The Monday Mix

Hi evfurry..well Dad is home at last ..he was gone for 87 years..seriously we had to help Mum with was nuts!

Dad spent his time away learning more about Road Rescue for the SES..for our friends overseas that stands for State Emergency Services.

These are the peeps you call when..a tree falls on your house or car..when you are flooded out and need rescue or sandbagging..when you are trapped in a vehicle and need to be cut out..also animal emergencies..such as we saw with sweet Pedro the weekend before.

This weekend Dad was again using things called the Jaws of life and other tools like big giant can openers..they practice on cars in different positions..on their roof..their side or around a tree..

The cars they use have been impounded by the police for hoon some good comes from being a bad are stopped from killing or hurting someone and your car is used to learn how to save those in accidents.

So Dad has lots to study but we are super glad he is home glad that when he walked in in his bright orinche onesie as he calls it Forrest got super excited..Dad took his hand out of his pocket and dropped and ear plug..Forrest was thrilled to eat the ‘treat’ Dad bought home MOL..

So let’s see what is new..well Dinnerminzt has been working on that box still that Mum’s studifice chair came Mum put two holes in the top..Dinnerminzt has been gnawing for Australia..and ..well we think soon she may have a bit of an accident herself!

What? i am just having a nibble!
What? i am just having a nibble!

Can you see how thin the cardboard is between the two holes! i am not being mean but..Dinnerminzt is no soon..well..she may need the Jaws of life..just sayin..thin ice indeed…

Dad and Mum have all but finished the veggie garden..Forrest has taken a keen interest in it..might be the pong of mushroom compost MOL..

Now it is fenced off to keep the boys safe from eating snail pellets or dangerous chemicals are used but still we try and keep safety in mind here.

So far Mum has planted Cauliflower,Red Kale,Golden sweet Beetroots,Silverbeet,Brussel Sprouts, and Rhubarb..she has planted seeds to sew later of Turnips ,Cavolo Nero,and a special green cauliflower called Cavolfiore..also some cornflower seeds and Delphiniums..

She still has to water as the rain is not really here much..but Dad is setting up a special watering system along the fence behind the veggies and all Mum has to do is turn a tap and they will go on!

Twerker  watches the veggies grow
Twerker watches the veggies grow

Mum needs to give Twerker the scarecrow a new shirt and a head 🙂 Dad also put some hooks up on the fence for mums she does not have to trip over in the barn 🙂

Forrest get out of that compost!!
Forrest get out of that compost!!

Mum and Dad used all the old red stones that used to be where our lovely grass is now and put them down on weedmat as paths between the garden beds ..they just have a bit more to do and that will be finished..

Nice and organised
Nice and organised

So Mum is really happy because she almost has as much veggie space as she had at our old house..and it is close to the house for easy access and the fence means the bunnies can’t eat the veggies..

Looks so pretty
Looks so pretty

And that bit of pretty garden is coming along..this bit was the part that hurt Mum’s wrist..this was all like concrete before she broke it up by hand and then filled it with great soil and compost..soon the whole length of this along the veggie garden will be done..Nice job Mum..

Anywho on to me Pickles..well..Marbles beat me up again the other day..Mum came to my rescue and straight away i said thanks with some biscuits..

Here you go Mum
Here you go Mum

Why she was wincing and gritting her teeth i don’t know..MOL..Marbles has been a bit more cranky than her normal self..Mum is watching her in case she is unwell..she seems ok..just cranky..

Doc and Forrest took Mum for a nice walk to see the roos…Mum said her shoulder got discombobulated whatever that means but i think it means the boys saw roos MOL..she tried to do a selfie wIth them but they were both looking for roos..poor Mum…

On you own there Mum? MOL..
On you own there Mum? MOL..

So that is our mixed on Monday..have a great week friends and Mum will help us catch up with you all as now she has Dad home she can share the work..boy anyone would think Mum had 9 demanding pets…oh that’s right she does..MOL..

Paw pats Pickles xx


41 thoughts on “The Monday Mix

    1. MOL..thanks Easy..Mum is such a Virgo..MOL…Twerker is stuffed with hay…but his bum has sagged (like Mum) and his chest all mishaped..his head has gone wonky too…so Mum will make him a bit more prepared for winter..she is going to give him a head lift MOL..and make him a crochet vest..MOL..:) Pickles xx


    1. Oh Miss Caren you are always welocome here..just jump a plane and whoosh..we can look after you..we have a complimentary cat cuddler in house MOL…paw pats Pickles xxx


  1. What a beautiful garden, I love raised beds. We make our raised beds with cinder blocks and we put herbs in the holes on the blocks. I admire what your hubby is doing, it takes a strong person ( physically and emotionally) to do that. Poor Pickles 😦 Sorry you got beat up.

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    1. Thankyou Ellen raised beds are the only way to go here the ground is has taken a lot of hard work indeed very physical to get the fencing done ..and yes it is not the easiest of jobs to do…one minute drug addled people smashing their cars and the next poor donkeys..all very stressful..Pickles say thankyou she is fine..may be the teeniest but is one tough girl..just hope Marbles was having a cranky day…loves Bev xx


  2. I love your garden. It looks so organized and kept. I need one. Licks piggy lips. I can eat almost anything and what you listed sounds tops in my book. You need an oinker to the mix there my friends? XOXO – Bacon



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    1. MOL MOL come on down then MADI…Mum is going to need help with TWERKER the scarecrow..especially since his ass is flat MOL….thankyou for the compliment on the garden too..we hope we get lots of veegies this winter 🙂 twerk on Pickles xxx


  4. Glad your dad is back. Your mum did well to cope with all your demands;)

    Hope your vegetables all do well and your lovely flowers.

