Summer has gone..Autumn is going..and Winter is around the corner

Hi’s me Pickles..i am contemplating has finally gone and even though Mum is glad i kind of miss it.

Autumn was like Summer and now it has quickly turned to Winter..the wood fire is going and the sunpuddles are going too!

We have had very very cold days and even colder nights..Mum knows because all of a sudden we love being all over her MOL..

In Summer we sprawl and stretch and in the cooler months we curl up and spoon with each other.

So while i contemplate Winter coming..i will enjoy the last of my Summer contemplations…

I think my head hurts now MOL..

Paw pats Pickles xx

Is that Winter calling me?
Is that Winter calling me?

27 thoughts on “Summer has gone..Autumn is going..and Winter is around the corner

  1. It’s the best to find a comfy nest and a hot water bottle if the days are colder… we should mix our weather, so we have always what we want :o) we have it vice versa, last night it was too hot in my bedroom, so we had to open the windows… and then Toot the owl-thingy was lives in my garage had a midnight gig…and I gave him barking ovations… another sleepless night :o(

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    1. I agree Easy..Mum got us new igloo beds for night time..i must sneak a picture..they look like giant old mans slippers MOL MOL…but since we are in Al -Cat-Raz every night she wants us warm..if i could only not play speed demons all night we might be in front of the fire with Forrest..but that will never happen MOL..hey we have what we think is a Owl in our tree outside..Mum sees this white shape every night she takes the boys out for their last peemail..but the torch is not strong enough..she was going to get the ladder and climb up a bit further to see..stay tuned for the episode..’mum is rushed to ER” MOL….stay cool Easy..Mums says wrap a damp bandana round your neck 🙂 paw pats Pickles xxx


      1. that was my first thought too… it ends on that ER- place and there is NO george clooney, just a grumpy guy with a sharp knife (I have probably the wrong insurance). be careful while owl-watching…it’s called owl-ympigs with a reason you have to solve some challenges :o)

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      2. Hhaah yes more like Rosemary clooney with a scalpel MOL….i will tell Mum to be’s too cold anywhoot so she will most likely let the boys out and stay inside MOL MOL…paw pats Pickles xxx


      3. maybe your mom thinks it’s the owl of Harry Potter with a letter fur her? Think that letter can wait, in none of the books they mentioned a check what came vial owl-mail :o)


  2. Snorts! I fell you my friend. It’s like Mother Nature is skipping seasons. Straight from hot to chilly as you know what. We have the hot right now. I mean H.O.T. Shakes piggy head. What happened to Spring? XOXO – Bacon

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    1. Well Bacon i have no idea..we had only the other week still very warm weather and even a bushfire! now cold cold cold..and we have had some rain..but boy even that has dried up..Mum has to water her veggie beds..still yikes!! maybe your Spring is like ours was..a non event..straight to the broiler! paw pats Pickles xxx


      1. I think you are so right Pickles. I was hoping that I can run in the backyard and have the cool weather brush through my mohawk. No such luck right now. It’s too hot. Yesterday it was in the 90’s again! XOXO – Bacon


  3. pickles…may we say yur lookin gorgeouz az all wayz…. ♥♥♥♥♥
    oh, N we is gettin reddy for summer… tho rite now itz oh fish ul lee spring, but last nite we had de heet on coz it wuz like fall……..N now we haz con fuzed R selves…..


  4. Pickles you are one beautiful cat.

    We are just heading into our summer. Hope you get days laying in front of the heater.

    Sue, Polly & Honey


  5. We almost have a touch of winter here this morning – it’s 45 degrees!!!! We thought Spring was here and WHAM – never trust the weather. Hopefully you’ll get a tiny touch of NICE stuff before winter really sets in – although snuggle weather is NICE too!

    Hugs, Sammy


  6. Mee-you Pickless it iss furinallee Spring here alltho today iss *HOT* like Summer…wee has such strange weather an way up North there iss still SNOW! Glad wee not live UPPY NORTH me can tell you!! Mew mew mew..
    You look so sweet inn yur foto bye thee way 😉
    **nose kissess** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxx


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