Sheepish Sunday Selfie

Hi evfurry and woolly we are joining The Cat on my Head for another Sunday selfie..


Please click on the side bar badge to see other selfies as WP does not allow linky poos..just sayin..

Today it is Oscar in a Selfie in the sunshine with Mum..the end of Winter is days away and sometimes we get a bit of sun..

Oscar wanted it all to himself..but Mum photobombed…so a sheepish photobombed selfie it is MOL..



Please also help share Bootsies adoption bid..his badge is on the sidebar and will tell you evfurrything you need to know..he needs shares and has not even had one peep ask about him…poor guy..

Auction for BOOTSIE

Mum may be a bit away from the interwebbs as she has lot’s of stuff outside to that s why she is coming and the time she has finished she says she is too pooped to sit up and type…so any new staff’s out there wanting to work here please

Paw pats Dinnermintz xx


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