Remember us

Hi evfurry..well sorry that we have been gone so long…Mum has been having a blogbattical….whatever that means!

We have missed you all and next week we are back on the blogs and catching up..

I was sick a few weeks back and had an upset tummy…i was off my food which Mum says was a huge deal!

Seems i have a reputation for being a scoffer..well i am sticking to Pluxurious as my description..a bit nicer than what Mum says..

Seems she has taken to telling me i have a brood pouch! i mean do i look like a penguin???


Better get on Googles and check this penguin thing out!
Better get on Googles and check this penguin thing out!


Nup no way..i am NOT  a penguin and i do NOT have a brood pouch!






Just sayin…paw pats Dinnermintz xxxx


44 thoughts on “Remember us

  1. A blogbattical- that is a cool word, it should be in the dictionary. I think you are perfect just the way you are Dinnermintz.Nice to see you 🙂


  2. noooo you aren’t a penguin… they live in the underground and have a duckie rubber boat… I hope efurrything is fine with your tummy and you can enjoy the food…maybe it looks like a brood pouch because it has to be stuffed with food?


    1. Charlie thankyou ..we have ,missed you and look forward to catching up now Mum is back under our control MOL…i agree i am NO penguin MOL…. xxxx Dinnermintz xxx


    1. Christy Paws thankyou so much it is great to be back..even if Mum did post that awful pic MOL…revenge is sweet though she will keep MOL..look forward to catching up next week when she defrosts MOL..<3 Dinnermintz xxx

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    1. MOL MOL is Aunty Pix! and it is very much a neccesity today MOL..i am pluxurious indeed..and ginger goodness personified MOL…paw pats and loves Dinnermintz xxx


  3. Penguin? Brood pouch? What’s with that?! You are a beautifully pluxurious ginger ladycat PERIOD! I’m sorry you were off your food – I know what that’s like – in fact since I got that thyroid THING, I’ve lost enough weight that Mom says I LOST my brood pouch (and I’m a guy!!!!!!)……….We’re all glad you and your whole family are back Dinnermintz – you have been missed.

    Hugs, Sammy

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    1. Sammy thankyou..i know..Mum took a most unflattering picture indeed..but you know at TCC she will pay this week MOL..i am sorry you have had those thyroid thingies getting older brings some annoying problems indeed! my sickly tummy was gone in 24 hours but cost Mum nearly 500 dollars!! so she should not complain that i am eating much as i can..even if it is not mine..;) we have missed you too and are super glad to have Mum back on track! loves Dinnermintz xxx


  4. So nice to see you back, Dinnermintz (and Pickles)! As for you being a penguin … we’re pretty sure you’re not, on account of your gorgeous ginger and white furs. 😉


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  5. Mee-you mee not know you well Dinnermintz butt mee doess know a gurl likes to bee compliminted frum time to time (a lot).
    Yur BEEUTEEFULL an orangey an purrfect…. ***purrsss*** loudlee***
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~


    1. Yay Madi hellooooo good to be back…we have missed you! We need new staff…sheesh…Loves Dinnermintz Pickles Cleo Marbles Doc Forrest Felix Jock and Oscar…what a mouthful…Mol….xxx


  6. aaww – we have missed you so much our sweet friends. Ya’ll keep your mom together. We have the back number to the Batcave there and have been checking on ya’ll. Can’t get ride of us here at the Hotel Thompson that easily – barks, meows and snorts. ❤ Houdini

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  7. glad to see you Dinnermintz! Tell Mom not to feel bad….she says she has pretty much LOST her blogging “mojo”, as if she ever had it….lol. She is DAYS behind on Dakota’s blog and is upset with me because I refused to cooperate with her so that she could take photos for a give-away she is doing tomorrow. Mom says she has about had enough! Love, Cody

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  8. DINNERMINTS !!!!!!!!! YAY ~~~~ way awesum two see ewe N de crew bak…hope mum enjoyed her brake, noe way in hell wood we ever forgetz ewe guyz, hope yur winterz treetin everee one good & yur lookin gorgeouz az all ways ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    1. Oh dudes hellooooo it is great to be back..we have missed you all too..Mum better get her act together or we are heading to Trout Towne MOL….loves Dinnermintz xxxxx ❤ ❤


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