    Hope you’ve had a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

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  5. guys….grate fotoz as all wayz N we iz glad yud dad getted home…87 yeerz iz like a long long long long long long…LONG time ta bee a way….enjoy yur time with him while him iz home case him goes a way for like 409 yeerz coz then we think mum wood reeeeeeeeeeeeeeel lee bee pooped then !!! happee monday anda grate week a head two all ♥♥♥♥♥

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    1. MOL MOL thanks guys.and are you happy we have Twerker to keep the burds out? MOL….yes Dad is home but i think he has more the weekend after next…Mum is going bonkers MOL..paw pats Pickles xxx


  6. Your garden is beautiful and very well organized ! We love it ! Your pawrents did a great work. We’re glad your dad is back : those SES guys are amazing, just saying, they saved our dad’s life in December you know… Paws up to him ! Purrs

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    1. Zorro and Pixie is coming along 🙂 we sure do know they saved your Dad’s life..they train super hard to know what to do and how to keep the poor peeps calm while so much noise and scary stuff is not easy for them but they love what they do this is why they volunteer..we see your Dad getting stronger each day and THAT is all the thanks they need 🙂 paw pats Pickles xxx


  7. Wow y’all have been busy busy. Glad yous daddy be home, but what da cat is “hoon” drivin’ and why do yous lose yous caw? And weez not knoow what zactly yous be growin’,, but da bed wiff da compost comment looks like our weeds. MOL Weez spend like furever gettin’ rid of those fings and yous purrtectin’ ’em like they be gold. MOL Y’all have a pawsum week and tell yous mommy to rest!!! 🙂

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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    1. MOL well Dezi we growing turnips and beets and cauliflower and kale all sorts of goodies 🙂 hoon driving is this in our state..Hoon laws
      Release date: Fri 1 July 2011
      Last updated: Wed 4 June 2014
      Anti-hoon laws are about making roads safer and reducing road trauma. They were introduced in Victoria in July 2006 to give police the power to impound, immobilise or permanently confiscate vehicles driven by people in a dangerous manner.

      From 1 July 2011, the anti-hoon laws provide that if police have reasonable grounds for believing a driver has committed a hoon-related offence, they have the power to seize that vehicle and impound or immobilise it for 30 days (increased from 48 hours). A vehicle may be impounded or immobilised, regardless of who owns it and whether the driver is the registered operator.

      The changes that became law on 1 July, 2011 also include a new, more serious category of offences that include:

      a repeat offence of unlicensed driving
      driving at 70 km/h or more over the speed limit
      a repeat offence of driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.10 or higher
      a repeat offence of driving with more than the prescribed concentration of drugs in the person’s blood or oral fluid.
      Any driver committing a second hoon-related offence within three years may have their vehicle impounded for up to three months.
      If a person is found guilty of three hoon-related offences inside three years, their vehicle can be permanently forfeited by the court. Upon such a court order being granted, these vehicles can then be disposed of in a manner determined by the Chief Commissioner of Police. If the forfeited vehicle is sold by the State of Victoria, the proceeds from the sale will be retained by the State of Victoria. Alternatively, the vehicle may be crushed or otherwise disposed of by police.

      In addition to the seizure or forfeiture of the vehicle, if found guilty of a hoon driving offence, the courts can impose a fine of up to 240 penalty units (in excess of $28,000) and/or a period of imprisonment of up to two years. The driver will also incur any demerit points and/or licence loss penalties applying to the underlying offence.

      For more information on the hoon laws and vehicle impoundment, please see the VicRoads website.

      So this is what we call hoons..we used to call them louts MOL….luvs Pickles xxx

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  8. Mee-you Pickless yur Mumma an pappaw are AMAZIN!! Look it all that werk!! Whew wee iss tired just lookin at thee fotoss’! LadyMum sayss 222 thumbss up fur thee new waterin system…that should make fingss easier fur yur Mumma!!
    Soundss like Marbless iss ‘all shook up’…iss shee allwayss like that Pickless??
    Take care an keep makin biskitss!
    ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx
    Pee S: LadyMum just discovered wee NOT been connected to yur bloggie…*slapss paw to head*!! Mee wundered what had happened!

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    1. MOL MOL paw LadyMum …it’s ok..we don;t think our Mum is connected to her own bloggie MOL.MOL MOL MOL….yes the veggie garden has been a lot of work..but they have prior experience from our old place..this is almost the same growing space..just set out different..Marbles has always been a bit crabby ..she is getting older so maybe that is why she is a bit more Mum here MOL..paw pats Pickles xx


    1. Wally Ernie and Zoe thankyou..we have the nip in the catio and out the front as well…Cleo wants some more coriander..gets her more thrilled than nip MOL…paw pats Dinnermintz xxx


    1. Thankyou Charlie 🙂 we have designed a few over the years..the best way to make the most of what you have..the ground here is rotten so we built up..we did at our old place too even though the soil there was black and rich…i am super keen for the winter frosts to help our veggies along…yummo! loves Fozziemum xxx


    1. Hahahhaahh oh dear Charlie 🙂 well we had a super one at our old house and this one is based on the same method..raised beds are so much easier to keep weed free and easy to sit on the edge and poke around 🙂 when Mum and Dad get to the new beds make sure you show us 🙂 growing veggies is super fun 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx


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