No butts about

Hi evfurry..we are all being very good today…see Mum has a date on Tuesday with a bloke called Colin O’scopy

We have never met this dude but he sounds pretty mean…he has turned Mum into a one woman war path!

He must be some dude if she is trying to lose weight to impress him..i mean all we have seen her eat is Jelly (Jello)

She is mumbling about the house…’What do you call chicken noodle soup without the water!’

Yep she is in a mood alright..MOL… slurping her soup..slopping Jelly in her mouth and making strange jugs of water up..

Now i am no expert but anything that makes you gag when you drink it can’t be a great idea.. she is muttering about the Jelly…’Not even my favourite flavour..bring me Port wine Jelly or bring me death!’

Yep she has lost her cheese..literally and figuratively..slid right off her cracker..

In between the cussing and muttering there are some strange sounds..yes she is making awful moaning sounds and i do believe for once it is NOT the ‘dog’ making that noise…know what i mean …

She really wants to impress this Colin O’scopy because she is also now doing this hundred yard dash all the time..

‘Go Mum you got this!’

Oops my bad ..she is like the Queen..not amused….yikes!

Mum looks a tad peaky…and she is really working out her abs apparently as she has been holding them all day..oh my..

Mum is going to be one slim well toned gal by the time her date comes around..

And as for poor Dad..well she really must be angry because she told him he would have to cook his own tea..while she keeps up her training for her date.

A sad state of affairs at our house..she has been eyeing off OUR food…i mean come on ..that is a bit rough!

So Mum may never be back blogging..if she falls in love with this Colin O’scopy guy we may be on our own..

I just hope he does not go for  the thin, peaky ,pale faced smelly ladies with no make-up muttering about giant hamburgers and huge cups of double shot latte.

We will pop back to let you know if she ever comes home from this super date.. or if she will leave Dad forever for Colin O’scopy..

Paw pats and quietly sneaking around Dinnermintz xxx





56 thoughts on “No butts about

  1. No worries… no one falls in love with THAT guy…that’s impawsible. I hope there are just good news after that procedure and I hope this day is over soon. My grampy has to drink that special booze efurry day to be ready for that guy and boy…once there was a guy from the power-plant who checked the clock and he needed hours while my grampy was on the run like that fox in The Sweets song… and that guy talked and talked till… well ya know :o(

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    1. Easy Mum was like Usain Bolt..led to some less than fun times here that’s for sure…but she got out and headed for a double shot latte and soon was back to human..only to sleep all day..go figure MOL..paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


  2. Oh WOW – Daddy said that Colin O’scopy is all elementary. He even said that he comes from a long line tunnel hunters. Then he started laughing like a banshee. I don’t get it. Of course we all know that my daddy is half cracked. Snorts and oinks my sweet friends. Hope your mom gets over this fellow soon. He does’t seem like he’s all that he’s cracked up to be. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. I looked his name up on Wikipedia. It says he has a PhD – Push Harder Dear. Crazy guy!

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  3. Trust me gang……….your Mom will NOT fall in love Colin and leave you. My Mom has dated this guy before and he’s no fun! We’re sure your Mom will be back and having some REAL food before you know it!

    Love, Sammy


  4. Heyyyy, one time I had to go with Mom to grandma’s house because she was going to meet Colin O’scopy. He’s a popular guy, I suppose. Maybe your mom will have a better time with him than my grandma did. When she came home she slept. He must be a real bore. *ear licks* Noodle

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  5. I have it on good authority that this Colin O’Scopy guy is a bit of a one night stand! Wham bam and …… errr ya know! The human says “ouch” to your mum in sympathy and I am about to send her a couple of sachets of Purina tuna chunks in jelly for much needed sustainance!

    Seriously we send purrs that there is a good result xxxxx

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  6. Aaaaaaw weez so sowry ’bout yous mommy’s date. Mommy had a date wiff dat same guy a while back. Twust me, she ain’t leavin’ yous daddy fur him dat’s fur sure. Mommy sed she wuld never go on a date wiff him again. And she meant NEVER!!! MOL We don’t fink she kept all dat pawful water mixture down. She had a twash can in fwunt of her everytime she took a dwink. MOL It was a sad sight to see fur sure. Just stay outta da way and watch da show. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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    1. MOL MOL ..i will dudes..i think my tocks rock MOL….<3 ,3 pee ess Mum is fine now..Cleo suffocated her all afternoon with her butt…did Mum wonders 🙂 loves Dinnermintz xxx ❤ ❤



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    1. Cecilia it was fine..juts that pre date drinky poo..and i mean poo..come on please make something that is not so violent…haahhahahaa i was laughing until i got hungry..that is the killer too 😉 back in three years..dude will not let up hahahhhah 🙂 loves Bev xx


  8. Our mommy sends yours many prayers and good thoughts. She met up with this same guy a few weeks ago. He sure does get around. Don’t worry, your mom will never leave your dad for him. Hope she gets a good report! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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    1. Mum is all better now sweeties..she decided he was a bad date,…so she came back home to us MOL..and she threw the jello out MOL MOL…she had a big nap with Cleo on her head and it did wonders :)! make sure you pop over to Mums bloggie so you can enter to win a surprise! paw pats and loves Dinnermintz xxx


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