Saturday Sentiment

DSC_0017 - Copy
We all feel it sometimes




DSC_0018 - Copy
And it can make us cranky too




DSC_0020 - Copy
But when we look at it closely




DSC_0021 - Copy
We know we can get through it a bit at a time

Some days are Melon-Cauli..


For all those peeps like Noodles  family who have lost their sweet pup Khia and Easy’s mum with her Hell-bow pain and so many more who feel down..we are thinking of you…each and every day..

Love Doc and the whole gang xxx


22 thoughts on “Saturday Sentiment

  1. Melon-cauli indeed – sometimes all the sad/bad stuff gets to all of us but we must put one paw in front of the next and carry on…………we feel so bad for Khia’s family and we know that if Easy’s Mum can hang in there through the PT pain, she’ll be “good as new” soon…… we’ll just keep smiling and “carry on” because the strong can help hold up the ones who are weak until they’re strong again.

    Love, Sammy

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    1. Very well said Sammy…we can all be a helping hand to each other here in the bloggie many sad folks and we can send them a smile a kind word and a virtual hug! hugs to you Sammy..paw pats Doc xxx


      1. It’s not easy sometimes putting one paw in front of the other…’s so sad when we lose SO many friends….but I try to remember that they are in a magical and wonderful happy place now – whereas before so many of them hurt all the time. Have a happy Saturday Doc!

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      2. I agree Sammy…i think to be with many friends and never hurting is a wonderful place indeed…granny says that we never real leave because our special magic leaves lots of good stuff in peoples hearts …paw pats Doc (who is NOT the doggy that stole that melon off the bench while granny was busy….) xxxx


  2. I didn’t know Noodle, but I went over to read about Khia and it is so heartbreaking. Two dogs within a month? I can’t even imagine. We lost two within a year and that was too much. Life can be so unfair at times. It was so sweet of you to share about them, and of course we are always thinking about Easy’s Mom too and the tough time she is going through.

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    1. Miss jan we lost two kitties and two sheep in a year was heartbreaking for Mum and she had a very hard time with it..and yes poor Khia’s family…so very sad..and of course Easy’s Mum..and many more who feel a bit sad..paw pats DOC XX


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