Sunday Selfies down under..really down under

Hi evfurry..well today we have a guest Sunday Selfie like last week…except instead of being on the land..this furiend is under the sea..

Again we are super happy to be part of The Cat On my Heads Sunday Selfie blog hop..and again Word Putz does not do bloggie please click on the sidebar to be transported to see other selfies…


First of all we want to send our purrs and woofs and Baa’s to Miss Ellen  as she has had to say goodbye to sweet Lucy..we know Lucy will be welcomed with open paws as she arrives at the bridge..please pop over and give her family some gentle hugs.

Over the Rainbow Bridge, Lucy

Also can we all go and wish little Yang well over at Atcand he is only a wee little thing and has been very sick..Alasandra has said her Mum is doing her best to get the little guy better..


So now we come to the selfies..and what cheers kitties up more than fishies…and what better than a GIANT fishie..

This guy lives in The Great Barrier Reef..his name is Barry..MOL..he is a Maori Wrasse..these fishies are called the Labrador of the sea..they are inquisitive and very friendly…now you must not annoy him or the other fishies but if he comes to you then you can pat him..Mum and Dad did and he was lovely..he came up very close and was a strong fishie Mum said..she could feel his strong muscles..

He is a protected member of our fragile reef and we must keep him safe from rubbish and other yukky things..

So please enjoy Barry…NO kitty furiends..he is a furiend…OK..not dinner MOL…

Paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


Hi..i am my selfie !
Hi..i am my selfie !


Really i do enjoy all the attention
Really i do enjoy all the attention

44 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies down under..really down under

  1. Hi Barry nice to meet ya! You are a trendsetter, right? Because a lot of girls want such fabulous lips like you :o) Your cousins are called Napoleon fishies here and my mom fed them with hardboiled eggs in egypt once :o) I hope you are save Barry and the good people can protect your species, it would be sad if we could watch you and your cousins only in tv or books….

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    1. Goodness me Easy i bet they loved those eggs MOL ..peeps are really trying here to keep all my species safe..from dredging and pollution..but the reef is losing is very sad indeed..we lose many species and end up seeing them on TV only..and yes those fabulous lips were made for kissing 😉 Barry 🙂


      1. it’s so sad… they act like there is no tomorrow… they use poisonous substances to get them alive and destroy the reefs that way :o( … and I have some doubts if that folks really needs an aphrodisiac… a brain-o-disiac would be more helpful…

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      2. Exactly..we trash the wolrd and wonder why we all in a garbage dump..the rubbish i see out goes into waterways..kills fish..even a soft drink can can lure a snake or lizard and they get stuck..people have little care for any generations before or after them..and yes i think some things should be marketed as causing the opposite! maybe then if they though they would be incapable of preforming they may leave well alone.


  2. Mee-you Barry fish yur one hansum dude!!! Iss a pleasure to meet you….mee wood not harm a scale on yur big blue body!!!!
    Wee iss sorry ’bout Lady Lucy also….
    Wee go over an see Yang…mee reememburrss beein wee an berry sick!! 😉
    ***nose bumpsss*** to all, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxx

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  3. You know Aunty Bev mee onlee eatss Facney Feest tuna…not peepel tuna or any other fish..
    Mee iss a chick-hen or turkey or beef sorta kat!!!!!
    wee new Lady Lucy was not well butt wee thott it was IBD like Aunty Nylablue had…not thee horrid Cansir!!!! Wee iss still sad fur Lady Ellen an thee katss there. ow Purrincess Phoebe iss Queen Purrincess Phoebe butt what a way to gain that titull 😦
    ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx


      1. MMMM that sounds purrty yummy….LadyMum will not let mee eat salmon of any kind; shee says it wood uppyset mee bowelss. An mee had sum tuna juice on mee Fancy Feest Tuna an mee got thee runss so no REEL tuna fur mee 😦
        Mee doess LUV mee Beef pate tho an many of thee Fancey Feestss…..
        Mee iss not reel fussy….yet…..
        **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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  4. Barry is the strangest fish we have ever seen. We cannot imagine meeting up with him in person. Thanks for sharing him on Sunday Selfies. Do you think he tastes good? XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo ARGH!

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    1. Arggg Yes sweeties he is so gentle and BIG..Mum and Dad loved him..he is a very special part of our reef 🙂 we think he may taste good but Mum said that was mean MOL MOL ..arrrrrrr Paw pats Dinnermintz xx


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