Bacon’s Show and Tell

Welcome evfurry to Bacon’s  show and Tell..


This time Bacon asked us to show a picture from our childhood and explain a bit about what it means…

Well we decided to show this picture of Mum..

Look how old this picture is!
Look how old this picture is!

Now this picture was most likely taken by an ancient scribe of the village..see Mum was about 4 so this makes it wayyyyyy back in know..

We guess at about 8700BC..notice the cute little lace up shoes most likely she could not even do them up..she was a slow learner MOL…

Anywho Mum is holding her pet bird Cliffy was a Pteradactyl   

Or maybe a Galah…MOL..Mum loved him so much…see Mum had a little sister but she was not really fun to play with..

When she was bought home from hospital and Mum was asked what she thought about her new sister she said and i quote

‘Baby sissa dirt’ and so waged the battle that was Mum V sister.

So to Mum her pets were her world..Cliffy was great company…he went along with all Mum’s bossy    innovative and exciting games, he sat in her head which meant she did not have to carry him anywhere and he always listened to her monotonous made up stories   fun chit chat.

Mum had several galahs and cockatoos over the years but Cliffy was her first ever pet and she learnt trust and friendship and love from this little guy.

Cliffy was the beginning of a love of all animals.

And even though Mum is an ancient relic of the past..she still remembers how it felt to have such a good friend..even one who could fly away but chose not too.

So thanks for all sharing your fun Show and Tells..paw pats and loves Dinnermintz xxx



20 thoughts on “Bacon’s Show and Tell

  1. that was a wonderful story about love… and I wish I had a buddy like your mommas Cliffy :o) I agree for little sisters, mine growled at me and tried to eat my ears… We have to wait till they grow up before we can be friends :o) …my mom thought show&tell is tomorrow, so we have two posts today too… she is the one with 6 pawlenders…and a hopeless case :o)

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    1. MOL MOL..Mum almost forgot so we had to do it for her..she is having many seniors moments MOL…and yes she still does not talk to this sister MOL..only Maurice ..the way it goes sometimes


  2. Oh my goodness – look at Cliffy – he is so adorable – just like your mommy my friends. I love seeing these pictures from childhood. I can picture your mom walking around with Cliffy on her head and just having a ball of a great time. That’s what us anipals do – we are great listeners! XOXO – Bacon

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    1. Thanks Lily and Edward..Bacon has the blog hop so he is lucky that this is our Mums story not his MOL..i think maybe his folks are not so nutty MOL..paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


    1. I so agree Layla..a splendid..i have some stunning fox photos of our local girl here..such a beauty..Cliffy was super intelligent..and though he could be free to fly away he didn’t…past pets do set us up for rich lives 🙂 xxx


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