E.P.E’s on a Funny Friday

Hi evfurry…i was wondering if any kitties out there have had the E.P.E’s lately..

Now you might ask “What the Cat is an E.P.E” ..well i bet YOU know and i bet your Peeps know ..you just have no name for it..MOL…

See every now and then Marbles…and myself and even Pickles…(not sure about Cleo) get a case of the E.P.E’s….

Drives the peeps here nuts..they can’t work out why..they have no idea what brings it on and what it means..

Mum said she has had kitties for most of her life and at some stage they have all had it..

Yes one of lifes mysteries..is Kitties and the E.P.E’s….

Well last night was Marbles and Pickles turn…and this afternoon it was my turn..must be something in the air…

So when you go to the potty and feel the need to run like a lunatic up and down the hallway..sing loudly..then run back again..you have been hit by..

The Extreme Poop Excitements….MOL….beware..

And then relax...MOL
And then relax…MOL

Have a great weekend folks..it’s Friday after all…MOL..paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


25 thoughts on “E.P.E’s on a Funny Friday

    1. Oh my..funny all the kids have done it at some stage but Marbles is the most dramatic! the singing the dancing the whole works..then charges up on the arm of the chair and stares at me..hilarious!they sure are cute when the E.P.E’s hit 🙂 And Lucy’s badge is gorgeous and makes me smile it will proudly stay where it is..<3 ❤ Bev


    1. Madi..they are useless..ours has been flat on the couch..complaining of sci-fi-attica..hopeless.. a few hundred kilometres in the car and she folds like a cheap pair of pants….demerits here too! Paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


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