Whatever Wednesday

Hi evfurry..so we have been working very hard this week..really we have…

While Mum and Dad have been playing with sticks..yes not us them!..we have been made to do pee-trols….

So while Mum is having fun doing this…


We have been really working hard at Pee-trols in MY paddock..yes Forrests Forest..


I called Doc for back up…too much for one old pooch..


And still Mum and Dad are messing around with sticks!!.


I mean how hard can THAT be..so Doc and i started to do sniff patrol…



Some good sniffs mind you!


Way into the nights we waited for some us time..

Still they were playing around…


Something about being fire ready for Summer..seems they will be at this for weeks to come…we may never get a break!

And when we finally got inside we got insulted…Mum said we STUNK!..


Ok maybe we did roll in stinky dead stuffs..and yes Doc is meant to be white and black..not brown..so you know what happens next don’t you!

Thats’ right …water boarding for both of us..can you believe how rude that is…


Dad tried to tell me i smelled really good and what a good pup i was…do i look convinced? No!

But hey no good deed goes unpunished…seems Mum has done herself another nasty…i guess that is what happens when you play with sticks..

So nurse Dinnermintz has been helping her out..personally i say serves you right Mum for playing while we had to work so hard!


So tomorrow we will help Mum to visit you all and answer your comments..for now we are all really pooped and it is again past my bed time…i am after all in my eighties now BOL BOL..paw pats Forrest xxxx



27 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday

  1. Hope your mum and dad’s actions now will help when you hit the hot temps and possible fires.

    I’m sure it won’t take long for you two to get your stink back. Hope mum is ok.

    Sue, Polly & Honey

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  2. Well we know by now that it’s a whole lot of work keeping that big property of yours in tip top shape for all seasons………so if your Mom and Dad aren’t around that much OR even when they’re around they’re not paying enough attention to you, give them a break……they’re just making that big old corner of the world you life in SAFE, SECURE and READY for summer!!!!!

    Love, Sammy

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