so ..  punishment for leaving us for 87 hours each time she goes looking for pictures.

And sitting at her computerwebbernets for 87 hours a day and not taking us for walks has not helped either..DUH you think so ?

Granny went to the Dr today and she needs a MRI ..which is like trying to organise  a can of insects..she is also flying solo here as Grandad left for Brisbane on Tuesday morning and will not be back until Friday…then next week he is off to Sydney..and won’t be back until Wednesday morning.

He doesn’t want to do it but he has no choice it’s work..for now anyway..that is another story..

Anywho so while she is in pain she needs to rest otherwise we will not get fed or anything..ever..ever..and all the bending down and litter trays is making her sing the song of her people for a change..

So she has mailed off her card sets like a good Granny and has ordered more and now i am putting my paw down…

She may pop her mug on facebake but that takes no effort from the confines of her couch…BOL BOL…

Rest Granny.Stat….

She tried to do our bloggie from her phone but the teeny phone drove her nutty (er) and it won’t let her look at blogger ??? she got all stressed and uptight and so ..no ..that is it Granny..on the couch and no workies..

Stay put Granny..i got this..
Stay put Granny..i got this..

We will resume normal transmission as soon as the Dr can get her fixed up a bit..please send a new Granny..this one is all broke..

Paw pats Doc the doctor in the house 🙂


39 thoughts on “Putting the Paw down

  1. Poor Granny……Well, that sciatic thing is a bad one – Mom has had that off and on for many years but FORTUNATELY it’s not on for now. Hoping they can get your Gran fixed back up though as I know you need her in good “operating order” !!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    1. Thanks Sammy..we sure hope so..she finds too many lost kibble bits now she has her eyes fixed on the floor BOL…she has not had it since she was pregnant with my DAd…she blames him now….BOL…i hope your Mum stays OFF for a ling time Sammy! Paw pats Doc xxx


  2. uhoh! the sciatic gremlin…that’s a pain made in deepest hell :o( I’m sure some healing purrs and some slobbery kisses will help to chase that gremlin away. or you can send her to me, she can join my howling hell-bow mom and my salto-mortale daddy :o) POTP and healing hugs to OZ :o)

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    1. Easy our peeps are all broken…ready for the trashure shop…to the cheapest bidder…Granny can donate a hell-bow and maybe a head..can she borrow a butt cheek BOL ..Potp for evfurry…us anipals are going to have to take over…for now Granny is on the couch…using her phone…small screen…next her eyes will go…POTP back to France! Xxx


    1. Thankyou sweet ones..it seems to be slightly better..i have an MRI on the 5th to just make sure there is nothing else going on then i can get sorted with physio or accupunture..it’s nasty isn’t it ! love to you all BEV XX


  3. OMC We weally hope dat not be da couch. Dat’s just boards. Dat won’t help at all. Mommy has dat bilateral sciatica too and so weez know all ’bout da ouchies. Sendin’ purrayers, but yous weally shluld dwop by our bloggy today. It’s da shortest weez ever put up, but it’ll give gwanny sumfin’ to laff ’bout.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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    1. Dudes thankyou..We got Granny straight on those exercises..we think she did them wrong she ended up like a pretzel MOL MOL..she has an appt on the 5th for an MRI and has been a bit better from moving around more and letting us drag her around on the end of a lead BOL .. ..once she gets a MRI she will go see a physio and look at acupunture too..she is one overbaked cranberry for sure 🙂 xxxxxx pee ess thanks for having her back..get it..see BOL BOL ❤ ❤


  4. I so understand that Pain in the BUTT! Granny needs to stick to the couch and take it easy. I know Granny hurts and feels like crap but she made me laugh so hard with this post that I almost forgot that CH had to go back to the Dr this morning because his face looked liked a pumpkin this morning after he got up. And that was after I talked to your Granny on the Book of Face! I hope Granny can have a glass of wine!!!!

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    1. Poor CH Miss Pix..stop yakking to Granny she must have put the voodoo curse in you all…yikes! Granny can have a drinky poo now Grandad is home..she doesn’t like to have one when she has to be in charge…what a gal BOL xxxx


  5. Hi Doc The Staff has uttered a few sympathetic ouches with Granny on fb but I can see she might need sitting on so the pain in the butt might get a chance to subside a bit! Hope she gets the MRI soon! Meanwhile in the absence of Grandad maybe the cats could be employed as masseurs OR the peep says she can send her mate Sven around who specialises in hot oil massage and steamy saunas!!!!! 😉 xxx

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    1. Oh Austin Sven sounds like a great idea..except Dad’s home now and that could be awkward MOL..she has an appt for the 5th and as your Staffs may have mentioned we have been on our best behaviour for her in the mean time MOL MOL..of course she spills her guts about our real attitudes on faceberk ..nice one Mum..MOL..paw pats Dinnerminzt xxx


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