Mums belated birthday thankyous

Hi evfurry..well Mum got over her date..and a few other hiccups along the way..and so it is time for us to help her say thankyou for all the love that you showed Mum on her 87 bazillionth birthday..

Poor old sausage was overwhelmed with feelings of love when she saw the various cards emails and also goodies that came to her…so much so she almost had to take a Bex and have a lie down..she says if you know what a Bex is then maybe you are also as old as her MOL MOL.way to win friends Mum .


Mum also got some lovely email cardies which she could not show here but they had music and sweet always our furiends here are so sweet and we thankyou all for your lovely thoughts and wishes for Mum’s birthday..

Mum also wants to send a belated thankyou to Miss Sue,Polly and Honey from Graceful greyhounds for the cheer up gift when Mum was feeling a bit down..

Of course we could Smell Polly and Honey!
Of course we could Smell Polly and Honey!
Mum's lovely gift
Mum’s lovely gift

Mum felt so cheered up by the sweet gift from Miss Sue who makes lovely cards herself..not like Mum who has to find someone to make cards..MOL…and her girls are beautiful greyhounds..Mum says she has some more stamps to send Miss Sue for Greyhound rescue in England! a great cause!

So we are saying thanks again to our lovely furiends..Mum feels so touched and now she can be maybe a better super hero with her shirt from Bacon MOL..we will have some good photos to share soon when we get Mum out there in her costume MOL….if we have forgotten anyone please forgive us Mum’s method of saving information is cruddy at best.,

Please evfurry tell your peeps to pop over to Mum’s bloggie and enter her easey peasey contest ..we think Mum has done a good job of this give away..for a Mum that is ..MOL..

If you do not know Mum’s bloggie here is the link..

We love you all and say have a great Thursday..we are very Thankful for you all…

Paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


26 thoughts on “Mums belated birthday thankyous

  1. I’m glad your mom had a super birthday and I’m glad she is a member of the smart virgo club too :o) guess what? Bacon sent that fabulous cookies to me too… I always buried them in my bed first to eat it at night with making superweird noises… you should try that too (I know that’s not easy, they are eggstemely tasty)… but you should see the faces of your humans… priceless…

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    1. BOL BOL we will try that Easy! we had some serious drool going on for those cookies…serious..real Mum slip on the tiles stuff BOL..but the slobbery weird night eating sounds better 🙂 and yes Mum is a Virgo…but smart ?? well we do not know about that BOL..paw pats Forrest xxx


  2. Awesomesauce!! Glad you love the treats. Mom made them with her own two paws. She doesn’t cook much for daddy but finds the time to cook for us anipals – priorities huh? Snorts with piggy laughter. Love your Super Mom!! XOXO – Bacon

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    1. They were so delish Bacon..the drool good grief the treats ever!! your Mum is a gem…and we cannot wait to snap Mum in her shirt ..she nearly wore it to hospital BOL are a great friend Bacon and thankyou all for making Mum feel special on her birthday 🙂 paw pats Doc xxx


      1. Snorts with piggy laughter. Your mom would have looked great with that shirt and her socks – hilarious. Ya’ll are the bestest as well my dear sweet friends! XOXO – Bacon


    1. Sue i did and am using my little notebook 🙂 they cheered me up when i really needed it and i shall not forget your kindness 🙂 by the way my stamp collection is ever growing so shall send them off when i get a few more 🙂 Love to you all Bev xx


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