Happy Hug your Cat Day

Happy Hug your cat evfurry..

Today at the TCC we are sharing our hug pics..so pop over and have  peek!



Cleo celebrated the day by sleeping up top of the wardrobe..on the second level of suitcases…so she got her hugs later..

It rained all day which is great..but it never got warmer than 5c..so brrr….a perfect day for staying in a hug..unless that freaks you out MOL..


Mum needs those hugs she has been a bit down in the dumps…so we set about making sure she got some quality hug time..like only a fur covered critter can provide!

We hope all kitties get a hug today..and if they aren’t the hugging kind maybe a nice pat a play or some sweet words..

We will pop around to visit soon..we need to take care of Mum a bit at the moment..we think a few days of  TLC (Tender loving cat) will see her back to top form…thankyou all for the comments you have left on Selfies day and we will come visit we promise..

Paw pats and loves Dinnermintz,Pickles,Marbles and Cleo xx





24 thoughts on “Happy Hug your Cat Day

  1. I’m sure your mom enjoyed the hugs today as much as you… hugs to you, your mom and a big hug to all cats of the world… even the big cats who wear a swab on their head and those who have painbrushes on their ears :o)

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  2. guys….we iz knot all bout huggin round heer in de land oh trout but we will hug a perch thatz on R plates ….pleez ta tell yur mom afturr her iz done huggin ewe guys, ta hug a perch az well, her will feel better N boy will her smell grate !! 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥


  3. Crikey Mum ….. I’m so sorry you’re in the dump place. My Mum goes there sometimes too but she always finds a way out with my help. You got lots of help there, aye, as can be seen by that beautiful photo. I’d sure like to hug a kitty today BUT ….. they hiss and spit at me! What’s with that??


  4. Hogs and snout kisses to all of you my sweet dear friends. Hope your mom feels better soon – my mommy said she enjoyed talking to her yesterday 🙂 She can’t get enough of that sweet sexy Aussie voice! XOXO – Bacon


  5. Deerest Aunty Bev pleeze o not bee down inn thee dumpy!!! You has all thee luvley gurlss there who LUV an adore you….
    Wee iss back online so you can meow with LadyMum an shee will cheer you up….
    LadyMum gave mee thee BIGGEST {{{HUGGIE}}} mee has evurr had an it felt furabuluss!! An shee sang to mee also!
    Life iss good speshelly since wee got Tessa lappytop an ae back online!
    ****nose kisses**** to all you luvley gurlss frum mee Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx


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