Sunday selfies from the past

Hi evfurry..we survived the intruders…just..those little humans are a weird lot..always fidgeting and moving in weird random ways MOL..

So we just had no energy to do selfies..our frazzled selves need a rest MOL..

But we are still happy to join the Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My head kitties ..just whoosh on to the sidebar and be whiskered away to visit all the selfies..


Today we were trying to get Mums files sorted AGAIN..and came across a picture we thought we would share for Sunday selfies..

The stars are our much missed Brothers Simba and Merlin McTavish

Both are over the rainbow bridge but still very much part of our hearts..Simba was a big tough guy with a big heart and gentle side..he always was so patient with foster kittens..and if they pushed their luck with he he would just gently place a paw on their furry little heads and say stop!

Simba was sadly shot and killed ..Simba is the reason Mum and Dad sold their house and moved three hours a place with space and safety for all of us..


Merlin Mc Tavish was Mums heart a waif bought to the door with a huge worm burden and many nasty abscesses..she said i will take him..they were inseparable..

Merlin loved everyone..but if strange shoes were around he would leap over them and avoid them at all costs MOL..he slept with Mum and would rest his head under her chin..if she moved he moved..until his head was under her chin.

Merlin was badly beaten in our yard..the cat was feral and Mum trapped it and took it to the shelter it had to be PTS as it was sick and also quite crazy..poor kitty…but he also gave our Merlin Feline AIDS..

Merlin finally had to be helped to the bridge a week before xmas of the same year Mum and Dad lost Simba in the was a very sad time.

So our selfies today are remembering our kitty brothers..



Simba was a funny guy..MOL..


Merlin enjoying a sun puddle..
Merlin enjoying a sun puddle..


Simbas feet close by..they were best mates..

Merlin giving Mum the stare down selfie...MOL..
Merlin giving Mum the stare down selfie…MOL..


Merlin at the back..Simba at the front..
Merlin at the back..Simba at the front..

This picture was taken when Merlin  was starting to show his illness..his brown summer suit furs as Mum called them not so shiny..but Simba was right there with him..snuggling up..

We are proud to share our brothers selfies today..


Remember to visit the TCC   as we have a super event on today as well…this event is super fun!







22 thoughts on “Sunday selfies from the past

  1. Merlin and Simba were beautiful kitties……..what a great idea to show pictures of them on Selfie Day! We’re so sorry about both of them no longer being lucky enough to be living with you all but the Bridge is a beautiful place and no doubt they keep an eye on you from there!!

    Hugs, Sammy
    p.s. Dinnermintz you’re doing an EXCELLENT job co-piloting the Goodyear Blimp at the TCC Indy Race today! WOO WOO WOO!


  2. We had to shed a tear, when we read about your brothers, Dinnemintz. So sad, but it’s so good to have memories and videos like this. Merlin made himself a great selfie, our Angel didn’t even know that we had a cell phone..MOL 😀 Soft Pawkisses and an extra hug for your mom 🙂 ❤


  3. Many thanks for sharing your memories with me. It was so sad that you lost Simba because of an idi*t who shot on cats… and that the feral cat gave your Merlin feline hiv is tragic… sometimes the worst things really happen …


  4. OMC…what terribly sad stories about Merlin and Simba. They certainly were handsome. We LOVE black panfur kitties at our house. Thank you so much for sharing your angels with us. The video was terrific. Thanks also for being part of your blog hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We love panfurs too..we still have Cleo…and no harm comes to any of us here..Mum and Dad made sure of that..we miss them but know they are still close by ..loves Dinnermintz and gang xx


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