Right now


Marbles and Mum are giving each other static shocks doing nose to nose kisses…


And i am watching Midsomer Murders….


Forrest has stolen our bed again..


And Doc has stolen Mum’s bed…
So that is our right now live report for the first day of spring!
Dinnermintz reporting from down under..


44 thoughts on “Right now

      1. How pretty it will be! We get a whiffie of daffodils and jonquils…blossoms starting and Mum’s Freesias and grape hyacinth…and the veggies are really growing! Get those sweaters out we had the coldest Winter in 26 years! Wowsers 🙂


  1. wait for me please … I slept in yesterday at Midsomer Murders… who was the evildoer? Happy Wattle Day and Happy Spring Day to you and all peeps and pets of Oz! Is it a day with gifts? oh na wait, I know it… it’s the day of static shocks… therefore the WATT is included, right?

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  2. Love Forrest. He’s almost in the cats bed:)

    The cats are adorable, but I’ll deny I said that if you tell my girls:)

    Of course Doc remind me of my JR, so a definite soft spot for him.

    Hope you are having a nice day. Sue, Polly &Honey

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  3. Da furst day of spwing? Meeeeow dat’s so cool. Weez fixin’ to stawrt winter. Guess it’s time to pack up and come yous way. MOL Luv da fotos, yous awll lookin’ gawjus. Have a gweat day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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