Fangs friday it’s been real

Hi evfurry

It’s me DOC..

You know when you wake up in the morning and you kind of expect brekky..and then you get zip!

But you think hey car ride…sweet..then you see the vet’s building..and you think ok we are here to say hi and leave….

Then you get dumped..abandoned..left alone…well that was the start of my morning..

My furiends i can tell got WORSE…it sure did..

I had my furs stolen to start with..then my bloods stolen to second with..then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

That’s right..alien abduction i remember nothing…i woke up…and i was missing things…how awful!!

First a tooth..had broken off and so out came the rest..then some warts..all over the place shaved furs and stitches..or holes… nails are short..and i have a feeling…other things were done…..

So my horrible mean ole   loving granny came to get me from the vets in the afternoon…to say i was glad to see her would be an understatement…

Granny and the alien invader from the planet ‘give it a good poke’  Dr Bruce had a chat..he said my teethies were apart from one that had broken off (the one granny spotted) in terrific shape for my age?? WTD i am not yet a teen until October…that i had some elevated blood stuff but nothing to worry about and they gave me extra fluids…that he got the big warts off and that he could have kept going because i have heaps but he just took the gnarly ones (cool dude i am gnarly) and that he gave my nails a trim and..other things..i can’t even mention…but i probably will BOL…they did my you know what glands..yikes..alien i tell you…

So i am to go back in a week for a check on my dental…the stitches will dissolve..and the stitches from my warties come off a week after that..

He said i did not need the cone of shame as he thinks it makes doggies more likely to do damage and that if i get to chewing the stitches a little vicks vapourub near them and i won’t touch them…granny says she will put some near the litter trays and maybe Forrest will stop panning for cat truffles BOL…

He said i was doing just fine and that i was a pleasure to work with..and any problems before the re check come straight back.

So now i am super tired..i had my dinner and some smooching with granny and we are taking it easy…i look like a halloween zombie with all these stitches..i bet i will never get another date again….i have some dramatic pictures granny took when i got home on her phone..i was a bit off with the fairies still which is why some are blurry BOL BOL..think granny was more like it…thankyou all for your good wishes they really helped me get through the whole alien invasion…paw pats Doc xx

Furs stolen everywhere


Zombie scars


Nails done


Warts gone some left to dry


Yep the girls are going to run a mile now


Zombie scars all over!


Feeling blurry granny?


Dinnermintz always checks if we are alright..she loves us..what a great sister


Forrest even checks me all over


I just want to forget the whole thing


I am keeping this butt covered now!!!!
There’s no place like home and the fireplace and a good mate



39 thoughts on “Fangs friday it’s been real

  1. Your Mom might have mentioned to me yesterday that you were going to have a dental and have your pawdicure BUTT she didn’t say nuttin’ about all the other stuff… BUTT… did ya see what I did there. I’d keep my tail clamped down tight too! All those little owieeees make me a little weak in the knees Doc. Glad you are back home!

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    1. BOL Miss Pix i saw what you did long as you do not see what THEY did..dang aliens..makes my granny a little tingly in the legs too..she doesn’t know where to hug me ..she is afraid ti hurt me..but she did tell the vet the warts were bleeding when i rolled or knocked them…he said they plain old warts so good news nothing nasty..and btw she told me NOTHING about today so you were one up on me BOL …paw pats and loves Doc xxx

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  2. OMD Doc… I first thought you had a fight with a snake or a crocodile as I saw the pic at FB. Buddy you look a little like a repaired stuffie… hope it heals up quickly and there is no in-fu*k-tion….please be a a good boy ( even fox terriers can do that… sometimes) and don’t chew on that battlefields…. have a good night and I hope tomorrow the world looks a little brighter than today…hugs to you and crossed paws for your teeth…

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    1. Easy thankyou..yes i look like a zombie….no hot dates now..:( i was given a 14 day antibiotic shot and pain shot too last a few days..i have left my bits alone after a little lick it got boring,…no furs makes it prickly BOL…i do kind look like one of your stuffies…if we have a stuffie look alike comp i might win BOL….i am resting by the fire and have had a nice rice Granny siad it might stick in my hole where my tooth was and make it yukky…but fresh beef and veggie no kibble tonight ..but i was happy ..and I wagging my tail..which will never be up again…just sayin…that gland thing was a freebie…sheesh…paw pats Doc xxx


