Shopping around the World

Hi evfurry..that is it we have taken over from Mum on the Shopping trip because she simply has no we are now officially in charge..let’s grab a trolley and start the fun!!

Our good friend Bacon has set a cracking pace with a dessert this month…oh boy perfect!

We had to select at least 5 ingredients for a dessert…mmm now Mum is often fond of 87 ingredients for a dessert..go figure..

But because it was Mum’s birthday yesterday and she turned 87..we thought WE would decide on the dessert and we chose one that is great for winter.

Pickles of course was at the ready to get cooking..she is a Chef de Queasy  Cuisine and always great at whipping up a little something!



But first grab your trolleys and fastest paws and get set….


We are making tonight some poached pears..delish..

We need some pears..


Beurre Bosc are a good we need 4..because Mum and Dad like to have some left over..

Today they were $0.69c Aus so $2.72 Aus dollars..

Next we need Oranges..


These Navels were $1.13 for two..

Next Cream..


Today we paid $1.99 for 300mls

And of course we had to get Adult snoopervision to get the red wine..


Mum loves a Pinot Noir from De Bortoli..but then Mum loves anything that is made from grapes..MOL…

Today this 750ml bottle cost $15.00..but we only need a bit and the rest is handy to give to the peeps as they seem to sleep quicker and we can climb the curtains and flick the litter while they snore on the couch MOL MOL…


Ok Pickles we are getting to the fun part …just wait…

So we first peel the pears and core them with an apple corer..cut their bottoms so they can sit flat..

In a big pot put the juice of the two oranges..add a cinnamon stick..about a half cup of sugar or to taste…some of the orange peel and a little water..

Put the pears in the pot..the liquid can come half way or higher just add a little more wine or juice or water.

Put a piece of greaseproof paper on top of it all then the lid on slightly ajar and it cooks check to see if the flavour is good and turns the pears a bit to cover in the should thicken nicely..if you need more sugar add it but stir until it dissolves.

The pears are perfect when a knife goes in easily ..and the syrup should be depends on all sorts of things how long it takes..doesn’t it Pickles…


Ok so it may take some just clean your bits and bibs while you wait..

They look  like this when they are ready..


You serve them with cream and any extra syrup..they are delish…and the al-key-hole burns off and just leaves flavour..of course you could use all orange juice and spices and keep it free from booze too!

So our sweets tonight cost $3.09 per server for 4 serves..

Thanks again for shopping with us  and Bacon ..we know Mum has been useless as co host and hope WE do a better job MOL…

On another note we are super happy to say that sweet Bootsie that has been having so much trouble is finally able to be rehomed to a proper family!

We need to see this playful senior boy in a good home..he is well on the way to recovery and needs lots of shares!

Auction for BOOTSIE

So please evfurry of you can share Bootsies story and let us see that this sweet kitty gets the home they deserve

Bootsie Needs A Forever Home (PostSize)

If you click on the beautiful  sidebar image made by Anne from Zooaltry you will find the adoption form for this sweet kitty..please share..

On another note we are also so happy to see Easy’s  Dad is home and on the mend after his terrible accident! Boy we were super scared and worried and even though he is home can you all please sill send POTP so his recovery is quick!

Also send some POTP for our friend Raz’s Dad Bill as he recovers from Chemotherapy..we send Mr Bill all our POTP and hugs as he kicks this to the kerb!




44 thoughts on “Shopping around the World

  1. Oh squeals!! That looks so yummy to my tummy! I’m texting mom with these ingredients too – except the wine. She has wine here at the Hotel Thompson…. it looks like a distillery – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

    Liked by 2 people

    1. MOL MOL..same here my friend..always a bottle or 87 lying around…MOL..i hope you do not mind us sacking Mum as co host..she stinks..just sayin…MOL….we think we can do a better job of keeping on top of these shopping trips..paw pats and lives Dinnermintz xxx


  2. that looks great!!!! and it’s perfect, pears, orange, cinnamon… that’s like a trip to winterwonderland :o) I like the idea that you can knock out your humans for a while with that bottle for 15 bucks…is that possible too with the red stuff what comes in cheap boxes for 1.99?… just asking… my piggiebank is empty :o)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. MOL Easy Mum is a cheap drunk so Dad says i think Chateau Cardboard would do the job MOL….no wonder your piggy bank is empty..your Folks DIY disaster fund has taken a pounding..and i do hope you do not have to pay for Dad to get a toupee…i mean his head must be sore and getting cold..poor Dad..:( paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


      1. mom bought him a cap today…butt it’s to small for that giant bandage-helmet… my grampy offered his old army tin-hat, butt he said no thanks…last idea is a head rag, but I have some doubts that it looks good on him….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. MOL ..poor Dad..should i get Mum to start knitting a beanie for him for winter..she is happy to do choose the colours ok…we will get him sorted ! but the tin helmut would be good for a food bowl..nice and big..for you that is MOL..paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


  3. Just yum. I think they would be purrfect with a nice cup of tea followed by a side order of couch and pinot. Heaven. 😀
    ps. Happy Birthday to Mum AND Tricky had her dental opp and is doing REALLY WELL.
    Jack will be next butt not for a while. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I knew there would be a good recipe here and we love pears! I have seen all GOOD recipes this morning for Shop FOOD till you drop! I would want someone to make this for me… Pickles? Cause it looks like a lot of work… I don’t know maybe because I am not fully awake and reading and typing with one eye half closed… 😀 I would appreciate any fine dessert with wine!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OMC…that photo cracked us up. Lily Olivia loves to chew on the wooden cooking utensils, but we never leave one sitting in a pot of cooking foods so she has never tried that. What an amazingly cute photo. XOCK, Kitties Blue

    Liked by 1 person

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