Pip’s Tips Tuesday

Hi evfurry

You all know my name is Pickles…but around here in the family i am mainly known as Pip..

The reason being i have a super long tail..so Mum started to call me Pippy Longstocking as a kitten..which over the years became Pip..

Today i have some Pip’s tips..i think i might do this every Tuesday..as i have learnt a lot of tips as a hoarder rescue kitten..and they may be handy!

So todays tip is MODERATION..

And i have a little song that goes with this..


A nice healthy snack may be quite beneficial...
A nice healthy snack may be quite beneficial…


But Almonds aren't my Mum's best friend..MOL
But Almonds aren’t my Mum’s best friend..MOL


To do the right thing is a very good intention..
To do the right thing is a very good intention..


But Almonds aren't my Mum's best friend...MOL
But Almonds aren’t my Mum’s best friend…MOL

So it seems that even though you are doing the right things Moderation is always wise..

Mum is trying to cut out sugar cravings but FORGOT moderation and has been in a bit of strife all morning ..MOL

The same with kitties and pups..apart from the really dangerous NO GO foods…most things are okay..but too much of anything can be a problem.

Doc cannot have too much fat..he has to eat it in Moderation..or he gets Pancreatitis..

Dinnermintz cannot have too much salt or kibble or she gets nasty Peemail problems..

Dad cannot have too many plums or he gets hives..

So my Tip is too have all things in moderation..as a hoarder kitty it would be easy for me to overdo the food as i had gone without for awhile..but i eat in Moderation….

The only thing we ALL overdo is the snuggles..and THAT you do not need to be moderate with..

That is it for my Tuesday Tip’s with Pip..i have a Mum to take care of now MOL.


*I was munching kibble and not the almonds Mum does not know if they are ok for kitties so i got none..just as well by the looks of Mum MOL…


31 thoughts on “Pip’s Tips Tuesday

    1. Oh my..those almonds are delish but Mum is back and forth like a marathon runner ..if you know what i mean MOL.. help yourself Cody..think Mum has had her fill MOL…paw pats Pip 🙂 xx


  1. We think Pip’s Tips sounds like a fun thing to do on Tuesdays. We aren’t too good at moderation, but it is something we all should practice. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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    1. MOL MOL Genis I understand…Dinnermintz has the SAME struggle…as much as Mum calls her pluxurious..we all KNOW she needs to exercise some moderation with stealing my foodables MOL…paw pats Pip xxx


    1. Thank you Miss Sue …Mum never let’s us eat anything unless she checks first 🙂 this is a handy link indeed! she made sure I had the kibble hidden in there..the almonds did not appeal to me anyway MOL have a super day Miss Sue Polly and Honey too! paw pats Pip xx


  2. Moderation huh? Mom believes in that word and tries – you hear me *TRIES* to express that to all of us here at the Hotel Thompson – daddy including. Sometimes it works but other times – ha! It’s like talking to the kitchen wall. What mom doesn’t know is that we all wait for her to leave for the worky place. Then we work on our ‘moderation’ our way – snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

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    Liked by 1 person

    1. MOL MOL..funny you should say that Madi…she has a hankering..but she has to be watched..NO MODERATION when it comes to the Mac Cheese..MOL..she is off to bed now..a few kilos lighter and a tad gripey MOL…love your tip Madi..paw pats Pip xx


    1. Savvy I think by watching others I learned it is important 🙂 Moderation means a bit of everything we love and that way we do not need to go without! Cleo needs to learn this about NIP MOL..PAW paw pats Pip xxx


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