Check up time at the V.E.T

Hi evfurry it’s me Doc…

Well Granny took me to the Vet to see Dr Mark so i could get my mouth checked after my tooth was rudely stolen along with my bloods and furs.

My mouth just would not open..i mean it did the WHOLE time i was in the waiting room with the other poor animals..i just would not shut up BOL.

I go in to see Dr Mark..clammed it shut BOL..well he wriggled and jiggled and i did the same..but he got a peek!

I got the paws up!  my stitches look great and i have left them alone so they are being yanked rudely from my body on Monday!

Granny told Dr Mark she has been calling me Al Pacino (Scarface) how rude! so i have stitches BOTH sides of my neck…on my side.on my head and on my front leg…i will not shut up Monday either…just woofing!

Anywho we have had really bad problems with the webbernet and Grannies we are behind again and she is tearing her furs out..

But am i worried??? you want to know why?


Our V.E.T has a PEE-C for us animals in the carpark! we can send and receive Peemails no worries..

Don’t believe me…..


The V.ET.'s PEE-C
The V.ET.’s PEE-C

So i sent one off to Grannies Telco company..think they might get moving now ? BOL…paw pats Doc xxx

*Granny here..Doc is doing super well..but my tech issues continue..i am missing many blogs but have either the circle of doom or just too slow..i am super sorry if i have not visited it is stressing me out a fair bit.I also had 33 thousand pics to transfer to external hard drive as my fan started making noises on my near new computer..while organising my files i also lost some images and have been looking everywhere for them so i am up against it!

Please bare with me folks as i feel truly awful.Loves Fozziemum


20 thoughts on “Check up time at the V.E.T

  1. that’s a super Pee-c, it needs no updates or reset button and no format c:… it always works :o)
    it’s great that on that vet-front all things are good, Doc :o)
    My fan makes noises too, I think Dr. Quincy called it once “agonal respiration”…I have no clue why this beast killed my nerves every morning, but since I moved it 2 cm (accidentally) the noise is gone… either it works now or exitus, like Dr. Quincy would say :o)


  2. Snorts – I love the PEE-C. That’s my kind of electronical device for sure. And hey – I kind of like Scarface. It sounds tough. Just think – with places on both sides of your neck, your mom could be calling you Frankenweenie. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. Now tell your mom to get some sleep!


  3. We’re glad to read such good news ! Tech issues sucks : we hope everything goes back to normal soon. Purrs


  4. So glad Doc got the ok from the vet. Fab PeeC:)

    Hope you can get your internet and PC sorted. My monitor packed in Thursday (had it for years and years). Luckily I had a small Humax TV that was dad’s and you can use it as a monitor. Got it rigged up yesterday and this morning I got the audio lead I needed, so now I have sound as well.

    Hope you have a nice weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey


  5. Pee-C – BOL! 😀
    P.S. My Mum says to tell Granny she knows how it feels when computers (and the internet. And electricity) aren’t working. We’ve had weeks of it and she sympathises.

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  6. Yay for Doc!!
    Bev I can only imagine your frustration….do not worry about us we will be here…take your time and know you are in our thoughts as you deal with this mess. If it were me, I’d be crying like a baby and probably have hives and hiccups and heck not even mac/cheese would soothe my soul
    Hugs cecilia

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  7. 444 pawss up doc fur thee grate reeport frum thee Vet’ss!!! Pawsum mee furend!!!
    Luv yur Pee C at thee Vet’ss allso…mew mew mew…
    Aunty Bev wee knowss yur have Inntywebbernetss trubble…an wee iss havin an issue where bloggiess go missinn (like yurss) an wee losted peeple on Facebook…they just dissappeered…it is so weerd!!!!!!!
    So wee iss even rite?? Mew mew mew…
    LadyMum an mee iss gonna try to catch up on all thee missed bloggiess here…wish us luck 😉
    ***paw kissess*** an ❤ LUV ❤
    Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxxxxxx


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