      1. Me neither..first time..and i hope last.. mind you Granny said when she filled the form out ..she said to grandad should we make them do his you know what’s..and grandad said should do to get some revenge for the bill BOL…i mean i was asleep but phewwwww so granny did not fill that option it was on the house..ewwwwww 🙂 🙂


  3. Poor fellow. Those darn aliens are everywhere!! They just love to abduct us anipals for some reason. I hope you get to feeling better soon my friend. I’m sending you major hogs and snout nods. XOXO – Bacon

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  4. you poor sweet baby!!! So glad you are home and in spite of the indignity of it all you are ok!!! That is the main thing…oh and that you didn’t have to wear the “cone of shame!” That ROCKS!! Here’s to a speedy recovery and lots of tasty goodness! xoxo

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    1. Miss Caren thankyou so much i feel fab! and getting fabber every day BOL….i have left my stitches alone..i have been good like that..i am eating well too 🙂 paw pats Doc xxxx


  5. dood…due knot forgetz ta put yur toothz under yur pillow for cash monee…zombeez R all de rage theeze dayz N we think yur zombeez tatooz show how tuff ya iz, blessingz frum st francis for a quik ree coveree N heerz two a frogmouth catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

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    1. Guys thanks so much..all i had was a nub of a tooth..and no cash money..:( not to mention the other stuff…i think maybe i can still get away with having a few zombie scars BOL..i feel super good now so i am glad it is over..until the stitches come out..then watch BOL..paw pats and tuna fillets Doc xxxx


  6. Come on Doc, the girls love a brave lad and you were definitely megga brave.

    Great tip about the Vicks.

    The girls and I are sending you extra hugs (((Doc))).

    Hope you all have a good weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

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  7. Good grief Doc! You had it comin’ and goin’ and everywhere in between didn’t you buddy? But now you’re all fixed up and trimmed and stitched and ready to rock and roll….listen – girls like guys who look “rough” – scars and stuff just make you more MANLY! You will not have problems getting the girls – trust me.

    Hugs, Sammy

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    1. BOL BOL thanks Sammy..yep i sure know kind of unexpected!! but i feel super and now i won;t bump those warts and have them bleed and my feet are better with shorter nails..and my mouth feels fro the other stuff..let’s not go there BOL ..paw pats Doc xxxx


  8. Aaaaaw Dat musta been just pawful. Weez’ll keep purrayin’ you get all better soon. And you know what? Weez just know yous gunna get a date again. Girlys like a well manicured mandog so yous just not give dat any mowe fawt. Have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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    1. Dezi and Lexi thankyou! i feel super..i have left my stiches alone and been eating well and apart from the first night of whimpering on grannies bed i am fine!! i am glad you think i can still get a date BOL..paw pats Doc xxx

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  9. That sounds like a rough day, Doc, but we’re just glad that everything went OK! Don’t you worry, once all those wounds heal and you are left with just scars, the girls will be all over you because you’ll look so tough! 🙂

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    1. Miss Jan do you think so ? cool! it went well and i am really super now..i see the VET friday to check my mouth then a week later get my wartie stitches out..that will be fun…for granny…BOL …paw pats Doc xxx


  10. Yay! You made it back from fairylala land and you will be feeling better every day and that tooth can’t make you sick later on. I will tell Tricky to be brave because she is next for May but Doc did it. Well done on having otherwise good teeth and being narly.. 😦

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    1. BOL thanks Aunty Sharon! i feel better all the time..and i get my mouth checked on Friday…then the stiches out the next week..YIKES! tell Tricky it’a ok…lala land was good 🙂 paw pats Doc xxx

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  11. ***hangss head in shame***
    Wee nevurr say thiss bloggie Doc an wee feelss turribull that wee not here to comfert you!! Yur totallee narlee an pawsum Dude doggie an mee iss so glad wee are furendss!!!
    Wee hopess all thee scarss have heeled an all iss bettur an no more teefie trubble.
    ***nose bumpss*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxxx


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