The BIG Announcement

Oh my the news is out…Bashful really did have some explaining to do to our Mum too when this little guy rocked up at the door BOL BOL..


The film set of Rockodile Dundee..and Bimbo  

Bimby ..BOL..


It has been so totally busy here lately at the Hotel Thompson. We had the demolition and renovation. We had the cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning from all of that. We had new furniture and everything has been out of place – and we are *still* putting things back together. Mommy really pushed herself too much during all of this time. And THEN Bashful came home from his visit with Fozzie in Australia. That’s when all hell broke loose. Yep I said hell. HELL broke loose here at the Hotel Thompson. You don’t believe me do you? Okay I’ll tell you.

Do you remember the first time Bashful went to Australia to spend some time with Fozzie and her anipals way back in December 2013? You can read about some of that trip here. I’m talking specifically about that trip when he made a movie calledRockodile Dundee

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13 thoughts on “The BIG Announcement

  1. Oh I was shocked at first. Couldn’t believe my little guy did such a thing. But then again, he stepped up and now he is raising his love child. And I have to admit, Grandpa Bacon has a great ring to it. The little tyke has stolen all of our hearts here at the Hotel Thompson for sure. XOXO – Bacon

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    1. Indeed i was feeling pretty awkward having to ring the folks bwahaahhah but he is a cute little tyke..same grin..what are the chances bwahaahaha only in Australia my friend 🙂 loves Fozziemumxxx

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      1. That is so true! He always feels like Australia is his second home. I guess this just came naturally for him to have a little guy there. Chip is a handful – just like his daddy. XOXO – Bacon


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