Enjoy the Party

Hi evfurry ..well at last we can celebrate my birthday..seems Mum was out of action yesterday because she did something that must have made her ganglion lose control and she could not type or even pull her pants up properly BOL BOL…she was one wrist down ..sure Mum..

So today please help yourself to some NOMS…yes Dinnermintz ……food NOMS…

We have some nice ribs for the meat eaters..

Mums sticky ribs
Mums sticky ribs

We have some Chinese prawn potstickers for the fish eaters..



How about some veggies for the veggie-tarians


No party is much fun without cakes..Mum is a great baker.help yourself…


How about some of Mums famous Macarons..only took her a thousand batches to work it out BOL BOL.


Come with us for a swim at Cairn Curran..we can retrieve toys…



Now we are hungry again back to the NOMS…

Mums made a chicken tagine..


Or perhaps a burger at our fave burger place Grilled…



Maybe some smoked salmon and eggs for the fish eaters..


Cakes…again..we are hungry…



For the girls..



And the veggie-tarians..



Now we can play again….let’s play where’s the present!




And of course you can take a ride in ‘Babs’ Mums quad bike…Doc is finished with his turn..


And now more noms…. again..BOL..i am a labrador you see…




Now we can dance the night away..on the table…



Thankyou for coming to my party ..please grab some homemade treats on the way out..and remember senior pets are fun, active, sweet and loving..






52 thoughts on “Enjoy the Party

  1. What a magnificent birthday party you’re having Forrest! Yummy food and all kinds of fun – looks like turning twelve is definitely TONS of fun for you……..and I’m glad about that……you deserve it. I hope you have so many more years of love and “happy” in your wonderful household Down Under. I wish I was there to celebrate with you!!!!

    Love and Birthday Hugs, Sammy

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    1. Sammy thankyou my friend..you know i love my ginger kitty friends…so you would be most welcome! glad you enjoyed the food..always lots..it’s my Labrastomach Mum says paw pats and loves Forrest xxxx


  2. oh all that delicious fooooooood… I will help myself, right? and I grab the big striped apple for my momma lol… oh that eggs royale are a dream… we will make it tomorrow … come rain or hail, furget that Suzie pants…

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  3. Happy Birthday Forrest and here’s wishing you many more. I wish I could have been at your party for sure. I promise you I wouldn’t have had to fly back to South Africa. After all those yummy food and cake, I could have just rolled over back home. hahaha!

    It looks like everyone had lots of fun and now I am hungry. We can blame mom for posting those beautiful shots of all those yummies. I bet you are hungry now again as well. LOL!

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      1. hahahah! Shame on mom for making us hungry. Now just to punish her, we’re going to send her to the kitchen to make us some more of her yummy food! 😆

        Love & Hugs ♥

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      2. Whahahahah! Baking is good but taking photos are better. Not less work, but way better. hahaha!

        LOL! I don’t think the pictures will taste as yummy as the real deal. Shame, I feel sorry for her with the ganglion and knows just what it feels like. My left wrist is like that and it’s really difficult to do anything when it flares up. Please give her lots of hugs and kisses from me and I do hope she is much better today. 😀

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      3. I will Miss Sonel..her right wrist is better but boy she was one sight to see..trying to pull her jeans up one handed BOL…i think she is going back to the dogtor because she worries if she is up a mountain with that brutus and her wrist goes she is in strife BOL…big licks and hugs Forrest xxxx

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  4. Well it looks like it was well worth waiting for mum to be better so she could knock up all those lovely delights.

    I’d love the recipe for the sticky ribs.

    Hope your mum knows that once you reach a certain age, you are entitled to a birthday every week:) LOL

    Sue, Polly & Honey


  5. Gotta tell you my furiend, this is THE BEST PAWTY I HAVE EVER, EVER SEEN ON THE WEB!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG I am salivating! I am moving to Australia….NOW………how in the world do you ever keep your figure looking great the way you do? OMG OMG OMG!!!! This is all soooooooo amazing! It’s like FOOD PORN!!! xoxoxo

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    1. Hahahah thanks sweets..i climb a lot of mountains and jump a lot of fences..and belly crawl and climb trees hahaahah otherwise i may be in trouble..mind you i have stopped eating meat now so that helps 🙂 xxxxxxx


    1. Thank you sweeties and glad you enjoyed the noms… 🙂 Mum’s wrist is much better and she will get it checked this week…she worries she may get stuck out bush it if goes BOL BOL.lucky there is plenty of food here if she does BOL..paw pats Forrest xxxx


  6. dood…thiz iz what happeenz when de food serviss gurl izza pantz butt & willna let uz play online on de week oh endz ore like RARE LEE…..we mizzed an awesum partee for sure with grate eats…..well, we willna say nothin bout de b.u.r.d. 🙂

    looks like everee one hada blast…hope yur day was a grate one buddy ……may bee next yeer we can a tend de act shoo a partee !!! happee be lated dood ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    1. Oh guys thankyou so much..i think you food serviss gal is doing the right thing..got to be sensible about all this blog stuff BOL BOL ..yeah right….i am juts super happy to see you anytime..i am after all old as dirt you know so i can celebrate all year….BOL..paw pats Forrest xxx


  7. Rockin pawty Forrest!!! MMMMM them ribs was so-o good!!!!
    An thee Macaroonss were pawsum too!
    Playin ‘fetch’ was heelareeuss…
    Whew it was sum pawty!! Fankss fur havin mee!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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      1. Yur pawty sure was fun!!! Mee sleped good mee can tell you!!
        Sorry mee not make you a card tho’. With mee beein on new treetmint an fingss mee furgot!!!
        **paw patss** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

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