Happy Labor Day

Hi evfurry…well Happy Labor Day to all our furiends over the seas and far away..we hope you eat lot’s of hot dogs and have BBQ’S and have a great long weekend!

I am sure there will be lot’s of this going on..since it is labor day and that is what snoozing is..hard labor!..

2015-05-11 Mobile pics 001




Maybe a little of this as well…


You may get a bit of this in …

2015-08-10 Mobile pics 001


If you have time try and …

2015-04-18 Mobile pics 002

Then make sure to book yourself in for..20140330_160422

Try and not forget …



Because it is after all a day to celebrate hard work..after all…

Paw pats from us all….


25 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day

    1. Woo Hoo well Happy labor Day Sammy! we have Father’s Day tomorrow..well this morning..MOL…so we will be sleeping a lot and giving Dad a break MOL…YAWNS here too..Mum says Bedtime! paw past and loves Dinnermintz xxx


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