Avast ye scurvy Mutts..Meow like a Pirate..or be plank walked



Talk Like A Pirate Day Badge 9.19.2015

Be sure ye scurvy mutts to go check out our TCC Meow like a pirate event hosted by Raz..

Today is a day for swiggin the rum and singin the songs ..pirate feastin be all day an wenches be warned some scurvy sailors are on the loose!

Pickles an i be up a pole without a pole and stuck with scuvy birds..yes birds..we be sorry we mention these blaggards we know they be an offence to the eye..the one good eye for sure MOL MOL …

Arrrrrrr matey's i be full o' the rum and flat on me back..
Arrrrrrr matey’s i be full o’ the rum and flat on me back..

So enjoy ye day ye mongrel blaggards scurvy plank walkers and one eyed pilferers…MOL ..

Paw pats Pirate Dinnermintz Hornswoggler , Pirate Pickle me guts on rum, Pirate Doc o the bay ,Pirate Forrest foodgobblers ,Pirate Marbles be lost, Pirate Cleo swiftly out the door…xxx


35 thoughts on “Avast ye scurvy Mutts..Meow like a Pirate..or be plank walked

    1. Arr Sammy,..we be lost at sea with a poorly scurvy crew (aka Mum ) the good ship Aussie Witch be back in port as soo as we make the crew swab the decks…arrrrr paw pats Pirate Pickles me guts xxx


  1. Avast mee earteesss let’s swill sum grog an chew sum grub an make them bass terd birds walk thee plank an chase thee wenchess…thee buxom beeuteess….
    Yoo Hoo Hoo!! Pie-Rat Doc O’ Thee Bay mee finks that grog made mee groggy…..want sum grape juice???
    Ahoy land lubberss steer cleer of us!! Wee are feersum Pie-Ratss……
    ***swashbuckling*** Cap’tinn Siddhartha Henry Sparrow =^,.^=

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      1. **burpss** Xcuse mee also Doc O’ Thee Bay mee has a headache an feel groggy frum thee grog an rummy frum thee rum an mee oh mye what was mee finkin????
        Mee went ashore an curled up inn mee inside Condo waitin fur thee sea to stop heevin mee to an fro…..
        Whew wee sure had sum fun!!!!
        Aunty Nylablue said shee was proud of mee…..
        Hope shee cannot see mee now 😉
        ***ear licksss*** Siddhartha Henry As Week As A Sparrow **burpsss**

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  2. Y’all have the best pirate names. We love this day, dressing up like pirates and meowing all crazy-like. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo ARGH!

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    1. Arrrrr wee matey’s thank ye..we loves to be out an pirated up..but oh my we got our selves in a ye old pickle arrrrrr Happy meow and woof like a wee pirate day sweet scurvy matey’s ..Pawpats Pickles me guts and scurvy crew xxxx


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